Jun 192018

Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor. (Such as the kind of employees Sniff’s family utilized on their date farm)

Many of you remember the famous Arizona Immigration Law passed sometime ago that the Supreme Court ended up gutting. Long before the left won their Judicial victory (establishing legal precedent to gut California’s Sanctuary State), Sniff took a side. He sided with the ACLU, MEChA and the extreme left wing

Instead of cooperating with ICE, Sniff said the following:

The most overriding concern we have is the “Chilling Effect’ on crime victims coming forward…

This is a cowardly excuse to take the side of extreme left wing open borders activists.

In the 1980’s when immigration laws were still somewhat enforced, illegal aliens were frequently taken advantage of and still would never come forward for fear of deportation. Sniff’s position is consistent with every left-wing Sheriff out there.

The smokescreen of not doing the Fed’s job is absurd. The Feds don’t patrol the streets and in most law-abiding states and counties the day-to-day officers / deputies are the first response.

Given that a large amount of the prison population and a disproportionally large amount of offenders are illegal, you’d think someone serious about reducing crime would participate and cooperate with ICE. Not Stan Sniff.

Sniff whines about his budget, fed-kicks and empty jail space, yet one of the main things he could be doing to deal with some of those problems he refuses to, choosing to pander to the extreme left and against American Citizens.

Lastly, the concept of Community Oriented Policing is another filed left-wing social experiment. Community Oriented Policing is a grant program created under the Clinton Administration (before the Republicans took control of the House in 1994) that was in a package of bills including the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”.

I do take note that once again, the lack of personal core convictions is coming out of Stan Sniff. I can only draw the conclusion that he has his hand out for grant money and is using the buzzwords to this day in order to get more. He’d scream deport them all if he thought that would profit the department, law enforcement principles be dammed.

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