Jun 222018

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Leonard Purvis is well-known for having a hair-trigger to fire people. I guess it only applies to certain people.

Leonard Purvis is the Captain of the Hemet Station and is one of Sheriff-Coroner Stan Sniff’s top butt monkeys. Pictured is Purvis performing Chauffeur duties on behalf of his master. Purvis is reputed to have lost a promotion due to exposure on this blog. As you recall, Leonard Purvis and Stan Sniff may well have worked together in a failed scheme to destroy the Banning PD to turn it in to a franchise of the Sheriff.

There is a Sergeant Frank Tiburzio who is known as Frank Perversio within the Hemet station. Apparently, Perversio is one of Purvis’ butt monkeys because he appears to be under the protection plan.

Perversio got rung up by an exasperated female employee at the Hemet Station after Perversio was seen changing in the parking lot, apparently showing off his junk (or other assets, who the hell knows in the RSO anymore as crap like this is a daily occurrence).

Lt. Zach Hall, recently transferred in to Hemet Station promptly wiped his derriere with the complaint and an emboldened Sgt. Perversio started retaliating against the female employees he has been leering at for years.

Sgt Frank Tiburzio is also a local realtor.

Zach Hall apparently, has a long storied career as a ladies man. A possible nexus for his transfer to Hemet is the well-known fact that his current girlfriend is a Corporal at the Lake Elsinore Station. It is also known that while there Hall reputedly had a tryist with the then Mayor of Lake Elsinore. (It is really difficult to keep up with this stuff) However the cover-ups are standard procedure in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

So, Captain Leonard Purvis (also the LGBT Liason) has a personnel mess in his own station that is being covered up in real time by reputed man-whore Lt. Zach Hall. The beneficiary of the cover-up is of course Stan Sniff who can not handle the slightest revelations of truth and a Sergeant whose nickname is Perversio. This stuff writes itself.

Purvis, Hall and Perversio should all be fired and prosecuted along with the Sheriff. The constant revelations of misconduct are really getting old. (Sometimes it makes me want to fetch a beer bong, but I digress…)

This story, while infuriating is not a surprise to any seasoned observer of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. It is an election year so it makes perfect sense that anything remotely negative is going to be covered up. Hopefully, your intrepid blogger can bring some justice to the beleaguered female employees of Hemet Station.

  2 Responses to “Right On Daily Follow Up: What happened with Stan Sniff’s Hemet Station Update: Leonard Purvis and Lt. Zach Hall Covering Up Sexual Misconduct Complaint Filed on 5/9/2018”

  1. I would take Zacky Farms any day of the week. Zacky may have exhibited predatory behavior in the past, but at least he won’t screw up the station budget to the tune of a half-million dollars like Kent Werges did. And he did not have to cheat on the Lieutenants exam like Aaron Kent.

  2. @Homer Pyle, I agree Zacky is great with a budget, but so is an accountant or OA. We can get the same results from any of other classified employees. Lets not forget Zacky is an Administrator who is lacking ethical behavior. He is supposed to set good examples of ethics, none of which he has. He is also a confirmed informant for the 2nd floor! Reporting anything he can on Bianco and who supports him. He does this to clear his past with any piece of information he can find, or just make up. He will say anything to the 2nd floor that they want to hear just to make amends. He does not care who he steps on as long as it benefits himself. We need people who are more dedicated to the Department, and not for themselves. We need change, find a leader who wants to help the Department, vote Bianco and you will find exactly that.

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