May 152018

Up until today, I had been singularly focused on taking down the corrupt Sheriff, Stan Sniff. Having seen the Desert Sun “Endorse” Sniff and knowing that the Press-Enterprise has basically endorsed Sniff with their almost Zombie-like repeating of his talking points and their refusal to cover the slew of scandals in his administration, the Right On Daily Blog believes it is time to take a stand. Despite the opinions of some, we are not affiliated with the Chad Bianco for Sheriff Campaign.

As of the writing of this post, we have received nearly 800,000 hits since 1/1/2018 and are approaching 2.5 Million page views. There is a reason – while some want to know about the Governor’s Race or Lt. Governor’s Race – many are flocking to this blog to learn more about the Stan Sniff regime in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

Sniff’s legacy is one of fiscal mismanagement, corruption, leftist activism and systematic extermination of dissent. We’ve made a clear case that Sniff favors people that have ethical issues for promotion. We’ve made a clear case about crimes, misdeeds, malfeasance and the cover ups of it.

My first clue that the Desert Sun was compromised was when I obtained the entire copy of the Investigator Cheating Exam investigation document and realized how much of it the Desert Sun glossed over. Given that Brett Kelman, the reporter that covered the scandal has demonstrated a clear anti-cop nexus with a consistent stream of stories aimed at undermining law enforcement, he must have known this was a golden opportunity that was passed up. The endorsement by the Desert Sun of Stan Sniff, complete with meaningless words at the end of it demonstrating “concerns” over the Cheating Scandal made it 100% clear that they allowed themselves to get too close to Sheriff Stan Sniff.

I’d been warned by people who had been seeing the interactions of Desert Sun reporters with the Sheriff that they were too cozy. The excuse they used to disregard Chad Bianco? He was “too combative” in the interview. In political parlance, we call this the doctrine of false equivalence. This is when you look for an excuse to justify supporting a position you know is flawed. (See also the media trying to use the porn-star debacle to distract from the rampant corruption in government for example)

The Press-Enterprise? They transferred a long time editor out of the Riverside operation over to Rancho Cucamonga apparently, because Sniff flipped out over a milquetoast article about Chad Bianco being locked in the Leonard Purvis cooler in Hemet Station. They have consistently refused to criticize the sheriff or demonstrate balance in their stories.

It has been quite easy to show overt bias on this blog as it is a counterweight to the Riverside County media, save KMIR that have basically been a communication arm of Stan Sniff’s second floor gulag.

The most consistent stories from the local media have been hit pieces written by left-wing, cop-hating, soft-on-crime, open-the-jail-doors Salvador Rodriguez whose testicles haven’t even dropped yet. The Riverside Press Enterprise has let Rodriguez write hit pieces under the guise of journalism that may well have been written in the Eggplant Farm.

I never fool people about who I am. I am a blogger. Sometimes, I am a journalist because as I am on the right, so frequently I provide balance to the press whorps. I do not go through life claiming objectivity.

That said, Let’s take a look at the issues we’ve demonstrated about Stan Sniff:

Stan Sniff has ordered his department NOT to cooperate with ICE – media agrees

Stan Sniff’s fiscal mismanagement has contributed to almost 40,000 Early Releases of Felons since 2012 – media usually supports coddling criminals

Stan Sniff has taken several stances in line with the ACLU, including onerous profiling orders and body camera orders. Of course the media agrees with the ACLU

Stan Sniff has covered up dozens if not hundreds of potential crimes, a handful of which we have documented here on this blog. Crickets from the media (with the partial exception of the cheating scandal and KMIR blowing the lid off the Kevin Duffy Scandal)

We’ve uncovered 4! cheating scandals. The local media has been silent outside of the grossly understated report on the investigator exam scandal.

Stan Sniff has consistently blamed others for his failures to manage his budget – the media repeats his talking points incessantly while the situation gets worse.

We’ve documented multiple instances of broken down, dilapidated equipment. The local media has ignored it.

The grand jury has lit up Sniff repeatedly, the local media has been deign to report a thing.

CCW Permits? Stan Sniff calls them a liability and we’ve demonstrated Sniff set up a coin-operated system to get one. Crickets from the local media, save for misleading talking points calling Sniff “Pro-Gun”

Sexual Harassment / Misconduct is rampant. Media Silent while mostly straight female victims are retaliated against.

Sniff flashes his badge to get out of Traffic tickets? Media Silent.

Demonstrated examples of racism despite the attempts to create a misleading image of diversity? Media Silent.

250 Deputies left last year and some 70-80 so far this year. Media Silent.

Crime is escalating. Instead – the media reported some extremely suspicious stats barbecued by the second floor.

