Jul 182018

We’ve written extensively in graphic detail about the Kevin Duffy Scandal. Duffy is alleged to have molested as many as 200 boys in the years he ran the Riverside Sheriff’s activity league.

The facts of the case are disturbing, former Master Investigator Kevin Duffy was molesting children in the Sheriff’s Activity League for years. It came apart on him in 2008 and the investigators were starting to piece together details of his double life. They had a total of 7 confirmed victims with as many as 250 more children defined as high risk.

With the walls closing in on him Kevin Duffy committed suicide. Note, if you watch the video, you learn that Duffy was not arrested and attempted suicide twice before actually killing himself. It is also clear that the second floor at the time was hoping he’d off himself ostensibly to be able to close the thing down and make it go away

Click here for the KMIR Story on the Scandal. Click here to see the horrendous response of the Sheriff to the exposure of the cover-up scandal.

We had our own inside informants that came forward and added explosive disgusting details to the Kevin Duffy story. <<< CONTENT WARNING

  1. Stan Sniff sent his best investigators all over the US to interview kids, at least those on the list. The goal was to suppress release of information and lawsuits

  2. This source confirmed what I knew about the case being put as Open/Suspended in order to prevent the file from being accessed VIA Freedom of Information Act.

  3. Kevin Duffy had a VHS tape in his desk (think 10-20 years prior to 2009) of him raping another kid. This is an inside detail only people with direct knowledge of the case would have. 

  4. Another source told me that sometime within +/- 24 hours surrounding the breaking of this case, the second floor had Captain Leonard Purvis retrieve any and all files from Hemet Station regarding this case and deliver them to the second floor.

Is the second floor destroying evidence as I type this blog? Where is the VHS Tape? What did they retrieve from the Hemet Station?

This morning I received as did countless others a PDF indicating that Private Investigator Luis Bolanos is following up on his original press conference related to the Kevin Duffy serial child molester cover-up by Stan Sniff and others:

Date: July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Riverside County Bar Association
4129 Main St. (Suite 209/Second Floor)
Riverside, California

The Red Book Investigation continues to unravel a cover-up that may lead to the largest trail of child sexual molestation and abuse by a single perpetrator in U.S. history. The alleged suspect, Riverside County Sheriff’s Senior Investigator Kevin Duffy was absolutely one of the most successful and well-respected Deputy Sheriffs and Senior Investigators in his departments history.

GET BIT Investigations began working on this investigation on January 7, 2018. From the onset, sources and whistleblowers close to this investigation have continued to come forward to our investigators and provide us with extremely disturbing and shocking information confirming the criminal actions of this trusted and respected serial child molester and abuser. Our team has been working feverishly nonstop to verify and vet all information that has been provided and discovered by conducting a fair, proper, ethical, unbiased and respectful investigation.

We will be providing new information that has come forward to our investigators and updating you on the current status and direction of our investigation. In addition, we will be formally responding to Sheriff Stan Sniff’s (May 28, 2018/11 p.m.) statement he gave exclusively to KESQ News.

Blogger’s Note: Luis Bolanos and I are not affiliated, nor have we been in contact. Please attend or watch his event online and forward information about this to your friends and family as the true scope of the corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department under Stan Sniff needs to be known.

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