Apr 212018

Now that Stan Sniff is being publicly railed for his role in decimating morale, some things are happening.

One example is that in 2017 he personally mixed the idea of adding Load Bearing Vests in to the mix of approved uniforms, mostly because it was not HIS idea. There is no other logical explanation for why something so common sense would be resisted by Sniff.

Load Bearing Vests are proven to reduce wear and tear on the backs of those that wear them.

However, undaunted, Sniff had to make sure he left his mark on the new uniform.

Have a close look (BTW, I feel really sorry for the deputy in the photos) at the wool pants that are intended for use by deputies in the Palm Desert. (Think 115 high temps)

Have a second look at the three layers that this “New” uniform involves.

This is truly the brainchild of a man who has not been on patrol since the 1970’s. Considering that Sniff avoided serving in Vietnam while building a resume, he has no field military service to draw from either. #EPICFAIL

  3 Responses to “Weekend Fun! New Uniforms? Stan Sniff is stuck in the 1970’s?”

  1. Wow….. Sniffer ( that’s his name known with the people from the underworld since he’s very well known for brokering protection deals with high-risk businessmen with lots of aspirations) especially los Mexicanos del Sur. He needs to learn from Corona PD., maybe someone should set up a meeting with Jerry Rodriguez to update Sniffer on 2018 police uniforms.

  2. Unreal. Take a moment while you are out and about and look at other police/deputy uniforms. They are lighter and cooler. Note to Sniff, Newsflash: there is new breathable fabric for your department uniforms. You would have to acknowledge their exsistence, maybe even speak with them… I know, I know no one under the rank of Chief is allowed to even say hello to you. Pretend like you care….

  3. Who is the fat bald model? Poor bastard!

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