Sniff has taken money ($7,000) from a convicted felon. He has taken an endorsement from a man with a prostitution conviction. He has taken money from several employees whose malfeasance has been exposed publicly. The local media is silent.

The Coup d’etat? Sniff took money from John Patrick Dolan, the defense attorney for 2 cop-killers and posts on his facebook about hanging out with him. The cop-killer murdered the wife of one of Sniff’s own deputies! The local media probably sides with the defense attorney anyway…

If it takes a blogger from 500 miles away to do their job for them we will. The average story about Stan Sniff has 50-70% of its’ content dedicated to Sniff and his spun talking points. Are the Desert Sun and the Press-Enterprise scared of him or has something else happened we are not aware of?

There are three opponents to Sniff.

Miguelito – Miguel Garcia. This guy is a joke and it is widely believed Stan Sniff himself bought him in to the race to sponge votes. It is particularly ironic considering we learned that then Deputy Sniff ran against Ben Clark in 1982.

Hemet Dave Brown. Spent $80K on Signs. Spent $50K or more paying two consultants. #EPICFAIL He is also the former Police Chief of a War Zone.

Then there is Lt. Chad Bianco. Stan Sniff’s people have no clue how competent this guy is or how much the rank and file love him for having the courage to stand up to the tyrant.

The dirty little secret of the media endorsements of Stan Sniff is that were they to endorse Chad Bianco, it would be an admission they had been wrong in the past, as most people would rather get tortured by Isis than admit fault. This character flaw is not present in Bianco.

From the limited knowledge I have of Bianco he has several attributes that are polar opposites of Sniff.

The “Combativeness” that the Desert Sun used as an excuse to sell out to Sniff is actually called passion and fire to serve.

The hubiris that has characterized Sniff is not present in Bianco. The loyalty and the things said about him by the rank and file are simply not possible for an egomaniac.

Chad Bianco is a man of faith. Stan Sniff is not. This matters insofar as an indicator of where the grounding and personal values of a candidate come from…

… which is why Sniff’s patterns of promotions and his alleged sexual forays do indeed matter. Who does Stan Sniff serve? Himself.

Who does Chad Bianco serve? God. Then us.

If you want to clean up the Riverside Sheriff’s Office, you need one of their own to do the job plain and simple. Bianco has paid a heavy personal price since 2013 for standing up to the Sheriff and continues to do so. Bianco is the only candidate running with significant experience within the department.

The media have been largely forced to ignore this issue as they continue to take the path of least resistance avoiding the real issues of the department.

If you want to drain the Riverside Sheriff’s Office of the myriad issues that have beset it, then your only choice out of those running is Chad Bianco.

The local media in Riverside County have abdicated any moral authority they once had as it does not take much critical thought or real investigation to ascertain the issues. They either did not or they refused to look at the issues and with this decision, there goes any credibility they once had.

  9 Responses to “We Endorse Chad Bianco for Sheriff as The Desert Sun and Riverside Press Enterprise Abdicate Any Moral Platform They May Have Had”

  1. ROD that was a hell of a article! Now will come the hand wringing deps saying that Chad has been paying you all along to be mean people. Boo hoo bitches. The only people getting nuked here are the deserving ones. I don’t know who the hell is paying ROD but I hope they cut you a fat freaking bonus!

  2. A great photo with lawmen and fire fighters gathered together in prayer in support of Chad Bianco for Sheriff. Literally all of the men and women of law enforcement of every police agency in this county as well as surrounding counties support Chad Bianco for Sheriff. Last night the Corona Police Officers even hosted an event in support of Chad Bianco for Sheriff. There are literally ZERO Police Chiefs or Sheriffs who are supporting Sniff, that in itself should speak volumes to the voting public.

    The ballots are arriving to mailboxes across this county, so now is the time to talk to every single friend and family member you know to vote for Chad Bianco. Just remember that even though what the men and women of law enforcement believe may not matter to Stan Sniff and his thugs, it DOES MATTER to the majority of the voting public who care about morals, values and good leadership.

    God Bless America!!

    Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!!

  3. @Aaron F. Park keep up the good work. Keep the spotlight on the cockroach Stanley and the other roaches. I would like to thank you for being an outlet for many to reveal information about the inside of RSO, without fear of retaliation.

    Stanley and crew are of the good ol’ boy mindset. Like others have stated, Stanley is from a bygone era. Where it was acceptable to have suspect morals, and loose respect for the rules. Where unethical behavior was covered up, and stored to be used as a favor down the road.

