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Stan Sniff’s world is coming unscrewed.

In a tersely worded email and in face-saving responses to his lackeys in the local media, he claims low voter turnout was the reason for his poor showing. Problem, with something like 100,000 ballots left to count, turnout is at almost 24%. Turnout was 22% TOTAL in 2014 when the Sniffmiester got 62% of the vote against Chad Bianco. Turnout will be in the 28-29% range when the count is complete. 

This time, Sniff sits at 33% and fading. On election night Sniff was 1.97% behind Chad Bianco. As of today’s update he has collapsed to 2.31% behind. As voter turnout goes up, Sniff’s performance suffers.

While Sniff and his Lackey’s deride the Eeeeeeevil Yoooooooonyun for giving Bianco $600,000 there is this gem:

It appears that Eric Linder and Russ Bogh are set to win their Runoffs in the Fall. Both are squishes and thus should be easily electable and more amenable to negotiation. (Despite being squishes, I happen to like them both)

The insider machinations indicate that Stan Sniff really does understand how badly wounded politically he is. Your Intrepid blogger is aware of several things that indicate possible panic on Floor 2.

  1. Sniff is reputed to have flown off in to a rage on Election Night and again on Wednesday.
  2. Sniff was recently at a gun event faking like he is pro second amendment, but people that saw him there noted that he and Mohammad Ali Mazarei did not look so hot
  3. Chief Undertaker Diyoyo, almost universally loathed by the rank and file, was talked out of letting his retirement be effective 6/1 only because of the appearance of the #2 material retiring mid election season. Looks like Diyoyo will leech off the Taxpayers for another 6 months until he retires and rips us off for his spiked pension for the rest of his life.
  4. Jackie Horton, wife of Jason “Deuce” Horton, was set to retire sometime around now as well. Instead, she is getting promoted to Captain as the aforementioned “Deuce” Horton is under age 50 and can’t retire with a full pension before Sniff leaves office should Sniff lose in November.
  5. Leonard “Lenny” Purvis just turned 50. He can retire. It is alleged and rumored that he will be putting in his papers if Chad Bianco wins. Good riddance. (Although his buddies on stilts at the White Day Parade will miss him when butt-bombing)
  6. There are also a few Captain slots that are being left open so that people in the second floor in “At Will” positions can demote themselves to Captain should Sniff lose. Remember, a Chief Deputy can be canned at any time by the Sheriff, however a Captain has to be “PERS-ed”. Chad Bianco will not be sworn in until about 6 weeks after election day, giving the folks on the 2nd floor ample time to pull a Dunkirk-Style evacuation.

Employees are being forced to work overtime to fill a void in staffing. If you have not understood the impact of this, Imagine working 6 12 hour shifts a week in a job you’ve lost your passion for because your superiors are incompetent, suck-ups, crooked, philanderers or some combination of the four. In addition, the big boss is someone you’ve lost all respect for. It is a wonder why more deputies have not been killed in the line of duty from accidents. Families are being destroyed, children are missing a parent, divorces are happening and the code of conduct is out the window.

And the Sheriff tries to minimize the morale issue all the while his morally bankrupt crew on the second floor are making contingency plans to save their own tails come November.

I’m still coming for you Stan.

  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Riverside County Election Update and Sniff Falls Further Behind, Panic on Floor 2”

  1. This article really captures what deputies have conveyed to me, too. Lost faith in their command, disgusted with the ideology of the 2nd Floor,and the disparate and unfair treatment.

  2. I wouldn’t worry to much about item #6, a PERS begins and the one-year toll starts when the Department learns, or should have learned, about the misconduct. Think about the potentially demoted Chief to Captain and then conjure any number of provable, clear and convincing allegations swirling over the past few months. Of course, any new Sheriff can institute administrative proceedings to review the conduct committed leading to the command change. A demotion does not insulate or grant immunity from an administrative investigation. Done and Done

  3. Deputies working mandatory overtime is nothing new. Those mandatory overtime shifts are known as yellow days. One day off for personal affairs is no way to show you care about your staff. Take care of your troops and they will take care of you. That’s leadership 101. It looks like Stanley and the zoo graduated from the Adolf Hitler School Of Leadership. Where the win at all cost, who cares about the greater good, go down in history as the worst admin supersedes all reasonable thought..

    Stanley likes playing dress up for posters. Here’s a story for him.

    The year was 2018, and River City was a booming town on the Santa Ana River. It was early June and the town was covered in the sweet smell of citrus from the nearby orchards. The town was in a state of upheaval. “Little Man” Stan had worn out his welcome with the people of River City. His constant demand for more money, threats to release outlaws back into the town, failure to work with the government to identify hostiles, had made him no longer trust worthy to be the sheriff of River City.

    There was dissent brewing amongst the River City deputies. They were tired of “Little Man” Stan and his band of misfits. They were tired of his temper tantrums, and overall lack of respect for others. A plan was hatched to find a good man to run against “Little Man” Stan. They searched near and far, before finding a God fearing man named Chad.

