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Harold Paul Payne has some problems. The first is being close friends with Stan Sniff. This is an obvious nexus for why the NRA has demonstrated unusual fealty to a Sheriff who views CCW Permits as a Liability to the County of Riverside. Mr. H Paul Payne is the obvious gatekeeper of the coveted gun group endorsements.

H Paul Paine is the NRA Rep down in those parts. Seems like the NRA had a vetting #EPICFAIL. Does the NRA know about Mr. Payne’s personal behavior or the domestic violence restraining order?

His Linked in profile says the following: Liaison to the Executive Vice President at National Rifle Association

Here is a facebook post holding him out as H. Paul Payne NRA Members’ Councils Program Administrator

Pictured is Payne with Stanley.

Second, is that Mr. H Paul Payne is going through an ugly divorce complete with allegations of spousal abuse. Check out the file regarding the court action here.

The allegations were so bad that the judge issued a temporary restraining order against Payne.

The restraining order details physical abuse including photos of bruises. It details H Paul Payne waking his wife up multiple times during the night to deprive her of sleep. It details Payne harassing the children at 3AM. The details of the paperwork include several paranoid accusations of the wife having an affair and calling her a whore.

It sounds like H Paul Payne is a gem of a human being.

It gets better. Because of the nature of the restraining order, Payne had to surrender his guns. Guess who Payne surrendered his firearms to?

Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Cozy isn’t it? Sniffy and Ali are covering for this domestic abuser who is a gun rights advocate by day.

The other interesting thing is that H Paul Payne only turned in 5 guns. What NRA officer only has 5 guns? Where are the rest of them? Does Stan have them? Maybe the DOJ firearms division should check this out.

There is a court hearing for a permanent restraining order 6/25/2018. Here’s hoping the soon-to-be-ex-wife gets it.

H Paul Payne also made a paranoid accusation against Chad Bianco – which is how he got onto my radar screen.  He accused Chad Bianco of putting a GPS Tracker on his wife’s car. When you read the restraining order request, you will see that this is consistent with Mr. Payne’s behavior pattern. It is my opinion that H Paul Payne put the GPS tracking device in his soon to be ex-wife’s car himself.

I am not a fan of the NRA. It is not because I am a gun-grabber, quite the opposite. I grew tired of them making stupid and politically expedient endorsements. I left the NRA for good when they endorsed Harry Reid, the predecessor of current US Senate Dem leader Charles Schumer. In addition, knowing that the NRA is employing this disturbed man (whether he is paid or not) in a high-profile position is an outrage and will give the left more fodder to attack the feckless NRA.

This revelation is yet another humiliating embarrassment for Team Sniff. I have attached a sample of the filing that compelled the judge to grant the restraining order below. It is disturbing, but insiders within the Riverside Sheriff’s Department tell me this stuff is common from domestic abuse cases.

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  1. I wondered when you were going to mention the NRA and the Sheriff. And Paul Payne; who has been a plus perfect son of a bitch for about thirty years. The current victim as far as I know is wife #3 and victim #3. Wife #3 teaches the hugely popular NRA Women on Target introductory firearms class with her husband, Paul Payne. The classes used to be taught by Paul and Wife #2, who lost her job and dignity when Payne met #3. The classes are usually held once every other month or so and held at Ben Clark Training Center, the Sheriff’s own gun range. The population of students are typically cop wives/moms/girlfriends and all receive invitations from the self-appointed president of the Sheriff’s Spousal Support Group. The NRA volunteers are all range masters and certified to teach, rake their brass and provide their own ammo and firearms. Not sure how many RSO folks are diverted for this process. But for a guy constantly bitching about money and resources he sure opens his door for a private interest group often. The NRA has a huge presence at the classes and they conduct a membership drive of sorts at the end. No word on who gets the finders fee from those memberships at the range. (Another conflict of interest, Stanley?!?!) However, the Sheriff is always there. Always opens his range and holds the classes at the County facility. And Sniff always makes the same “I’m great but the Board of Supervisors are all a bunch of cheap bastards and that’s why we don’t have many CCW’s and we are broke” canned speech he always gives. He often poses for pictures with this poor woman and her sociopath of a husband. What an utter embarrassment now.

    Payne has his people convinced this training opportunity will end when Sniff is out of office and in typical myopic NRA fashion, they vote in single-issue block, never letting the truth get in the way of a good story. Payne is inexplicably Wayne LaPierre’s golden son out here on the West Coast and people have been trying for years to bend his ear about what a POS Payne is. Maybe this blog will strike a nerve all the way in Washington. Lt. Bianco is a loyal lifetime NRA member who can’t even get an audience with the local governing board because of Payne…who would appear unable to carry a gun for his job with the NRA. Payne is right up with Sniff in the weaselly bastard category of people. Maybe they can take up golf together in their unemployed years.

