Apr 192018

AB 3026 was a common sense bill that would have standardized the CCW Process statewide. It was quite simple, it stated that once you pass the background check, do your weapons training and qualify with your weapon that you’d be approved for a CCW Permit.

Melendez cited in the hearing that Sacramento County (1.1 Million People) approved 9,600 CCW Permits last year. She also cited that San Francisco County (About 750,000 people) approved just 4.

The goal was to take the arbitrary nature out of CCW permits. Riverside County, with a Population over Double that of Sacramento County issued just 2,400.

You’d think he would support such a common sense bill brought by a local legislator. I’d heard through the grapevine that he does not like Jeff Stone very much after Stone made public comments about the budget. It appeared that Melissa Melendez would have been received better and was abandoned by her own Sheriff… as were the Gun Owners of Riverside County and the NRA.



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