May 182018

You have to wonder. When you see the LONG list of RSO Employees who are also donors and then correlate it to management level employees, there seems to be a pattern.

Be it Aaron Kent, Christian Dekker, Jason Huskey, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Leonard “Lenny” Purvis, Undertaker Diyoyo (or his wife) or others… they are all there.

I used to think Jason “Deuce” Horton was #1 on the list, sporting $1650 “donated” over the last few years was tops on the RSO employee donor list.

Joseph Cleary has vaulted himself to the top of the list. Cleary has been an “At Will” Employee of his excellency the Sniffmeister since 2010. Some say Cleary is a nice guy, others think his personality found it’s way to the side of a milk carton “have you seen me”.

According to the department’s information ministry, Cleary was promoted to Chief Deputy in 2010 and then to Ass Sheriff in 2015. Cleary was Promoted to Captain in 2008 and the money started flowing in 2009.

Of particular note is the following:

In November 2015, Sheriff Stan Sniff appointed Assistant Sheriff Cleary to his current rank. In this capacity, he oversees the Department’s Field Operations divisions. These divisions encompass the Sheriff’s patrol stations, contract city policing, narcotics, intelligence, homicide and gang units, search and rescue operations, SWAT, aviation, and Hazardous Device Team.

Did you catch all that?

This means Bob the Bomber Epps committing several potential felonies happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Part of Aaron Kent ripping of $300K in overtime happened on Cleary’s Watch.

Some of Christian Dekker’s worst antics happened on Cleary’s Watch.

The broken equipment at Moreno Valley, Thermal, Palm Desert, Hemet? Yup, Cleary is the Assistant Sheriff in charge of operations.

The Contract City Overtime Ripoffs? At least since November 2015 Cleary has overseen that.

His sphere of operations is of course why Cleary was giving the order to two Chief Deputies to engage in “service club” activity on taxpayer time, it’s his department. At least Cleary appears to understand how to rip the taxpayers off correctly as it seems he never grasped how to deal with corruption in his departments.

This level of incompetence and/or corruption explains why Cleary has infested the second floor for 8 years.

In total, Cleary has been promoted by Sniff 3 times. Special.

My understanding of the extremely broken, overpriced public employee pension system is that Cleary is maxed out as he has already put in his 30 years. The only way Cleary’s Pension will go up is if he replaces Diyoyo or Stan Sniff. This is what cops call motive.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Cleary is in the front of the line for Undersheriff and a potential appointment for a burnt out, wounded Sheriff who is rumored to be looking at retirement regardless of re-election.

But Cleary’s a good guy don’t you know…

To be continued.


  8 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: The $8550 Question. Has Joseph Cleary Advanced His Career Through Donations? Did you know what Cleary is Responsible for?”

  1. If you have to donate money to get promoted, you are a bitch. If you have

  2. This is a very common practice in Mexico. It’s called “ Comprar la plaza”.

  3. We all know that “El Grande Puto” DiYorio is the sadistic asshole pile driving the department into the ground while Sniff is the drunken figurehead groping women in the background. Cleary would be a significant improvement to DiYorio in this regard. Yet will he stand up to Sniff? Likely not as he probably has his eyes on the big prize if Sniff punches out early….let’s hope the voters end that scenario in three weeks.

  4. This guy adds a new meaning to “suck ass”.

    Yes and I’d love to tell him too.

    Bet the POS retires early because of knee injuries.

  5. This isn’t ‘pay to play’ anymore. It’s BRIBERY in its purest form.

  6. It’s like all the admin guys and gals the ROD has been posting pieces on. They earned their degrees on the clock from diploma mills. So, I’m not surprised that it’s a pay for play scheme. Why wouldn’t Cleary, or anyone else under this regime do the same thing. Technically, they’re doing illegal. If the perception looks bad, you shouldn’t do it. It doesn’t help when people who donate are promoted over more qualified candidates. It goes from a perception of wrong doing to a reality.

    Stanley and crew sold out. They lack the ability or qualities to lead. Somewhere on their path they forgot to keep themselves accountable. Not just for themselves, but for the public they serve. Instead they became a stagnant pool of failure and cover up.

    No one had the courage to stand up to Stanley and his goons. Then came Chad Bianco. He ran head first into the fire. It was at a great cost to himself and his family, but he stood up for what was right. So, I ask all you RSO Deputies, Corrections and sworn who read this blog to stand up. Show Bianco he’s not alone. Get out and tell everyone to read this blog, so they can read the truth about Stanley and crew. We know the local press won’t tell them, but ROD will. Tell them to blast social media sites with this information. Then get out and vote for Bianco.

    I’ll leave you with this passage form the Bible. Stay safe and watch your six.

    Proverbs 10:9-Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

  7. Buying your way to the top of the ladder is just as bad as sleeping your way there. In both instances, you’re selling yourself to get ahead. Amazing these people can look themselves in the mirror.

    There needs to be internal transparency on these donations and no correlation to rising up the ranks. Although it’s legal to donate to a political cause, there should be no preferential treatment behind it. It’s obvious the more you pay, the longer you play and get a seat at the round table. It’s akin to taking a donation from a construction company, and, after you’re in office, providing that company exclusives rights to build (the new, unused jail, anyone?).

    The department’s incestuous ways need to stop or this department will never change. It’s good ROD has brought this to light so those who didn’t know now do. Now that you have the information, get out and vote for the true choice this department needs.

    A new sheriff can only do so much but voting for a new one is a great start. Supporting one another is another.


  8. It was President John Quincy Adams who said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader of men,” But Stan and his band of assassins don’t care about inspiring free thinkers within the Department because it threatens his position. So he exerts his energy by subjugating the rest of us through threats, fear and intimidation. Stan Sniff always talked about transparency, but never really meant it. And his “Undertaker” (DiYorio) has no compassion for his fellow man. If those on the second floor showed good will toward their fellow man, than maybe they would have received kindness in return, and Aaron Park would be out of a job. We have a tough enough job as it is, and if that staff member that is shown compassion takes advantage of it, that’s on him, and not on the Division Chief that showed grace. We need an executive staff that leads by example, with honor, dignity, respect, and humility, and not one that only cares about,”What’s in it for me.”

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