Jun 212018

Despite the fact that H Paul Payne and his buddies run facebook complaint drills to try and get my posts removed from Facebook, people are coming out of the woodwork.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Once again a fake spam complaint drill was run to get this post removed. This is why this is the second post today of the exact same content. When they get something removed from facebook, I re post it with a different title. I will continue to do so until they give up their deceitful tactics.

H Paul Payne apparently has a terrible reputation, yet the NRA big-wigs are either are too far away or are willfully ignorant of it. Enter some folks who left me comments:

I wondered when you were going to mention the NRA and the Sheriff. And Paul Payne; who has been a plus perfect son of a bitch for about thirty years. The current victim as far as I know is wife #3 and victim #3. Wife #3 teaches the hugely popular NRA Women on Target introductory firearms class with her husband, Paul Payne. The classes used to be taught by Paul and Wife #2, who lost her job and dignity when Payne met #3. The classes are usually held once every other month or so and held at Ben Clark Training Center, the Sheriff’s own gun range. The population of students are typically cop wives/moms/girlfriends and all receive invitations from the self-appointed president of the Sheriff’s Spousal Support Group. (Blogger’s Note: Kylleen Coogan is the name and I have several leads that I am vetting related to her activities and the connection to the Sheriff)  The NRA volunteers are all range masters and certified to teach, rake their brass and provide their own ammo and firearms. Not sure how many RSO folks are diverted for this process. But for a guy constantly bitching about money and resources he sure opens his door for a private interest group often. The NRA has a huge presence at the classes and they conduct a membership drive of sorts at the end. No word on who gets the finders fee from those memberships at the range. (Another conflict of interest, Stanley?!?!)  However, the Sheriff is always there. Always opens his range and holds the classes at the County facility. And Sniff always makes the same “I’m great but the Board of Supervisors are all a bunch of cheap bastards and that’s why we don’t have many CCW’s and we are broke” canned speech he always gives. He often poses for pictures with this poor woman and her sociopath of a husband. What an utter embarrassment now.
Payne has his people convinced this training opportunity will end when Sniff is out of office and in typical myopic NRA fashion, they vote in single-issue block, never letting the truth get in the way of a good story. Payne is inexplicably Wayne LaPierre’s golden son out here on the West Coast and people have been trying for years to bend his ear about what a POS Payne is. Maybe this blog will strike a nerve all the way in Washington. Lt. Bianco is a loyal lifetime NRA member who can’t even get an audience with the local governing board because of Payne…who would appear unable to carry a gun for his job with the NRA. Payne is right up with Sniff in the weaselly bastard category of people. Maybe they can take up golf together in their unemployed years.
Then there is this comment:
Well isn’t this special.  History repeats itself, and one of Stanley’s political position hacks isn’t what he seems to be. (Actually he is because he is a complete asshole.  He is a loud obnoxious POS that obviously bullies his way around his wife and kids.).  This is Payne’s third marriage and it seems domestic violence is a common theme.  Hey Stanley did this come up when you gave Payne his CCW?  The man in charge of Californias NRA members liaisons only owns five handguns, and conveniently skips all the reputable guns stores and turns in his guns to Ali.  BULLSHIT!!!  Where are the shotguns, where are the rifles?  He posts pics on social media with them!  You know Stanley, Payne and Mazarei all sat around trying to figure out how to silence this one. Stanley can’t lose his golden ticket at the nra!!!  Now we truly understand why Stanley gets the NRA and the CRPA endorsements.  Now we know why CRPA and NRA couldn’t give a crap about riverside county gun owners and their safety.  It’s all about cronyism and the good old boys clubs.
I was contacted by an RSO insider that let me know that the file for the Domestic Abuse Call (as in the illegally placed GPS tracker on the wife’s car) ended up on the desk of… drumroll please… Sgt. Christian Dekker. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Stan Sniff Donor, Time Card Abuser and the man of records his co-workers without their consent to get dirt on them – Christian Dekker. Why would Dekker respond to this and take the file and respond to this complaint given his very public and well-known ties to the Sheriff, especially since H Paul Payne is also very publicly tied to the Sheriff. It seems that this sort of stuff is commonplace under Sniff.
So, let’s unpack this. This is marriage #3 for H Paul Payne. Apparently #1 and #2 ended in similar fashion to how #3 is ending.
The second commenter is asking where H Paul Payne’s Long Guns are, and why they were not surrendered when the Temporary Restraining Order was issued. That is a good question.
It appears that Sniff, Mohammad Ali Mazarei, Kylleen Coogan (of Spousal Support Group Fame) and this H Paul Payne run in the same circles. I wonder how the spouses in the support group would feel if they knew about the foibles of H Paul Payne. (If indeed these comments from confidential informants are reliable and the charges in the court documents are substantiated)
What is Mr. Payne’s role in controlling the NRA Endorsements of Candidates? And does Payne work with the CRPA to manipulate that endorsement as well? Or does Payne just do this on Sniff’s behalf?
Does the county know that the Ben Clark Gun Range is being used for these events? Does the Board of Supervisors know that not even all deputies are able to use that range without a lot of hoops to jump through? Does anyone know about the special treatment these people are receiving? Does the Board of Supervisors Care? The DA? The County Admin?
Does the National NRA leadership care or have any idea about H Paul Payne’s history?
Add this to the list of reasons why this gun owner has not paid dues to any of the major gun groups in many years.

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  1. Chuck Michel is no different than Payne as far as it comes to the cronyism with Stanley. They are fully aware of Stanley’s bullshit record and lies concerning CCW’s. They continue to support him because they have their own agenda and it does not have anything to do with what is best for Riverside County gunowners and CCW advocates. Why is it that all of the political bullshit in this county involves the corrupt piece of shit Sheriff. You Stanley have completely embarrassed our department. Resign now, save your ego from losing in November and let Bianco fix all of the shit you have corrupted. My God man, enough is enough!

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