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Many of you have seen me refer to various people inside the Sniff Regime and use certain acronyms. For those of you as uninitiated in the culture of the RSO as I was before starting this endeavor, allow your intrepid blogger to provide you with some background info:

RSO = Riverside Sheriff’s Office. This is the generic term for the department itself
RSA = Riverside Sheriff’s Association. This is the largest Union of employees. These are also referred to as the “Rank-and-File” or the Eeeeeeeevil Yoooooooooonyun (sound it out)
LEMU = Law Enforcement Management Unit/Union. This is the management union that includes Sgt, Lt and Captains.
Second Floor = The Second Floor of the County Administration where most all of the senior management and staff of the RSO are located.
PSB = Internal Affairs. They are also called the “Ratt Squad” (I am a child of the 80’s and spell Ratt with two t’s get over it) PSB have long been used as the hatchet men to enforce loyalty to the regime.
a “PERS” or getting “PERS-ed” refers to the state mandated disciplinary process to fire or give employees unpaid time off.

Aaron F Park. “Your Intrepid Blogger”. Please note that I do nothing anonymously, that is a sure-fire way to know if I am behind something.

Stan Sniff. He is the Sheriff of Riverside County. He is referred to as the Corrupt Sheriff, Sniffy, the Sniffmeister, and/or Stanley interchangably

William Diyorio. He is the Undersheriff of Riverside County. We call him Undertaker Diyoyo. He is pretty much universally loathed by the Rank and File RSA Member and most of LEMU. (see how that works?)

Kevin Vest. He is an Assistant Sheriff. HE is referred to as Kevin “Bowling Ball” Vest. He is obese and handles the admin side of things, meaning that the Ratt-Squad Answers to him. He is also reputed to be a cyber creep. Similar to Diyoyo, the bowling ball is a universally loathed specimen of the second floor. Sometimes Vest slithers out of his puddle in an attempt to intimidate people from attending campaign events.

Joseph Cleary. He is an Assistant Sheriff. Some people attempt to defend him from time to time, yet he is the operations side of the department. All of the broken equipment, mandatory overtime, transfers of employees, etc. hit his desk. As Cleary is in far better shape than Vest, he is seen in public more frequently. He also was implicated for direct involvement in ordering subordinates to campaign on government time.

Chief Deputies:

Ray Wood: He is referred to as Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood. Some call him Pecker Ray Wood, in reference to his near legendary sexual dalliances. Lyndon Raymond Wood is his given name and the Executioner comes in because he has skull tatoos on his shoulder (as told by more than one of his relations) commemorating the times he clipped someone in the line of duty.

Jason Horton. Known as Jason “Deuce” Horton. A “Deuce” is a law enforcement reference to a DUI. It is alleged that Horton got away with a DUI recently due to his rank.

Brandon Ford. Known as Christopher Brandon Ford, his given name. Ford and Wood are frequently seen in public escorting the corrupt sheriff and Ford has been at a few Bianco events looking for people he could retaliate against with a PERS.

Geoff Raya. We call him Chico Raya. Raya is viewed as incompetent by most of the RSA. Raya was alleged to have had a severe health issue (a stroke) but miraculously recovered once Right on Daily started writing about it.

Assistant Sheriff Jerry Guitierrez / Chief Deputy Misha Graves. We’ve heard a few verbal, but undocumented stories about them, nothing out of the ordinary (aka favoritism, helping people they like cheat on advancement exams, helping cover stuff up, etc.) but the real issue that causes RSA members to resent them is that neither are sworn officers. They are prison guards.

Chief Deputy Jeffrey Kubel and Cheryl Evans. They have largely gone unnoticed by Right on Daily. We are sure that there are stories about them.

