Jun 152018

We’ve been told that Chief Jason “Deuce” Horton applied to other agencies for a Chief Job. At least one (Corona PD) returned Mr. Horton to sender.

We’ve been told that the infamous Ryan Huizinga and his wife Correctional Sgt. Janelle Huizinga have accepted voluntary exile to Blythe.

While we are following up on leads regarding Geoff “Chico” Raya, one thing we know is false is his applying to Anaheim PD, that is actually a man with a similar name from Palm Springs who applied with Anaheim PD.

Jason Horton’s Wife withdrew her retirement papers at the behest of the crooked sheriff as did Chief Undertaker Diyoyo. The idea being senior management retiring in an election year looks really bad.

We’ve also been hearing from inside sources that some people currently on Sheriff Sniff’s endorsement list are starting to sweat and may be considering dual endorsing and/or rolling off of Sniff altogether. I have been made aware this dynamic seems to be occurring with organizations as well.

On the subject of endorsements, I am still just wowed and impressed by the Dave Brown endorsement of Chad Bianco. Predictably, the Desert Sun and the Riverside Puke-Enterprise did not cover it at all, choosing instead to repeat Sniff’s worn-out talking points. People in the media wonder why their trust interval is in the 20’s and why they are losing subscribers. It does however appear that the magnitude of the Dave Brown endorsement is going to net Chad Bianco a series of important endorsements.

Lastly, in a major move… Donald Vincent Brooks was back in court yesterday. Apparently, there was some sort of meeting between Brooks’ defense attorney, the DA’s office representatives and the Judge. The result? A highly unusual re-consideration of the Pitchess Motion related to the racism and history of dishonesty of Tony Pelato and Mike Cornett (both are on Stanley’s good boy list).  It is clear that the results of the election are causing major shifts across the board. Brooks’ follow up hearing is on July 27th.

After speaking to department insiders, none can recall ever hearing of a denied Pitchess Motion being re-heard. It appears then that the DA’s office made the Judge aware of something.

If that isn’t strange enough, Brooks was approached by someone he did not know (yet who knew him) and handed a list of agencies that participate in the “Brady” program. Brady is a term used to refer to a law regarding the efficacy of testimony of law enforcement officers with dishonesty issues in their personnel file. A picture of what Brooks was given is embedded in this blog.

As you recall, Brooks was investigated related to the claims of his ex wife (who has made previous false claims about brooks) and the DA’s office decided against prosecuting. As the story goes, Pelato and Cornett were downtown the following day and the case was brought back to life. This case is one we are tracking, not because Brooks is Black, but because his case is so similar to others where Sniff and Crew have railed so-called enemies of the state.

With people on the second floor looking for jobs, daily explosions, fear, endorsement jumpers, people making blatant political moves, it is not a good scene in Floor 2.

I’m coming for you Stanley and it appears there will be less in my way this fall… (Remember you can remain anonymous and my email is [email protected])

  6 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Are the Ratts Scurrying of the USS Sniff? Picthess Motion for Donald Vincent Brooks to be RE-HEARD!?”

  1. You have got to be shitting me? Has the reopening of a pitchess motion at the request of the DISTRICT ATTORNEY ever occurred in the history of this county? Kind of like a incumbent Sheriff getting 32% of the vote in a primary it is UNHEARD of!

  2. As a member of the Prosecution Team, Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. is required to disclose certain things. My guess is the DA found out “these things”, inquired, and were told by RSO, yes we have information we did not disclose.

    Typical Bully of the Block. Can you say corruption at the highest level?
    All the crap Sniff complained about when he was stumping for the Job of sheriff, in front of the Board of Supervisors, is at level of corruption never seen ever before in the history of Riverside Sheriffs Department.

    Oh to have Doyle, Smith, Byrd. Anyone but Sniff.

    Oh wait, we do!


    Where is the Department of Justice, when you need them. Oh wait, CAL DOJ is as corrupt as Sniff. Where is the FBI? Oh wait, they to are corrupt too. TAKE A STAND, not a Stan.

    It is time for law abiding members of our communities to take a stand against Corruption at the local level, state level and Federal Level. Vote Bianco. Vote John Cox for Governor..

    Connect the lines on your ballot +–+ Bianco
    +–+ Cox
    We can take our County and State back.

    Blogger’s Note: Senor Cabeza, QUE BUENO! Andale con Bianco y Cox, ese!!!

  3. Not surprised the huizingas voluntarily vacated to the butt hole of the county aka Blythe. They figure, out of sight out of mind. Wrong! Moving locations doesn’t change the facts. He was a stooge for Stanley and she let an inmate leave a facility without an escort.

    The upside of being in Blythe is the Huizingas stupid asses can’t cause anymore problems. Hopefully you stay out there.

  4. La Quinta City Council is still a strong base of
    support for Sniff.

    They welcomed Captain Reynolds with offers to buy the first round of tequilla. Shows how seriously they take her. When one the young male council members will be going on morning runs with her they council said. Bla bla thats how the whole captain introduction went.

    Its on video, city council meeting.

    Meanwhile how much is it costing taxpayers in this contract city while they all goof off with Misty(?)

  5. Heres a link to the May 1 Council Meeting

    What a joke

    No one takes Misty seriously. She is all like do you have questions for me and they are all like yeah tequilla shots , for reals. Its nuts. Maybe in between tequilla shots and hanging out with the council men , she can get some shit fixed at Thermal
    Station. Dont hold your breath though.

    Mean while Coachella gangbangers went to the same strip club as Indio gangbangers. Booze, strippers and guns, what could go wrong? Dang then shit got real, strippers ducked for cover and shots were fired.

    Can someone please take Mistys tequila away
    long enough for her to get her head back in her work please?

    Under “presentations/announcements”


  6. Misty Reynolds , her friends and her husband spread lies all over the county about me.
    They have zero regard for the harm done to me, my family and office staff.

    While I feel empathy for them that the truth about her is being leaked on this blog, what about the lies she has spread.

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