Jun 192018

Harold Paul Payne has some problems. The first is being close friends with Stan Sniff. This is an obvious nexus for why the NRA has demonstrated unusual fealty to a Sheriff who views CCW Permits as a Liability to the County of Riverside. Mr. H Paul Payne is the obvious gatekeeper of the coveted gun group endorsements.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: A GROUP OF COWARDS ORGANIZED A SPAM COMPLAINT DRILL TO GET THIS POST TEMPORARILY REMOVED FROM FACEBOOK. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON H PAUL PAYNE, my email address is [email protected] I will be doing a series on H Paul Payne until the NRA fires him. This is how you deal with bullies.  

H Paul Paine is the NRA Rep down in those parts. Seems like the NRA had a vetting #EPICFAIL. Does the NRA know about Mr. Payne’s personal behavior or the domestic violence restraining order?

His Linked in profile says the following: Liaison to the Executive Vice President at National Rifle Association

Here is a facebook post holding him out as H. Paul Payne NRA Members’ Councils Program Administrator

Pictured is Payne with Stanley.

Second, is that Mr. H Paul Payne is going through an ugly divorce complete with allegations of spousal abuse. Check out the file regarding the court action here.

The allegations were so bad that the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Payne.

The restraining order details physical abuse including photos of bruises. It details H Paul Payne waking his wife up multiple times during the night to deprive her of sleep. It details Payne harassing the children at 3AM. The details of the paperwork include several paranoid accusations of the wife having an affair and calling her a whore.

It sounds like H Paul Payne is a gem of a human being.

It gets better. Because of the nature of the restraining order, Payne had to surrender his guns. Guess who Payne surrendered his firearms to?

Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Cozy isn’t it? Sniffy and Ali are covering for this domestic abuser who is a gun rights advocate by day.

The other interesting thing is that H Paul Payne only turned in 5 guns. What NRA officer only has 5 guns? Where are the rest of them? Does Stan have them? Maybe the DOJ firearms division should check this out.

There is a court hearing for a permanent restraining order 6/25/2018. Here’s hoping the soon-to-be-ex-wife gets it.

H Paul Payne also made a paranoid accusation against Chad Bianco – which is how he got onto my radar screen.  He accused Chad Bianco of putting a GPS Tracker on his wife’s car. When you read the restraining order request, you will see that this is consistent with Mr. Payne’s behavior pattern. It is my opinion that H Paul Payne put the GPS tracking device in his soon to be ex-wife’s car himself.

I am not a fan of the NRA. It is not because I am a gun-grabber, quite the opposite. I grew tired of them making stupid and politically expedient endorsements. I left the NRA for good when they endorsed Harry Reid, the predecessor of current US Senate Dem leader Charles Schumer. In addition, knowing that the NRA is employing this disturbed man (whether he is paid or not) in a high-profile position is an outrage and will give the left more fodder to attack the feckless NRA.

This revelation is yet another humiliating embarrassment for Team Sniff. I have attached a sample of the filing that compelled the judge to grant the restraining order below. It is disturbing, but insiders within the Riverside Sheriff’s Department tell me this stuff is common from domestic abuse cases.

  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: NRA Rep H Paul Payne in Severe Legal Trouble – Part One of a Series, Is Stan Sniff Covering For Him?”

  1. OMG… This guy is really a nut job.

  2. The mere fact Sniffcompoop is associated with this turd (and Ali, and the convicted felon, and the convicted sex offender) should be a LOUD AND CLEAR reason to wipe the Stanley shit off your shoe and support BIANCO.

    What sheriff canoodles with these people? Doss any deputy sheriff associate with the likes Stanley does? NO because they would be PERsed and PROSECUTED to the FULL EXTENT OF DER FÜRHER’S LAW!

    The fact not all guns are accounted for, and the few that are are in the hands of another turd, Mr. Ali who uses the sheriff for his get out of ticket and jail free card, is another red flag. I sure hope they get caught for hiding them.


    Aaron, check the website, links are redirecting to Google Contests and other strange shit.

  3. Seriously check those links

    Blogger’s Note: Amazing, aren’t they? Wait for the follow up on Thur.

  4. @all – clear your cookies from your browser, we have installed a firewall and are removing chinesse hacks one at a time from the site

  5. Hi from Montana
    I have know P. Payne for years while he was living here in MT, on and off. He is a master manipulator and liar. He can not be trusted. He has demostrated that time and time again. Many of us here are wondering why the N R A is keeping this unprofessional person around. He always thought he is above everyone else here in MT. If he is the best that the N R A. has to offer personnel wise, they are going to need a slap in the face to set them straight.

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