    Chad had grown tired of the sheriff too. He had been personally attacked for speaking out against “Little Man” Stan. He knew he would have run for sheriff in order to make River City great again. With the blessing of his family and the backing of the River City deputies he ran for sheriff. The polls opened for all the town folk to vote for sheriff. “Little Man” Stan believed the election was in the bag, so he prepared a victory speech in advance. The next morning he awoke to read the local papers. He discovered God fearing Chad received more votes then him. There would be a runoff in November. The writing was on the wall for “Little Man” Stan. The gallows were calling. He had forsaken his duties and sold his soul for power. Now he would hang from the hangman’s noose he created for himself.

  4. Admin is on pause because their cage has been rattled. With Sniff’s reign of terror in limbo, we see captains not walking as straight as they did before the election. As a result, they are waiting for orders which way to spit (and with this admi, it’s always in the fan) but all the while acting like they’re in control.

    They will put all their resources into trying to win AND NOT trying to win the support of the rank and file. A losing candidate goes to the ghetto areas (in this case, our stations, not saying we are ghetto) to shake hands and pretend he or she gives a shit about the communities issues. NOT ONE OF THESE CLOWNS WILL DO THIS. INSTEAD, EXCUSE AFTER LAME EXCUSE why Sniff didn’t win by a landslide.

    And screwing with RSA is not they way to go. Would sure like to see a wholepage “vote of no confidence” add in the local rags near election time. Just to take the knife out of our backs and stab admin with it.

    Aaron, there is sure to be more to write about in the coming weeks.

  5. I have been in RSO nearly 14 years. How many times have I seen Stan come to the station and talk with us? Shake our hands and listen to our concerns? Let us know that admin cares? EXACTLY ZERO! He sent that clown Chief Wood to do it. Yet that man is in Goat Boy’s bedroom groveling for cash all the time and has the balls to go in LA news and say morale is fine? That news clip was a slap in the face to every one of his cops. We know the truth and it appears the public is seeing the truth.

  6. That’s funny PCOC have Wood say trust me moral is good LMAO. I am sure the sleezy unethical second floor are filling up thier PullUps about now. Not that Bianco will be vindictive, low and punish someone he will need to rid the second floor of everything that’s wrong. So for all liars, trainee, subordinate fornicators, pack up your stuff dust off your desks RSO DOESNT need your poor qualifications of low standards. Oh Lyndon start removing your I love myself shine it will take you six months to get it all out of the new Chiefs office, G.G there will be nobody willing to hold your incompetent hand RSO DOESNT need your punk demeanor puffing your chest like your something hope that helps you in your next job. Ford almost had a little hope for you but after your visit to stations to threaten and try to intimidate employees to back Sniff, we don’t need that not here not anywhere. That just shows what a ballless weasel your are, afraid to do the right thing and always looking for a gold star for the refrigerator. I could go on with all the crap on the second floor but I want to focus on the good. Fresh painted walls and clean carpet in the empty second floor come January 2019, don’t worry boys you get New Year’s Eve off enjoy.

  7. For those misguided staff who work in CATCH, ISB, TSB, and Crime Analysis Units who may be exchanging the truth of their work effort toward some thought that Stan Sniff will remain as Sheriff, DON’T break policy and lie, commit internet violations, or other forms of career ending trickery for a man who is not your king.

    The problem with breaking the law and/or with committing ethical violations are the transparent nature of good employees nearby who are questioned during your subsequent PERS, the never-lost source data computer trails leave, and a real jeopardy you place yourself while operating outside standard practices and procedures without sufficient explanation. The whole bit about breaking the law/policies by saying “I was following orders” argument has been struck down long ago (see; William Calley. Jr., Nuremburg trials, etc)

    Sheriff Lee Baca and US Tanaka thought they were well insulated and had covered their illicit conduct also. Not only did they go to jail, many subordinates attempting to insulate them were prosecuted or outright terminated from policework. This won’t look good on a resume as you attempt to pick-up the pieces and apply your technical degree after the elections are over.

    Its hard to stand up against the size and weight of those empowered over you when they ask for a “small thing.” But hold your ground and you will be better off. Any arbiter will see a sham use of discipline if those administrators without ethics wield their power against you. Hang tough and do the right thing, DON’T TRADE YOUR INTEGRITY.

  8. You know Desert Cop, your words are true. There are many on his department who have integrity and in their heart of hearts want (and do) the right thing. These warriors actually help people even though they drive home after a long shift and wonder whether they are making a difference.

    These other ones, however, lost their way and use their power for evil instead of good. These are the ones who, once the badge was pinned on their chest, suddenly had a cape waving behind their backs. They’re the deputies who walk with their gun side straight and forward to show others they have a gun.

    They are drunk on power, climb their rank ladder on the backs of others, don’t give a shit about their beat partners, and, as they make rank, forget where they came from and act like they don’t know you or even remeber taking a nap beside you whilst on graveyard.

    I suppose all departments have “these ones.”

    I understand it’s hard to go against a crooked supervisor who has lost his way. I know the 2nd Floor is pushing hard to frighten and intimidate us into thinking our votes are traceable, our IP addresses are being tallied by CATCH, and if you want that next promotion, you better tow the line and kiss Sniff’s flabby arse.

    When Bianco wins in November, this fuckery will come to an end. We need to keep the momentum for Bianco going and continue to fight the good fight and show these others their BS will not stand.

    Department members who are on the fence need to be shown the way. We shall lead by example one department member at a time.


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