May 162018

We’ve written extensively about Stan Sniff and crew hosing contract cities. We’ve detailed Palm Desert, Moreno Valley and Thermal Station in particular gaming their schedules to burn off un-used overtime hours so they don’t have to refund contract cities that money. It is a time honored tradition.

It is made even more absurd by the outrageous condition of equipment all over the Sheriff’s Department. The embedded photo is another rusted out car in service at Lake Elsinore Station.

So, the contract cities get a compounded rate increase of over 12% from FY 2017 – FY 2019 in exchange for stations mis-allocating man hours due to incompetence and cover-up (ahem) and rusty cars! What a deal!

It makes me wonder what is behind door #2.

Linked is another limp-wristed article from a local media source.

Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff announced today that the rates charged to 17 cities that contract with the county for law enforcement services will not jump as high as expected, despite mounting cost pressures.

According to a statement released by the sheriff’s executive staff, the anticipated rate adjustment is 6.65 percent, instead of the 8-10 percent increase that officials previously thought likely.

YIPEE. But wait – there’s more…

The rate was hiked last year by 5.14 percent, bringing the hourly cost of a patrol deputy to $168.45 per hour in the municipalities served by the sheriff’s department.

Only the city of Moreno Valley openly protested the upward revision to the rate schedule in 2017. In 2015, a 7 percent hike prompted an outcry from elected and non-elected officials from Indian Wells, Lake Elsinore, Moreno Valley, Palm Desert and Temecula, who challenged the justification for such a significant adjustment. They protested that law enforcement expenses were draining their budgets and should be capped.

Those cities are right to be upset, but for the wrong reasons. Let’s start with the dilapidated equipment, managerial incompetence, book-cooking, overtime ripoffs, corruption and myriad cover-ups. The contract cities should file a class-action lawsuit against Stan Sniff for what he has done to them.

The article concludes with a bunch of Stan Sniff’s talking points and similar to the Desert Sun and Press-Enterprise makes no mention of Sniff’s challengers in the article. (The Sun and the P-E usually throw away one sentence after using a few paragrpahs of pablum talking points)

Perhaps this is why this blog is pushing 750,000 hits since the first of the year. People want to get news from somewhere. Leave it to this “Biased Blogger” to do the job of the so-called media for them.

  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Only in the World of Stan Sniff is a 6.65% Rate Increase after a 5.14% Rate Increase a Good Thing! (Contract Cities Get Hosed Again)”

  1. It always amazes me that the contract cities don’t see the pattern of the spikes in the amount of contract overtime being used toward the end of each fiscal year. Of course, Sniff’s excuse for this year will be, “Nonsense, it’s all false accusations because it’s an election year.” All the city leaders need to do is demand to see the books and compare the amount of hours used each month, they can’t help but to see the huge spikes, especially if they when they see what the month of June brings (the last month of the fiscal year).

    As a citizen/taxpayer of a contract city, I am appalled at the mismanagement I see and I expect more oversight from my city leaders. I do realize that Stan Sniff makes it nearly impossible for them to access the truthful information and he always has a nice little deceitful song and dance of rhetoric for them to hear while he plays his Jedi mind trick on them.

    What all of us need is a new Sheriff who is honest and is a man of solid integrity. A man who will work together with the city leaders and the Board of Supervisors, instead of always working against them. Chad Bianco is that man! Please get out and vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!

  2. Stan Sniff is a bitch. He says that the rates have increased because of deputy salaries. What a bunch of bull shit. In 2010 deputies union was imposed upon. Once the imposition was over, deputies took a 9% raise for paying 9% cal pers retirement. Top step deputies were given a step 13 and 14, each being about a 2.71% raise. So, since the imposed termed in 2010, deputies have received less than 1% per year, even though he goes around saying we’ve had a 20% raise. This is bullshit. Furthermore, with the current imposed terms, deputies need to work 84 hours before they get overtime. The county also imposed rules that charge deputies to park at some stations. Seriously, you are charging deputies to park, so they can go to fucken work. Our current admin licks balls. PLEASE VOTE FOR BIANCO. From a deputy

  3. Ever the politician, Sniff loves to play that financial shell game to syphon more funds from the taxpayers. No new hires, no real pay raises, and practically no overtime and yet the sheriff cries for more funds and allows his men and women to do with so little?

    Yet who has the latest cell gadgets and tablets? Who drives clean and newer cars? Who swindles the taxpayers by allowing his staff to attend political functions on the county dime?

    New leadership is needed! This administration are in it for themselves and their cronies. Screwing the taxpayers and the rank and file is all they are good for.

    I can’t wait for Sniff and his marionettes leave.

  4. Trust me I am no fan of the 2nd floor admin, and for the life of me don’t see the cost per deputy to be that high. A top step deputy earns a quarter of that cost. I know benefits are costly but the employees pay a high rate compared to other jobs and counties. Some of the reasons benefits cost so much is retirees are lumped into the plan. The plans need to be split and someone with a brain need to do the insurance plan shopping because we take in the shorts for cost. You would think a mass purchase of insurance would get a good rate it doesn’t. The other cost issue for things is fleet services the contract city gets hit for vehicle costs. Lose that over priced service and it would help. But with all the employees paying their 9 percent of the retirement there should be a savings because they aren’t paying ahead on the retirement costs. KPMG should have seen some answer to cost reductions for the 42 million they were paid but if you google them you will see they have been sued over all sorts of stuff so who got the kick back from hiring those crooks.

  5. The KPMG audit has been marginally effective due to withering resistence by Sniff and his butt monkies in floor 2

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