Jul 172018

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Did you know that Sniff took $150 from the attorney defending a cop-killer who murdered the wife of one of Stan’s own Employees?

On Stanley’s B-Day Party Flyer is a defense attorney by the name of Virginia Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is another criminal defense attorney with several active cases against the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Similar to Stan Sniff siding with radical open borders leftists against ICE or siding with the ACLU over law enforcement, here he is with criminal defense attorneys.

Blumenthal is known to represent Police Officers Pro-Bono. She also appears to be respected in some circles.

A quick google search shows that Blumenthal represented a hit man for the cartels that murdered a witness in a big drug case.

It is a tough place to be in when you are a Sheriff and you’re hob-knobbing with a defense attorney.

It does not stop there! Suite 403 corresponds to another attorney! See here for Charles Xavier Delgado!

Mr. Delgado committed such a serious breech of ethics, that his law license actually got suspended. See here on the State Bar Website!

A client filed a Bar Complaint against Delgado and Delgado got popped for misappropriating settlement money in his trust account and he refused to call the injured party back for a period of around two years. It appears that Delgado was attempting to rip the injured client off for $10,000. Delgado also was tasked with negotiating the medical liens the injured client who won a settlement racked up and did not do so until the client lit him up with the State Bar. Read the 16 page PDF for yourself.

Then Delgado got his license suspended for not taking the ethics course that he was ordered to take by the State Bar. Given what I’ve observed, I’d lay odds Stan Sniff would hire this guy if he was 20 years younger for sure.

Think of how Stan Sniff’s own men feel about this? An Attorney who is fighting to get Cop-Killers off is a donor to their boss… is this utter contempt for his own men? And, they guy hosting the event in his office has a licenses Suspension for ethics violations in 2016! #TEAMSNIFF

Given that Sniff has taken money from Felons, and is associating with other felons, we have a well-established pattern of poor judgement that disqualifies him from being Sheriff.

To Be Continued…

  4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Stanley! Another Fundraiser, at the Office of an Attorney that lost his license and another defense attorney…”

  1. Blumenthal had help from a county supervisor who argued that her law firm should be awarded a contract to represent indigent criminal defendants in the Riverside criminal courts. The bid went to another firm anyway.


  2. Someone should inform the developer who’s sponsoring the event at his building and being hosted in Ste # 403., on and how Stan Sniff protected a child molester ( Deputy Kevin Duffy ). Maybe if the developers clients knew he is hosting a fundraiser for child molester protectors he may just pull the plug on his fundraiser.

    A quick google search shows that Blumenthal represented a hit man for the cartels that murdered a witness in a big drug case. This case is very interesting. because the victim who was killed by the hitmen was the owner of La Perla Restaurant in Moreno Valley. This dude was trafficking cocaine ( like the other sidekicks of Stan Sniff ) for many years and RIVERSIDE SHERIFF ( Capt. Jon Anderson ) knew of this crap going on and NEVER did anything. As a matter of fact, he was protected by MVPD. He was caught actually in Chicago, Illinois at a parking lot while doing a$ 100,000.00, drug transaction and that’s how he was caught.

    What is also interesting is how the hitmen knew the dude was going to testify against him. Did the underground scavengers of MVPD snitch off to the hit man so that way, the hitmen would smoke him out to avoid snitching off MVPD for providing protecting to him for soooooooooooo many years. ? What I can tell you is that ex-Captain Jon Anderson knows where all the dead bodies are buried literally. !!!!!

  3. Wow, look how large the font is for the “honorary host committee”. Stan’s list is dwindling fast. I can only guess these people aren’t aware of the truth that RSO is literally being burned to the ground by Sniff. Seriously, who would back a Sheriff that takes money and endorsements from defense attorney’s representing cop killers? Take it in and think about it. There are pictures of Stan and the attorney who is representing a killer who killed Stan’s own employee’s wife. Stan gladly accepted a campaign contribution from this guy! Why is he giving the Sheriff money and why would Stan accept it?? It’s a stab in the back to everyone in the county and especially RSO!!!

  4. Stan don’t care about doing the right thing, or for the rank and file, all he cares about is staying in power, and getting his band of accomplices (the second floor), to do his bidding for him, by any means necessary, as long as it benefits him, and keeps him in power. He already has thugs, ex-felons, and gang affiliates supporting him, so the attorney will have to wait his turn to “kiss the ring finger.”

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