Jun 202018

I’ve written for months, Stan Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. Based on information from informants:

Blogger’s Note – This is being re-posted as Stan Sniff’s Crew are running a “Mark as Spam” Drill in a vain attempt to get these posts removed from Facebook. They may also be responsible for the off and on hacks against this website.

The solution to the correction issue was developed under former Sheriff Bob Doyle: the Mid-County Correctional Facility on Haughen-Lehman Way (modeled after the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s West Valley Detention Center). Plans were done, land was purchased, and the money for construction was in the bank.

Sniff came to power and when the late John Benoit and Palm Springs signaled opposition to the new jail, Sniff did exactly what Benoit wanted and caved in. I was never a fan of John Benoit when he was in the legislature, by the way as I viewed him as a weak, punchless back-bencher.

The County lost about $38 million in manpower time, planning, and land purchase costs getting ready for construction.

The County would have had a 1,200 bed facility designed to handle long-term inmates from AB109 with additional capacity for 6,000 more inmates. Sniff caved and the $330 million project got dumped so they could spend the same amount on the 1,200 bed facility in Indio with no room for expansion.

Why? A lot of Stan’s Donors are in Palm Springs, so now we get to live with thousands of early released felons because Sniff sided with the NIMBY’s and the feckless John Benoit.

I can tell you something else, unlike Cois Byrd and the aforementioned Doyle whose names are on Sheriff Facilities – Stan Sniff should be grateful he will be able to leave office on the outside of a prison let alone having his name on any building.

In Early 2011, sometime around February the Corrections staff assigned to review the impacts of AB109 delivered a report to the 2nd Floor recommending that Sheriff Sniff oppose AB109 for a multitude of reasons which have all come true.
Similar to his terrible decisions on Guns, refusing to cooperate with ICE and decisions exacerbating the early release problem, Sniff did not follow through on that recommendation and never publicly opposed AB109 despite the report that said Riverside will see increased crime, reduced jail space, need for increased staffing, and the additional increased costs totaling millions of dollars.
Later in 2011, the 2nd Floor was advised by a different committee reviewing AB109 impacts. They warned that some inmates could be sentenced to more than 10 years in the county jails. This exact scenario occurred on the second day after AB109 was implemented several months later. Imagine had they had the 7200 beds in Palm Desert versus the little jail in Indio. 
Everything they said would happen in the report forwarded to Sheriffs Administration by the Corrections staff were proven correct. This removes any deniability or blame-shifting Stan Sniff could do. He was warned, Stan Sniff did nothing. Worse, he sided with the short-sighted feckless John Benoit on assuaging rich liberal NIMBY donors out in the desert. 
When Stan Sniff was appointed Sheriff, he made several promises to the Board of Supervisors:
1. De-politicize the department 
2. Never take campaign contributions from staff (his Form 700’s document dozens of employees contributing to his campaign and he accepting them)
3. Remove the “at-will” statue from Chief Deputies and above so no one could ever be fired like he was.
Now you get a flavor for the toxic recipe that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Stan Sniff basically lied to the Board of Supervisors, and all of us. Then once he became Sheriff, failed repeatedly to plan for the future or lead effectively. Fire him.
P.S. Most of the material for this post was sent by an insider with direct knowledge of the subject matter. I have re-written the information at their request in order to mask the writing style of the source.

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