  2. Well isn’t this special. History repeats itself, and one of Stanley’s political position hacks isn’t what he seems to be. (Actually he is because he is a complete asshole. He is a loud obnoxious POS that obviously bullies his way around his wife and kids.). This is Payne’s third marriage and it seems domestic violence is a common theme. Hey Stanley did this come up when you gave Payne his CCW? The man in charge of californias NRA members liaisons only owns five handguns, and conveniently skips all the reputable guns stores and turns in his guns to Ali. BULLSHIT!!! Where are the shotguns, where are the rifles? He posts pics on social media with them! You know Stanley, Payne and Mazarei all sat around trying to figure out how to silence this one. Stanley can’t lose his golden ticket at the nra!!! Now we truly understand why Stanley gets the NRA and the CRPA endorsements. Now we know why CRPa and NRA couldn’t give a crap about riverside county gun owners and their safety. It’s all about cronyism and the good old boys clubs.

  3. Try putting it on Twitter

  4. Blogger’s Note – Despite the implied legal threat and a concerted effort by Paul Payne’s supporters to suppress the original post from facebook with bogus spam complaints, this comment is being displayed unedited.


    There are a lot of misstatements being made about Mr. Paul Payne’s marital situation and pending divorce. Many of those statements are borderline defamatory. I’m sure folks have no interest in spreading lies, but they may not be aware of the true facts. Here are the facts:

    On June 4th, Mr. Payne’s soon to be ex-wife filed an “ex parte” request for a temporary restraining order in the Riverside court. In that request, she made several representations alleging “domestic abuse,” and sought several “stay away” type orders from the court. These “ex parte” requests for temporary restraining orders are routinely granted, and such orders are routinely issued by the courts even though, as in this case, the subject of the restraining order is NOT given notice that the request is being made, not given an opportunity to appear, not given an opportunity to cross examine the person seeking the order, and not given a chance to put on evidence to oppose the issuance of the temporary order.

    Once a temporary order like this is issued, the subject of the order, thanks to California’s extreme and unreasonable gun laws, must immediately dispossess themselves of all of their firearms, and comply with whatever other conditions the court may impose until such time as a hearing on whether to make the temporary restraining order permanent is held and the court decides whether to make the restraining order more permanent, typically keeping them in effect for at least a year.

    Thankfully, before such an temporary restraining order is extended for a longer time period there is at least some “due process” offered by the court system. A properly noticed court hearing is held, and the person seeking the restraining order must put on their case and present supporting evidence. The subject of the restraining order is given the opportunity to cross examine the person who wants the restraining order, and to put on evidence of their own.

    Such an evidentiary hearing in Mr. Payne’s case was held in Riverside Court on June 25th, 26th, and 29th. Mr. Payne’s soon to be ex-wife has been divorced several times before, and has learned how to try to use the system to her advantage. Nonetheless at the end of this hearing, after hearing ALL the evidence, Mrs. Payne lost. Her case was thrown out of court. The TRO against Mr. Payne was NOT extended and has been dissolved by the court. It appears the judge saw the request as an improper attempt to manipulate the system, and found that there was no domestic violence or abuse that would justify such an extended restraining order being issued.

    Mr. Payne is now permitted to possess firearms again, and all of the other “stay away” type orders that were initially issued as part of the temporary restraining order have been vacated and dissolved along with the temporary restraining order itself.

    Mr. Payne’s divorce case, now involving a determination of the proper allocation of marital assets for this three year marriage between Mr. Payne and his soon-to-be ex-wife, will now proceed through the court system, without the unnecessary and distracting side show of a restraining order request.

    As a general matter, these TROs have been weaponized by the legal profession and those seeking a divorce generally (typically by women). TROs are fairly routinely used to gain leverage in a divorce proceeding. There are similar “due process” issues with so-called “red flag” orders. But that’s a subject for a different comment / thread. So is any discussion relating to the Riverside Sheriff’s race.

    Those of you with fragile relationships with a wife or significant other, take heed. Almost anything can be “spun” to look like “domestic abuse” and form the basis for seeking a TRO. Everyone is vulnerable to abuse of these orders.

  5. Firstly, the evidence brought to the TRO hearing was almost all not admissible because I did not have third parties, nor did I have “360 degree photos”, and the bruises I sustained from the respondent were questioned because he claimed I “bruise easily” and I could not recall if it was April 5th or 6th when I was hit with the door. Police reports were not allowed because I did not have detectives or officers present, just a Court Services Advocate. I attended the hearings by myself while Mr. Payne had a lawyer and his good buddy, Bob Livingston.
    Yah, it’s difficult to win a permanent order when the commissioner does not consider evidence and ignores the laws that passed last year allowing recordings in DV situations.

  6. I’m surprised by you, Chuck. You were the one that reached out to me on FB Messenger to try and offer me “what I want” to keep the TRO from going to court.

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