Jun 142018

There is a reason Sanctuary State is widely reviled by honest average citizens. Most polls show 60%+ opposition even in California. Two more American Citizens are dead because the drunk driver was here and not deported.

The suspect, Joaquin Alvarado Santana, was federally released from the Riverside County Jail on June 4.  He was not supposed to be out of custody until June 29.  He was also fed-kicked back in February, and he should not have been released on that case until sometime in August.
You should be able to verify this independently via court records and online jail records.  His name may be harder to find since he has two last names – sometimes they are put together as one word, sometimes they are hyphenated, etc.  His most recent booking number was 201809012.  As of this morning, he had not yet been booked into jail due to his injuries.
Another bit of trivia about this (may be harder to independently verify) – the suspect is a permanent legal resident.  Based on his prior felony convictions, he would have been eligible for deportation.  However, due to California’s sanctuary state policies, and the Sheriff’s willingness to go along with those policies, ICE was never notified.
Due to the Sheriff’s policies on ICE matters (going along with California sanctuary status), many of these types of inmates are allowed to be released without contacting ICE.
I have seen this happen time and time again.  Due to the need to “fed kick” inmates and the failure to notify ICE, an innocent man and father are now dead.  This should never have happened.
In the meantime, Stan Sniff and his buddies in the local media are blaming the budget. The budget has nothing to do with cooperating with ICE. The Budget also has nothing to do with threatening Jail Staffing year after year in order to gain leverage.
Stan Sniff has enough money to work with in order to start addressing all of these problems, yet they get worse every year. At the same time, we write time and time again about Contract Cities getting ripped off for overtime, abuses of the overtime system, outrageous maintenance contracts nothing is done about, no bid contracts and undisclosed conflicts of interest. Yes, sir. Business as usual in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department.
Don’t worry, your intrepid blogger is fully invested in seeing this through as it appears several in the shrinking world of support for Stan Sniff are being forced to double down on their endorsement of Sniff in order to try and save credibility. The day of accountability is here.

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  1. The surviving family members should sue the Sheriff’s Department, Stanley, and Kevin Deleon who drafted SB 54. They should sue for wrongful death,because their actions were directly responsible for another preventable tragedy. Now a young girl has to live without her father, because Stanley wants to play politics.

    Stanley and the zoo should deported with this pos. They can talk about everything they have in common. November can’t come fast enough.

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