Jun 152018

And the 3rd Place Finisher Dave Brown issued an emphatic endorsement of Chad Bianco.

Also note that turnout is going to be just short of 34%. This is the largest turnout ever recorded in all the times Sniff was on the ballot.

This expert opines that “given these numbers its unlikely Sniff will be able to raise the funds necessary for even an attempt at a decent comeback. The smart money that hasn’t already gone to Bianco will be going.”

  2 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Disaster. Falls Below 32, Bianco Surges Past 36.”

  1. That’s gotta sting. Despite being in a four-candidate race, Bianco has received almost as many votes as Sniffy did in 2014! He’s got to be so embarrassed by his declining second-place finish. I’d feel sorry for him, ending his law enforcement career with his tail tucked between his legs and getting publicly shamed by one of his own employees!

    Remember, just prior to Election Day, Sniffy and the Stooges (with apologies the Ignatius) were telling everyone that they were going to win the election outright with 53% of the vote or more.

    Sniffy can’t raise money.

    Sniffy can’t get endorsed by CURRENT, WORKING COPS.

    Sniffy pays sex offenders to issue propaganda to voters.

    Sniffy prevents the arrest of a known sexual predator who went after kids.

    Sniffy has taken multiple campaign donations from the criminal defense attorney representing the dirtbag that killed two cops in Palm Springs- one of whom was married to an RSO Peace Officer.

    Sniffy holds fundraisers hosted by convicted felons.

    Sniff has other convicted felons promoting him on social media.

    Sniffy has taken large campaign contributions from other convicted criminals.

    Sniffy has released over 40,000 inmates back into our communities while claiming he’s making the county safer.

    Sniffy promoted employees caught cheating on an advancement test.

    Sniffy complains about unions spending money against him but has taken nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions from the very same unions!

    Sniffy tells people that he’s reduced crime even though PROPERTY CRIME AND VIOLENT CRIME HAS INCREASED OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS.

    Sniffy claimed he needed extra $7 million or he wouldn’t open the new jail- then 4 months later, Sniffy finds an extra $10 million for ccws and another $10 million to fenerously return to the county. All of this, while Sniffy complained that if he didn’t get another $50 million of taxpayer dollars, he would let even more inmates out early and eliminate patrols throughout the county.

    Sniffy has no chance winning in November and I heard he is considering going out on a medical retirement to boost his retirement pay before he gets removed from office.

    Sniffy, it’s clear only your most loyal supporters want you to remain in office.


    Go ahead, Sniffy, screw over the taxpayers one last time on your way out you lying, hypocritical LOSER!!!!!!!! BUH-BYE.

  2. Oooooooohhhh!! Tell it, Joeseph!!

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