Jun 112018

LIUNA. That is a public employee union. $1000. (1,000 in 2018 that is, they’ve written Stanley quite a few checks)

Yessir, Stanley is selling his soul for Campaign Cash. How sweet it is. With Sniff fading as each update comes in, one has to wonder how long donors are going to pump money in to a wounded loser…

Stan Sniff forfeits yet another campaign issue on the altar of desperation by taking this campaign cash from a union. I wonder how the Monday meeting on floor two went today?

(Pictured, Leonard “Lenny” Purvis and the corrupt Sheriff)

P.S. If you have information on corruption within Stan Sniff’s department or senior management, contact us at [email protected] you can remain anonymous.

  One Response to “Stan Sniff Update: Taking Union Money! There goes THAT issue”

  1. Just saw the channel 7 story on YouTube. Damn Stanley needs to stay out the sun. Looks like he’s been sunburnt one too many times. He’s had the nerve to sit there and lie his ass off. You could tell he believed ever lie that came out of his mouth. He probably doesn’t remember that stuff with Bianco. You know Stanley was diagnosed with a severe case selective dementia.

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