Jul 102018

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We’ve written at length about the maladies of the Stan Sniff Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Because of this blog, people within the department have an outlet for the daily absurdity of the department. We’ve been able to lay out a clear case relating to the decimated morale of the department, even as the local media and the Sheriff himself attempt to downplay it.

Please click here for an expose of the absurd maintenance contracts for all County Equipment. Where is Stan Sniff on this? Why hasn’t he complained to the board of supervisors about the outrageous prices and the ghastly delays? Who knows how much that Bus is going to cost to repair.

The current county maintenance contracts charge around $150 for an oil change, and at that, there is a long delay in service. Car Washes are around $10 a piece, and the deputies are forbidden from using a drive thru or a coin op car wash. Worse, the County Maintenance people claim the soap nozzles are broken and often times the lazy maintenance people do a car wash that consists of spraying the car with water… soap is optional. Cha Ching $10.

The Sheriff? Crickets.

Recently, Riverside County saw record-shattering heat. The day it hit 115-117 in Jarupa Valley Station, yet they were using fans because the AC Unit is malfunctioning. I am sure County Maintenance will charge an outrageous amount for the repair when they get around to it.

Where’s the Sheriff? How long has the AC Unit been broken? Why hasn’t he complained to the board of supervisors about the outrageous prices and the ghastly delays?

OSHA just showed up to Palm Desert Station. That will not end well for the RSO. (Riverside Sheriff’s Office)

Palm Desert Station is supposed to be supplying deputies with Water Bottles, like the 500ml things you get 45 at a time at Sam’s Club for $5 (when California’s BS is included). Instead, Captain Jason Huskey decided to create Hydration Stations and give deputies 1/2 gallon water jugs to fill. #EPICFAIL, this is an OSHA violation, why are deputies being forced to drive back to the station to refill their jugs when they could just grab a dozen or so water bottles and take them out in to the field? (It’s the law)

It should not surprise you to learn that Ben Clark Training Center got slapped with a nice FAT OSHA fine for violation of 3395(F)(1) – drumroll please… Heat Illness Prevention. The fine was in 2015.

Perhaps Jason Huskey can represent the County Pro Bono in the OSHA hearing he helped set the RSO up for… for the same part of the code that the RSO has already been fined for. Hopefully, OSHA does not hear about Jurupa Valley.

Oh, and where’s the Sheriff on all this? He promoted Jason Huskey.

Bouns: We’ve been told that the employees of Palm Desert Station are quite open about their disdain for the working conditions. Morale is so low there that the employees no longer fear intimidation. The response? Sgt. Robert Garcia (of Post DUI accident selfie fame) tells the employees complaining to apply to Ontario or Riverside PD. Great Job Captain Huskey at managing morale. Robert Garcia is a name that frequently comes up as a Lt. Bostrom level jerk, he also has been involved in a few “incidents” with female employees as well. We are surprised “Sgt. Selfie” has not been promoted by the Sheriff. (Perhaps Sgt. Selfie is too gigantic of a loser even for Sniff…)

Meantime the internal affars team appears to be setting up to terminate or discipline Correctional Deputy Tami Smoak. The are not going after the sgts that have been harassing her – PSB got letters from the harassers that were incendiary fantasies of the aggressors trying to save themselves with further attacks against the victim. As so often is the case with how PSB is run, they pick a scapegoat so they can wrap up the case sooner and make it all go away.

(PSB = Internal Affairs Department)

Wonder why crime is spiraling, felons are getting sprung and deputies are fleeing the RSO (Riverside Sheriff’s Office) in droves?

In the meantime, Stan Sniff is “Happy as a Clam” with the current budget. He must be taking leave of his senses. Fire Stan Sniff, he has done nothing to improve this situation and has promoted people making it worse.

P.S. That’s Sgt Selfie below…

  6 Responses to “The Day to Day Disaster of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office Under Stan Sniff – OSHA Fines for MAJOR VIOLATIONS, Broken AC Units, PSB Setting up a Scapegoat”

  1. Wow… Are you surprised. ? OSHA, paid the Palm Dessert station a visit for NO A/C.

    Yes. There’s a clear duty on employers to provide drinking water at work, under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. The Regulations state that an “adequate supply of wholesome drinking water” must be provided, and that it be readily available at suitable and clearly marked places. This applies to deputies that are out on patrol.

    What about the making sure all the Riverside Sheriff stations have the White Coat Cooling roofing that is mandated to be done on all commercial buildings every 3 years. Wast that checked. ?

    Andale Sniff, take care of your stations and your deputies. Your too busy in chinga holding fundraisers to gather money because pretty much everyone has given you the finger that you forget the A/C at the Palm Dessert station is out of commission.

  2. Ive personally heard Garcia say that along with other sgts. Any wonder why palm desert has lost people to Palm Springs and Ontario that still haven’t been replaced? They don’t care if we are short handed they will just hold us over or make us work yellow days. Its true that morale is in the toilet and we hate coming to work here. When Teets was captain it was tolerable but not perfect but under Huskey its gone to hell. That guy hasnt done anything as captain. At least Teets gave a fuck about us. The hydration station stuff is true we are expected to fill out water jugs and come back to the station to refill but get in trouble if we are at the station. That water jug lasts less than an hr on a hot day it’s a joke.

  3. Palm desert sucks but I have found a place I can screw up calls and still have a job. I love it here.

  4. Funny thing you mention Jason Huskey doing “Pro Bono” legal work for the second floor because the second floor has already done that. Randy Throne (of second floor fame) was a Lieutenant assigned to personnel, had his law degree and did “personal” pro bono legal work for the second floor staff like wills, trusts, divorce paperwork ect. Sergeant Dennis Shirtel (forgive the spelling if I got it wrong), also had his law law degree, and was assigned to personnel and did some personal, pro bono legal work for the second floor as well. But when it came to Lieutenant Charlie “where are my meds” Wilhite, who was a practicing attorney on the side, he declined to do any legal work for the second floor unless he got a check, and the check cleared. So now you know why he did not last long at personnel. So what makes you think Jason Huskey has not already done pro bono legal work for Stan and his executive staff.

  5. He should work for Stanley when he gets popped for sexual assault.

  6. Great management style, telling your subordinates to apply for another agency when there is a complaint. Proof ADMIN DON’T CARE!! Don’t these same sergeants walk the hallways? Don’t they realize when shit is broke? Probably went to the same school as Smith and Maggie: it’s not my job, we will blame someone else.

    It’s truly a rarity anymore to have a sergeant actually care about his or her troops. Now we work out and pose like fucking twelve-year-olds for our social media postings. Perhaps take a look at yourself (I’m sure you do every time you pass your reflection) and think about how embarrassing your behavior is for a grownup.

    Example of the department’s true leadership. A fair example of what needs to be done and where these losers will better fit the needs of the department when Bianco takes over.

    A nice desk for you in courts, “Sergeant Selfie.” And take the hag with you.

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