May 302018

There is this thing called a ballot statement. They are permanent public record and go out to every registered voter in an election. An incumbent would do well to remember what he wrote in his own ballot statement.

In 2014, “I have raised the morale of deputies who protect our neighborhoods …”

There are some other whoppers about dealing with overcrowded jails and keeping control of tax dollars (you know, those outrageous maintenance contracts, abuses of overtime, etc etc etc)

The special one is improving the professionalism of our deputies… Pelato using the N-Word, Cornett’s Crime Scene Tattoo, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood’s skull tattoos, Huizinga drop-firing his gun at the gas pump, cheating on advancement exams are just a few of the things I think about when I hear professionalism and Stan Sniff’s RSO.

Have a look at Sniffy’s 2010 Ballot Statement as snagged from a web archive:

Since I was appointed Riverside County Sheriff in 2007, I have been working to increase public safety by investing tax dollars wisely. Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Department has maintained a balanced budget and kept the county safe through tough, innovative crime fighting techniques.
I have increased staffing levels, reduced overtime and lowered crime despite across-the
board budget cutbacks. I have raised the morale of the deputies who protect our neighborhoods. Weve also improved patrol service levels and reduced our response times.
As a result, we have caught and incarcerated violent and serious felons, cracked down on
gang and gun violence, and protected neighborhoods from drug dealers and quality of life crimes.
Under my guidance, the Sheriff’s Department has become more accessible to all Riverside County residents and improved the language proficiency and educational levels for deputies throughout the department.
I have also worked to improve cultural sensitivity for all staff and deputies and created a Tribal Liaison Unit to improve policing among the 12 tribal communities in Riverside County.
My leadership as your Sheriff is supported by every one of our police chiefs and by community leaders all across Riverside County.
As a retired Colonel in the Army Reserve, with 34 years of law enforcement experience and a strong record on behalf of crime victims, I would be honored to have your vote.
You can use Sniff’s two ballot statements as a thesis for failure. Crime is up. Equipment is dilapidated. 250 Deputies have fled since 1/1/2017. The new Jail is mostly empty. And on and on it goes.
But the most important statement about Morale just happened in a recent 2018 Article:
“I think the morale thing is typical nonsense that comes out election time,” said Sniff about his opponents. “When you don’t have anything else to run on, you talk about morale.”
Interesting times, huh?
P.S. I have been told by sources that Sniff has had Admin Block from department computers through an internet block protocol. Looks like people are using their phones because the traffic continues to shatter records.

  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: That Time When Stan Sniff Campaigned on Department Morale. Twice. 2010 and 2014. Now, in 2018 it does not matter…”

  1. My how times have changed. While it may have once been true that he was supported by all Chiefs of Police and community leaders is that the case now? His last mailer only showed people with (Ret) after their title and not one current Riverside County Chief. Two Supervisors have called for his head and one accused him openly of “blowing smoke”. I think Tuesday is going to be a rude wake up call for the Second Floor.

  2. Stan Sniff is a flat out LIAR who cannot be trusted. All of his bullshit lines are just that, complete bullshit!! His explanations about how the contract city prices are obtained and how those dollars are spent are a bunch of lies. He knows that no one knows the truth except him and his minions, so the public can’t dispute his bullshit. Those who do know the truthful details are afraid to tell what the truth is because Sniff will axe them.

    The only reasonable solution is to remove him from office, and do it immediately!

  3. A politician through and through, eh, Sniffcompoop? How can you boast being responsible for uplifting our morale when you don’t even pay attention to us?

    I remember you coming to my station and you were walking with someone. I got out of my chair, acknowledged you, and extended my hand. While you continued talking to whoever, you automatically extended your hand and gave a lame shake ALL THE WHISLT YOU CONTINUED TALKING AND NOT MAKING ANY EYE CONTACT WITH ME. Then you walked on.

    This is an example of how you treat your troops. With indifference. With disdain. Like children who are only seen but not heard.

    Keep your friends in low places, Sniff. They’re all you’ll have left when this election is over.

    Enjoy the goat tacos.




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