Jun 122018

WOW. This needs no editing whatsoever.

Despite the fact that I took a few shots at “Hemet Dave” Dave Brown, I was told by many that he is a solid character guy.

Chad Bianco has proven that he can beat the incumbent Sheriff, Stan Sniff, in November. But more importantly, he has convinced me that he has the character and integrity to be a great sheriff. One thing I never expected was how well I would get to know my opponents during the campaign. As a result, I’m more certain now than ever that Stan Sniff needs to go and the Sheriff’s Department needs new leadership. As a candidate for sheriff, I received dozens of personal messages and letters detailing scandalous behavior and cover-ups within the Sniff administration. As a police chief, I witnessed Sniff’s failed leadership firsthand, but to hear it directly from department members was confirmation that the department is in complete turmoil.
By contrast, I got to know Lt. Bianco and his wife, Denise, fairly well over the last 10 months. We spent many hours waiting for Sheriff Sniff to show up at candidate forums and debates, which he rarely did. Listening to Bianco’s ideas and solutions to the department’s many issues gave me confidence that he will be able to address the crisis in the department quickly and effectively. Chad and I frequently joked that we agreed on just about every issue – except who the next Sheriff should be. On election day, the voters decided that for us. I firmly believe Chad Bianco will be elected to serve as the 14th Sheriff of Riverside County in November, and I intend to lend my full support to his campaign. I respectfully encourage my supporters to join me in supporting Chad Bianco for Sheriff!
Chief Dave Brown – June 12, 2018

Thank you Dave Brown, the humility and clarity in this endorsement tells me all I need to know about who you are as a person. If you care to share the dozens of letters and personal messages with Right On Daily, we’d be grateful. I will protect the anonymity of the sources.

  3 Responses to “Former Rival Chief Dave Brown Issues an Emphatic, Ringing Endorsement of Chad Bianco”

  1. Outstanding!! I was hoping Chief Brown would endorse the only viable candidate. If Chief Brown can convince his followers to also vote for Bianco, those new voters will carry Bianco to victory. Perhaps Sheriff Bianco might find a suitable position in the Department for Chief Brown, such as Undersheriff.

  2. Great outcome. Now, if Miguelito would endorse Chad Bianco for a final shot of grace to Stan Snigg

  3. Miguelito is one of Stan’s puppets used to split the vote. Why do you think he was never available for an on-camera statement. Stan has him on a very short leash.

    Blogger’s Note: Anyone with any doubt regarding Miguelito’s mission should see that he has not been retaliated against for running. Clear indicator.

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