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I received a lot of text messages and facebook messages about the LEMU endorsement caper. Several were also railing on Sgt. Kaiser as someone equally as suspect as Sgt Brause. It is alleged by confidential informants that Sgt. Kaiser made a deal with the Sniffmeister for his third bar. (A term used in Military and Law Enforcement to refer to a Sgt. (LEMU = Law Enforcement Management Unit, the Sgt, Lt and Captains)

The embedded meme was sent to me by someone that does not like Brause very much. It has a triple meaning and refers to Brause’ letter quoting the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics which has become a sad sidebar in the Sniff administration.

If allegations against Brause and Kaiser are true – here is a clear nexus for Brause (who left a comment to make sure I spelled his name right) and Kaiser to do what they did with regard to stuffing the LEMU endorsement of Chad Bianco. Again, are these two men in line for a promotion? What were they promised?

You will also note when Brause wrote his tail-covering letter he made note of the fact that LEMU does not have a Political Action Committee as a veiled swipe to the Riverside Sheriff’s Association. That is also felony stupid engaging in open warfare with fellow cops, however it is indicitive of the culture of Stan Sniff, fostering division in order to more easily control the department.

An old-timer emailed me a history lesson:

1. LEMU actually endorsed Sniff in 2007 at the BOS meeting. Then-president Louis Fetherholf announced it at the meeting to the board.
2. He was then promoted to chief deputy about 6 months later
3. Despite the fact that as the captain at Lake Elsinore and chief of police for the city, he mismanaged the contract and lost over $1 million (the Press Enterprise said it was $750k but we know it was a million because the city cut 10 positions including 5 RSO positions to cover the loss)
4. Fetherholf, as COP for Lake Elsinore, charged the city when his band played an event there
5. After promoting to deputy chief, he left RSO after a year for a COP position in northern California when he found out he had to do his own work and he wasn’t allowed to bring his “adjutant” with him
6. It was widely rumored that LEMU membership had actually  endorsed Neil Lingle, but Fetherholf announced Sniff since he was a Stan supporter and no one ever saw the actual votes
Interestingly enough I also learned that Stan Sniff’s first act as Sheriff was to retaliate against the Chief Deputy that escorted him out of the office after Bob Doyle fired him. Chief Deputy Randy Throne walked Sniff out of the building and later Sniff walked Randy Throne out of the second floor. That gives me even more context for the story about Louis Fetherholf.
Brause is alleged to be withholding copies of the LEMU’s by-laws in order to forestall a recall of him from leadership. He was unopposed when he originally ran. This is key, because my previous assertions about his violations of Robert’s Rules and the LEMU’s By-Laws would be clear were people to actually get copies of them. Remember, somehow the votes were there to raise the dues… but allegedly since 50+1% of people did not vote on the endorsement (remember many would not because of fear of retaliation) he stuffed the endorsement regardless of quorum rules.
This is why I emboldened item 6. History repeats itself within LEMU.
One of my favorite commenters left the following:
Well, well, well…I was wondering when old Timmy would be featured here. Timmy, like most zealots, speaks words that describe him as a walk the straight and narrow dude, never do wrong, tomato you feel comfortable leaving Timmy alone with your barely legal daughter because he’s a self proclaimed righteous dude.
Oh how wrong you would be. Timmy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A snake who would trample on your back to get ahead. A man would would undress your barely legal daughter with his creepy stare.
Tim, why don’t you talk about how you tried to undermine an investigator to get to the Hostage Negotiator Team? Why isn’t your experience of dipping your pen in the (various) cadet’s ink well mentioned when you write how you will keep your personal life “unsullied.” What did your poor wife say when she learned you were cheating on her with younglings?
Shouse is correct, LEMU is weak and cannot commit to endorsing a new sheriff’s candidate because they are all scared.  They cannot sound off like they have a pair because Admin has nurtured you all. AND many are not fifty and eligible for retirement (but Timmy, you were certainly thirty and flirty again at the academy, eh?) so they are concerned for their careers.
This is why the rank and file cannot stand their supervisors. Their lack of commitment, needing to be told what to do or say by Sniffcompoop’s marionettes, and cowering under their desks in a fetal position when the shit hits the fan is all the more reason WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF!!
Brause, why don’t you talk about your leadership skills (none) or why you were sent to the Perris Station (because you were screwing cadets at the academy) or why no one really respects you (because you are not a true leader and walk with a bent back).
Pecker Ray Wood, you going to ask Timmy to get on board your silly lawsuit against ROD? Remember the First Amendment.  Brause has.