We’ve lambasted several management level employees as well. We are interested in learning about corruption. In particular, things that might be felonies if proven, tried and convicted. These would be similar to Aaron Kent ripping off overtime, Sgt. “Baluga Whale” Dekker lying on his time card, and recording people secretly without their consent, Sgt. Bob Epp’s maladies on the bomb squad, Frank “Drone Boy” Taylor and his double-dipping (and or kickbacks) on the drone program, Lt. Rose pulling his gun on civilians (twice), and of course advancement exam cheating scandals.

A second area is incompetence. This would include stuff like the broken equipment at Jason Huskey’s Palm Desert Station or Misty Reynolds’ Thermal Station. It would include the overtime capers at the previous two stations and at Dave “Kurly” Kurlyowicz’ Moreno Valley station.

A third area is retaliation. We’ve brought in several people at all levels of the department regarding this. We’ve documented Leonard “Lenny” Purvis and his record of getting people fired another was Lt. Tyler Clark, who we call Loren Tyler Clark (his given name) and still another was Lt. Mark “Investigate to Terminate” Bostrom. The foibles of all three have been documented well, if you know of more incidences, please come forward.

A fourth area is exposing more of the myriad cover ups within the department. We’ve documented a lot of cover-ups, two of which made limited local media coverage (as most media outlets are afraid of the Corrupt Sheriff), the Investigator Exam cheating scandal and the cover up of serial child molester Kevin Duffy. There are a lot more: shootings, rapes, etc as it appears the corrupt sheriff covers everything up. (we’ve been told multiple stories about him flashing his badge to get out of traffic tickets, etc.)

Finally, a fifth area of interest are blatant political moves by the department. These would include promoting now Chief Graves in April of 2018 and Chief Kennedy-Smith in April of 2014 and using them both in the campaign. These would include the pending promotion of Jackie Horton (who is hispanic) and pending use of said promotion for political gain. Tip offs on moves like these are devastating politically. Because of tip-offs for example, the Sheriff’s sudden interest in dealing with the CCW backlog do not net him the anticipated political gain he thought it would from doing so.

What we are not interested in: stories about infidelity, adultry, etc. Stories about arguments, fights, etc. There are so many of them in this department that they are meaningless. By staying focused on corruption, retaliation and blatant political maneuvering, we can continue to expose the Corrupt Sheriff.

My email address is [email protected] There is a right on daily facebook page and you can message me off of that page. Remember – if you fear retaliation, you can remain anonymous.

  One Response to “Stan Sniff Update: The Cast of Characters, a Glossary of Terms and how YOU can help RightonDaily!”

  1. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long summer for this corrupt cast of characters. Stan Sniff is a LIAR, there’s no disputing that. He proved to everyone how he will flat out lie to cover up his wrongdoings. The man does not believe in God, and therefore, he has no conscience. The citizens of the county will need to prepare themselves for more of Sniff’s lies as he attempts to justify his mismanagement and corruption.

    Then you have Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray “the Executioner” Wood (you know, the freak who tattoos skulls on himself of the people he has committed homicide on) and Assistant Sheriff “Jughead” or “Bowling Ball” Vest who are now trying to claim that Stanley has miraculously whittled down the wait time on CCW’s. Amazing how he was all of a sudden able to do that during election time after being lambasted about his CCW failure. The problem is that Sniff and his minions lie so damn much, I seriously doubt any of their claims are true.

    It has been an absolutely great thing to see all of the rank and file being brought more closely together after CHAD BIANCO won the primary election. Those who may have been on the fence about whether of not BIANCO could win have now jumped on the BIANCO train and they know it is only a matter of time before that train comes in for the BIG WIN!!

    My hat comes off to Dave Brown who is an honorable, God fearing man who I’m certain will do the right thing and bring all of his support behind BIANCO. In the months to come, I truly believe we will see numerous politicians pledging their support and numerous businessmen who want to make smart business decisions and put their support behind the winner and future Sheriff of Riverside County Chad Bianco. A landslide victory in November is beginning to unfold!

    Keep fighting the good fight!! Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!

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