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Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor. (Such as the kind of employees Sniff’s family utilized on their date farm)

It is 2018 and Sniff’s edict is still in place.

Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff has suspended his office’s participation in a federal program aimed at identifying undocumented-immigrant jail inmates until he finishes a complete review of the policy.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s 287g program trains sheriff’s deputies in three dozen departments nationwide on how to determine whether inmates may be in the country illegally, by asking questions about birthplaces and other background information. ICE agents then make further queries.

This is according to an article from Inland Congregations United for Change. They are a leftist faith-based group. Interestingly, Stan Sniff is a reputed Athiest and this is about the only example I’ve been able to find of the Sheriff interacting with the Faith Community. (other than wearing a Sikh Turban as necessary to get campaign checks) It is no accident that the interaction is with a leftist open borders activist group.

Inmates found to be living in the country illegally are held for possible deportation after they leave jail.

Immigration activists have been lobbying Sniff for months to pull the department out of the program. Sniff first announced at a June 9 (2013) immigration forum at a Riverside church that he was considering whether to end the county’s involvement.

The county has six deputies trained under 287g, Assistant Sheriff Steve Thetford said. As of July 22, they are no longer interviewing inmates, pending a final decision on the program, he said.

Sniff did indeed terminate the agreement in 2014.  Then, the article gets better:

Andy Ramirez, president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, which supports increased immigration-law enforcement, said he was surprised by Sniff’s decision to suspend participation in 287g.

“I think it’s an effective program,” said Ramirez, a Chino resident. “It’s doing its job.”

Ramirez said there’s no reason for Sniff to study the program.

“What’s there to review?” he asked. “We need to get criminals off the street.”

Ramirez and Dolores both said Sniff’s decision may have been motivated in part by the 2014 elections.

Enter the ACLU, praising Riverside County for Stiffing ICE.

Several other municipalities across the state, including San Bernardino and Riverside counties, terminated their 287(g) agreements last year, after a federal district court in Oregon found a county liable for detaining a woman at ICE’s request.

This decision by Stan Sniff is beyond irresponsible. He is consistently complaining about his budget. Riverside County has one of the highest, and in some years the highest number of “Fed Kicks” out of its, small and in some cases un-staffed jails. Given that illegal aliens are a disproportionate part of the prison population – Sniff has made the “Fed-Kick” problem worse with his decision.

How much worse? Consider these statistics from before Sniff caved to the ACLU and open-borders activists:

Over 10,000 illegals were identified between 2008-2012. Add in another 2700 that were deported and came back. That is almost 2 1/2 times the existing jail space in Riverside County.

In the meantime – Sniff threatens repeatedly to leave the jails un-staffed, while his policies are making the overcrowding and “fed-kick” problem worse.

Stan Sniff is unfit for office. To be continued…

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  1. Geronimo is shady ass dude. No wonder he’s hanging around these people. He’s needs tenants for his rat holes. Old timers he worked with say he was dirty and they didn’t trust him.

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