If you have not gotten a flavor for what I get sent on a daily basis, there is a full-blown insurrection within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

Someone who is clearly a LEMU member left this:

Let me get this straight….everyone who voted was excited to cast their votes, Tim counted them alone. He wouldn’t allow anyone else to be there and then he comes up with “the majority wants to stay neutral”. Tim is a liar. Period. That’s your reputation, and now everyone knows your ugly skeletons including your wife. How did that work out for you Timmy?? You are holding the endorsement “the majority” voted on and in favor of Bianco for a chance at a promotion you don’t deserve. You ran unopposed too, that’s on us.

Ouch. This is a sad shrinking world for Team Sniff.

  7 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Part 2 of the LEMU Endorsement Saga, This Isn’t The First Time A Sheriff Endorsement Has Been Suspect”

  1. If you knock on the devil’s door, don’t be surprised if you get an answer. Unless Brause was going to take the heat for the membership in counting the ballots before announcing who LEMU was going to support, that is understandable. But to count the votes just to announce a “We are not supporting a candidate” is unacceptable. Brause should have had independent verification of the vote. No one twisted your arm to be LEMU President my friend, and you knew what was at stake in taking that job. But historically, every LEMU President that has “gone along” with the second floor has been promoted. So what does that tell you about the position. John, get out while you can, your better than that. At least you have the opportunity to redeem yourself. Don’t go down with the sinking ship.

  2. His fault for counting the ballots alone. Completely self serving. Tim, news flash YOU aren’t LEMU, we are. This isn’t about you getting a promotion after making that deal with Diyorio. Make it right and be the voice for what WE voted on. You are an embarrassment to the Dept. all you would have had to do is count the votes with others present, and you didn’t. Have another vote and don’t count them alone. Pretty simple, it will take care of this mess.

  3. Timmy, please tell me it isn’t so. I have thus far given you the benefit of the doubt, and as a result, I have not bad mouthed you, nor criticised you. But, how can I ignore what appears to be obvious? Please tell me you did not sell out your soul for some vague promise. This isn’t the Timmy I knew at the Hemet Station. Isn’t a Marine always a Marine? Marines serve with honesty and integrity. Those values never leave you. They are non negotiable. You can still redeem yourself. I may sound corny, but this is a fight for your soul. I urge you to repudiate those who urged you to stray from who you are. Your integrity and ethics should not go to the highest bidder. You may take some lumps now, but if you are the man I think you are, you will withstand the attacks. Do the right thing!

  4. In response to the comment posted by RSORetired, I invite and in fact encourage anyone who has questions about the endorsement (and other) issues, to contact me directly. I am happy to discuss union related allegations that have created unnecessary division in LEMU. Additionally, I thank you for the reasonable tone of your post.

  5. Atta boy Timmy! This proves that you are not the type of man who would hide when the going got tough. If there is a legitimate reason for the non endorsement, and substantiated by a vote count of the membership, then I stand with you and will defend your actions.

  6. As of yet, no public count or view of Ballots. As of yet bylaws of LEMU are hard to come by.

  7. Tim, my post was reasonable, and more than respectful. You know that in leadership, doing the right thing is not always popular, or painless, but it’s the legacy you leave behind that people will remember you by. Ask yourself Tim, would “Chesty” be proud of you and your leadership (no disrespect intended). I know these are difficult times (for now), and I do appreciate the difficult position you are in, but at the end of the day Tim, have you lived up to the standards that Chesty, Smedley and the like expect from you, or have you lowered your standards to the folly and the manipulation the second floor has mandated. Semper Fidelis my friend. The same thing goes for you John, yes you. Your a decorated veteran, and everyone has high expectations that you will do the right thing for the right reasons, and not what is politically correct for self-serving ambitious. You and Tim are better than that.

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