Jun 102018

They say you can find anything on EBay. For the low price of $15, you too can have a piece of Stan Sniff. Seems a lot cheaper than the $2450 from his photographer, $55,000 from Ali Mazarei, or the raft of checks from his employees… but I digress.

Hey! You get free shipping too!

As a reminder, Sniff went from 62% of the vote in 2014 (on 22% turnout) to a mere 33% and fading (on nearly 24% turnout and rising).

P.S. If you have information on corruption within Stan Sniff’s department or senior management, contact us at [email protected] you can remain anonymous.

  7 Responses to “Buy a Riverside Sheriff Sniff Badge on EBAY! (Better do it now while it is still worth something)”

  1. My first question did Sniff spend his own money or taxpayer money on this little project?

    If Chad Bianco still has sufficient funds in his campaign coffers he needs to do some serious hit mailers on all Sniffs nonsense.

    If he already did that, do it again.

    As some may know the 16 year corrupt regime of San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos is NO MORE.

    Campaign mailers helped take that crook out. One big mailer a week for 8 weeks helped seal the deal.

    Sniffs gotta go.

  2. LMAF… I know one schmuck that will be ordering a few of these mini badges, Senator Jeff Stone. He brandished a DOJ recalled Deputy badge in his 2014 road rage incident. Stone was at fault when speeding and cut off another driver. He flashed the badge to make the other driver pull over. (PE 12/2014) (As if a County Supervisor could effect a traffic stop) His first call was to his conjoined twin Stan Sniffles to cover his ass. It’s unlikely Sniffles confiscated the recalled badge. Now with Bianco taking Stan’s job in November, it will be fun to watch whose ass Stone will be kissing.

  3. In 300 years a group of archeologists will find that pin, start researching who Stan Sniff was, find the ROD blog and say to themselves, “This Stan Sniff guy was a fucking asshole”

  4. I know one thing for certain, if it wasn’t a sanctioned item the Department MUST send a “cease and desist” letter to the person making these items. As you can imagine, and Captain Reynolds can attest, the unauthorized use of our Department’s badge is a copyright infringement. People within our Department have suffered the pain of discipline at the hands of Stan Sniff over it’s use on challenge coins, and the like. There is even a Department Directive which details the infringement manner and method (complete with the copyright number).

    Now, if the Department finds a person or entity infringing the copyright and fails to act and/or enforce their copyright, they essentially have abandoned it and it becomes free use (please goggle for yourselves). And so, if we are only reserving the illusion of a copyright upon the rank and file staff inside the Department (presumable to bash our own folks with suspensions and reprimands), but allow anyone else to commercialize the same symbol, where does that leave the Department Directive?

    A leader is even and fair, not capricious and wavering in the face of a commercialized and obvious infringement upon the symbol of public trust in violation of our copyright laws. Sheriff Sniff please do your duty here and act appropriately. Those deputies you have punished for unauthorized use of this badge symbol to make morale pieces are watching… Hell, I’m watch to see what you do.

  5. ROD you keep it coming. The badge is the same size as the pins they give you for years of service. They’re small but still big enough to see. That badge however, is the life size badge of “Little Man” Stan. It must have fallen off at Ali’s gas station, when Stan stopped by for his favorite foot long. Maybe some poor schmo found it on the floor of his bedroom next to a pair of Stan’s panties. Better yet, someone at the range found it. It probably fell off when Stanley was playing Rambo with Ali. Or it slid off, because you can’t pin anything on slime.

    Stanley’s days of glory (In his own mind) are over. He should jump on that stupid golf cart with his ho, I mean driver, Lenny “T-bag”, and head for the Grand Canyon. They could make another movie called “T-bag and the Sleaze,” as they drive off the cliff.

    Get out while you still can Stan. And take all your unethical, unqualified monkeys with you.

  6. These pins are paid for with a county credit card by Kristi Smith. The same card that bought his stupid movie bill posters. Taxpayer money for campaign party favors equals criminal.

  7. Too bad only one is available or I’d buy a ton and use them as throwing stars when the 2nd Floor is forced out after the November election. 10 points if you hit chrome dome’s fat head.

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