Jun 122018

Stan Sniff Update: Grand Jury 2006-2007 Warned of Overcrowding in the Jails. Sniff did Nothing.

As is well documented, Riverside County is a leader year over year in “fed-kicks”, as in Court-Mandated Early Releases of Scum due to overcrowding in the jails.

A grand jury report from 2006-2007 obtained by your intrepid blogger indicates that the Grand Jury warned Sheriff Sniff about issues related to the jail and specifically mentioned overcrowding and measures that needed to be taken to deal with it.

All Sniff has done for years is complain about his budget as an excuse to do nothing.

Witness this prophetic and damming excerpt:

Due to overcrowding and a shortage of deputies, it is important to use whatever technology is available to maintain appropriate supervision. Inmate complaints of inappropriate treatment by  correctional staff, as well as the identification of areas not covered by surveillance cameras, have demonstrated the need for additional cameras, especially DVR cameras.

The following outlines specific locations at each county correctional facility where the addition of cameras are needed to protect deputies and inmates, as well as protecting Riverside County from liability and lawsuits.

1. Southwest Detention Center:
The transportation area and C, D, E, and F Pods, do not have cameras.

2. Blythe Jail Facility:
This facility has an area known as Holding Tank A. This area is currently housing 54 inmates and approximately 2/3 of the area is not observable from the entrance.

3. Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, Banning:
The laundry, kitchen and perimeter fences do not have coverage with cameras.

4. Indio Jail Facility:
There are areas in the jail that have cameras but are not covered by DVR. These include: the kitchen, several cell block locations and some corridors.

5. Robert Presley Detention Center, Riverside:
The kitchen, dayroom, and transportation areas do not have sufficient camera coverage.

Get it? 12 years ago, equipment problems and overcrowding. Sniff did nothing but sit by and let the problems get worse. He has had more than enough time and thus has disqualified himself.

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