May 092018

Pictured: Sgt. Jeronimo Contrares taking a break from screwing over RSO employees to pose for a photo with a prominent local illegal alien’s rights activist Nancy Gonzales. She is a chapter president of Lideras Campesinas, one of the leading lobby groups advocating for illegal alien farm labor. (Such as the kind of employees Sniff’s family utilized on their date farm)

Many of you remember the famous Arizona Immigration Law passed sometime ago that the Supreme Court ended up gutting. Long before the left won their Judicial victory (establishing legal precedent to gut California’s Sanctuary State), Sniff took a side. He sided with the ACLU, MEChA and the extreme left wing

Instead of cooperating with ICE, Sniff said the following:

The most overriding concern we have is the “Chilling Effect’ on crime victims coming forward…

This is a cowardly excuse to take the side of extreme left wing open borders activists.

In the 1980’s when immigration laws were still somewhat enforced, illegal aliens were frequently taken advantage of and still would never come forward for fear of deportation. Sniff’s position is consistent with every left-wing Sheriff out there.

The smokescreen of not doing the Fed’s job is absurd. The Feds don’t patrol the streets and in most law-abiding states and counties the day-to-day officers / deputies are the first response.

Given that a large amount of the prison population and a disproportionally large amount of offenders are illegal, you’d think someone serious about reducing crime would participate and cooperate with ICE. Not Stan Sniff.

Sniff whines about his budget, fed-kicks and empty jail space, yet one of the main things he could be doing to deal with some of those problems he refuses to, choosing to pander to the extreme left and against American Citizens.

Lastly, the concept of Community Oriented Policing is another filed left-wing social experiment. Community Oriented Policing is a grant program created under the Clinton Administration (before the Republicans took control of the House in 1994) that was in a package of bills including the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”.

I do take note that once again, the lack of personal core convictions is coming out of Stan Sniff. I can only draw the conclusion that he has his hand out for grant money and is using the buzzwords to this day in order to get more. He’d scream deport them all if he thought that would profit the department, law enforcement principles be dammed.

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  5 Responses to “#SANCTUARYSTAN Stan Sniff: Arizona Immigration Law has “Chilling Effect””

  1. Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz adopted this same philosophy of catch and release. He ordered his officers to NOT contact ICE if they encountered undocumented immigrants/illegals because he felt they would be helpful in making other arrests as wee as help avoid wasting his officer’s time in having to contact ICE. Note: Chief Diaz entered the U.S. as an unattended minor. Source: His bio

  2. Sniff’s stance goes where the political wind blows and it is not always to his citizen’s benefit. Immigration, anchor babies, and criminals who enter and slither back to avoid capture are issues we all must deal with. Too bad Sniff isn’t as tough as he was back in the 70’s. We could sure use a sheriff who will enforce the laws and assist other entities to rid our county of these leeches.

    Don’t know what Bianco’s stance on this issue is but having him as our sheriff would sure boost morale and give us some hope.


  3. These are the only type of groups allowed in the Thermal Station Sheriffs Community Room. My group was not allowed to use the room.

    Even after we obtained our 501c3 status.

    The reasons are what is cited in the above blog.

    Sniff panders to extreme liberal agendas focused on free grant funds for such groups.

    Coachella Valley Youth Leadership is a prime example. They were not even a non profit, just friends of local politicians and friends of local gang members. Its no secret. It well known.
    Coachella PD gave then special treatment, link to their FB

    Trinidad Arrendando and Rudy Guiterrez.

    Myself and my group in Coachella were not only excluded from the Thermal Station Community Room but from a ride a long. I was banned by Coachella PD from ride a longs, too. While left wing groups tied to local politicians got special visits from Coachella PD , ride a longs, use of the community room, parties and so on.

    We taught “life” skills to succeed, they taught that police are racists and that all that is needed to succeed is welfare money. Thermal Station and these groups are totally in bed together. Special attention, hanging out in the bars together in the area, parties in the Coachella City hall facilities and so on.

    Coachella East Rotary is another one of the shady groups, that were in bed with Thermal Station and the local officials. Hang out at bars, party in City Hall, privileges to use of Sheriffs Station community room. Former Mayor Many Rios (endorses Sheriff Sniff over Chad Bianco); Mark Weber (economic director, criminal record for fraudulent checks); Tony Lucero (former city engineer criminal record for some kid of disorderly conduct or reckless driving; a few businessmen associated with various fraud issues. The group was supported by Coachella PD’

    This CVYL group also got $100,000 in grant money then more and more each year after.
    Coachella East Rotary gets an entire patrol shift sized group to support their club. Helps them get prestige, special access and money (help with fundraising , not known where the money really even goes anyway) . They teach school children that police are racists. They eat that up in the east valley and Thermal Station was so in bed with them helping them because that’s what gets you popular and well connected.

    We wanted to do a Neighborhood “National Night Out”. I obtained the permission from national Night Out for my non profit to do this, we had community and church support. City and Thermal station said no, actually more like hell no. This is why:

    March Against Violence- Coachella gave $15,000 to gang members (supposedly former gang members but who knows), to march in Coachella against violence. Accompanied by Coachella’s finest– Thermal command. They chose to march in the end of spring at 2;00pm on a 100 plus temp. day in the desert. That’s what tweakers do, they looked high to me. Tweekers paid $15,000 by the city out of the general fund to march with sheriffs. Total b.s. just meant to funnel money from the city to gangs under the cover of fighting gangs. A joke.

    Honest, law abiding citizens cannot take a stand up against violence. Instead, gang bangers, tweakers, and shady types get funneled money for scam anti-gang projects.

    Sniff is fully behind it because he is a liberal politician. Thermal Command follows suit.

    While our group of honest, unpaid volunteers got thrown out of public facilities, denied use of Thermal station community room and the cold shoulder by Coachella PD command.

  4. Here is a comment posted just now by a member of the Coachella Valley Youth Leadership, that anti police group that Thermal Station (Coachella PD specifically) supported by Coachella PD command only because they are so “politically connected” and can help with an assignment to a better position inCoachella . ( I will not give name of the person in command who did this I dont feel its my place to put names of sheriffs our there in public)

    (Police) such assholes. They want the public to trust and respect them, how can we…Joe P.

  5. * Coachella Valley Youth Leadership is anti-police and teaches school children that police are racists

    Dont want the comments confused with Coachella East Rotary, the paragraphs merged

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