    Stanley is everything that’s wrong with law enforcement. He dishonored the badge and title he held. What else would you expect from someone who was entitled, enabled, and appeased all his life. He’s been deeply entrenched in the climate and legacy of failure. You can add Stanley ” Da Groper” and cronies to the hall of shame with the administration of his predecessor Bobby “Give me another” Doyle, and Larry “DUI” Smith who left in shame.

    Truth and Justice will come for Stanley and crew. Just like it did for Bobby D and his crew. Like a case of Deja Vu from 2007, the second floor will became a ghost town. The rats will jump ship in June, before they are fired.

    The tyrant world will be obliterated. Stanley will be forced into a geezer farm, where he will pop blue pills and fondle old ladies. Reminiscing (telling lies) about how he saved the Department from the tyranny of Bobby D, how he brought morale back from the brink of death. How he helped the coloreds and women get ahead. Unfortunately, he’ll forget the part of the story (because of dementia) where if you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it.

    Sadly for all the hard working men and women, Stanley repeated all of the same mistakes and made them worse. Stanley has no one to blame except himself and all the yes men and women he promoted. Who could have kept him accountable. Instead it was every man/woman for themselves. That is why everyday when Stanley looks in the mirror he will see his worst enemy.

    Vote for Bianco.

  4. Chad Bianco has gained overwhelming support from all of the “boots on the ground” police officers and sheriff’s deputies throughout Southern California, and in turn, he is gaining overwhelming support from all of the citizens who support their police officers!

    Things are looking very good for Chad Bianco to be elected as the next Sheriff of Riverside County! Soon it will be time to start the rebuilding process to make RSO great again!

    Please remind all of your friends, family members, acquaintances to vote on June 5th and let’s get Chad Bianco elected so we can move forward with new leadership and make the Riverside Sheriff’s Department something to be proud of.

    #Vote Chad Bianco

  5. Hi Guys,

    Sam Metz here. I’m an frequent blog reader and I just started with The Desert Sun several months ago. As I’m sure some of you guys know, newspapers maintain walls between their reporters and opinion sections. Our reporters and our Editorial Board are very separate. We get to sit in the room on the endorsement sessions, but what they do is entirely independent from what our reporters do. I don’t have anything to do with what they write and, I can’t speak for every newspaper around the county, but here I’ve never been asked not to write a story or hold back on reporting the facts.

    I’ve only been working here for three months and have been spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on the politics at play. I am writing this message here to tell everyone that my ears are open and if there’s something you think readers, voters and citizens of Riverside County should know about, don’t hesitate to let me know. I make it a point to respond to all of my emails from people in the area because I want to be accessible. I investigate things day and night but a lot of my best stories have come from relying on people in the community who’ve pointed me in the right direction. I would love to hear more about the cheating scandal or Kevin Duffy or whatever people would like to tell me. I’m a genuinely curious person and you’re welcome to give me feedback on the paper’s coverage (I’ll listen) as well.

    My email address is [email protected] and I can give anyone my office/cell # upon request.

    If you have something really sensitive you can email me at [email protected] with the PGP key 3562 AFF3 4168 7D4C DB84 6987 0A24 3FB5 2AD0 2BE0.

    I met Aaron while covering the GOP Convention and I continue to read this blog because I think the voice it gives people (and everyone’s voice, really) is important.

  6. @Sam Metz, post your number. Some of us don’t want a paper trail for Stanley’s hit squad to use. That’s why we’re on this blog. We want the truth out without fear of retaliation. Go talk to Bianco about what happens when you go against the grain.

  7. @Fly – Jack Duran got elected 100% because of plane ticket debacle with the late rocky rockholm. Were it not for this minor league “scandal” Jack Duran would be living on the same hippie commune as his ideological compatriot from the Truckee Area.

  8. @sammetz- can you ask your employer, the Desert Sun why they turn off the comments when they write articles pro Stan? The latest endorsement article and the “I magically found money for the ccw unit for a month”, both articles had the comment section turned off. If the Desert Sun obviously knows they are going to be slammed with truthful comments bashing the corrupt sheriff (stan sniff) why are they all in? It makes the Desert Sun look as corrupt as stan.

  9. 1. Desert Sun is anti-police
    This is true and its disgusting. Prior to Brett Kelman there was another reporter named Ana Rumer who wrote positive stories about law enforcement. She didnt last long at Desert Sun.

    2. Women Harrassed in RSO
    This must stop. Anything my law office can do , just ask.

    3. John Patrick Dolan
    I spoke against law enforcement officials patronizing his law school while he represents a cop killer who murdered two police officers, grandfather and young mother. The young mother was married to a RSO deputy. Sniff should not step foot on Dolans law school campus or accept one cent from Dolan in campaign contribution funds.

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