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A couple months ago, we highlighted the Smog Check Fraud complaint that beset Mohammad Ali Mazarei via one of his businesses. The machinations surrounding that case have been the stuff of legend. The most important part (at least to me) was that Mohammad wrote up a legal demand letter (full of typos, prose clearly in his voice) signed by a very young attorney friend, then it was distributed by several local Republican leaders and electeds in an attempt to intimidate your intrepid blogger.

Since then, I have been doing research on Mohammad Ali Mazarei. Thanks to a confidential informant, I have gotten context for several items I found.

Why does Mohammad Ali Mazarei Matter? He has donated over $52,000 to Stan Sniff over the years and recently held a fundraiser for the Sheriff at his lavish residence. Stan Sniff would do well to disassociate himself, but was recently at a friends of the NRA (but not CCW applicants) dinner with Mazarei.

Embedded is a link to a group that Mohammad Ali Mazarei is a part of, Mohammad Ali is Persian. Mohammad claims to be patriotic to America yet here he is in this group. There are others that he is a part of as well.

Embedded as well is a $726 Tax Lien by the County of Riverside against Mr. Mazarei (Arco Travelzone). You’d think a guy that can give Sheriff Stan Sniff $52K+ could pay his bills?

There was a second lien, but that one had been paid at some point.

In addition, we found a lawsuit filed against Mohammad Ali Mazarei by a bank. The lawsuit was in the amount of $15,051.01

It appears from reading the text of the lawsuit that Mr. Mazarei (ahem via business entities) was looking at starting up a Baja Fresh Mex Franchise. He was well in to the process and decided to withdraw. It looks like he paid only $2K of the $17K related to startup costs and the bank he left holding the bag sued him via several business entities for breach of contract.

You can read the entire lawsuit document here.

You will note that the AM/PM Travelzone that is also the subject of the current Smog Check Fraud investigation is central in this lawsuit.

Now we have a pattern, a rich dude not paying his bills. By virtue of the pattern we are learning about, either he is not rich or he has ethical issues. What is Mazarei getting by donating all that money to Stan Sniff?

This brings us to another gem. Mohammad Ali Mazarei is suing the Perris Chamber of Commerce. Apparently the hearing for the small claims court lawsuit was on 4/2/2018.

Mohammad Ali is suing them Pro-Per, meaning he is either too cheap to pay for an attorney or he can not afford an attorney. I’ve known about this lawsuit for some time, but had to wait until recently for the story behind it.

The jist of the story is Mohammad Ali Mazarei via his business entities has donated some combined $9600 to the Perris Chamber of Commerce. There was some sort of argument / disagreement that resulted on Ali Mazarei no longer being on their board of directors / committees / etc. Apparently, the situation got so bad that Mazarei is persona non grata in significant parts of that area’s business community. Once Mazarei lost the votes / arguments, he then started demanding all the money he had donated to the chamber of commerce back (regardless of how long ago it was).

Similar to his misguided belief that stringing up his former employee Walter Cole would somehow absolve him and his business of culpability in the Smog Check Caper, he believes that he can sue the Perris Chamber of Commerce and demand all the donations back because he is no longer at the cool kids table.

This should tell the Riverside County Republican Party, the Riverside County Lincoln Club and Stan Sniff what they are in for if they dare disagree with Mazarei. Having been threatened by this guy myself, it is clear that Mazarei is a bully, has a limited grasp on the American legal system at best and is not a healthy addition to any team. If I was part of any Republican organization that Mazarei was a part of, I’d separate myself as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Stan Sniff – Mohammad Ali Mazarei and he are fully invested in each other and Mohammad Ali is the gift that keeps on giving to Stan Sniff… (Pictured 3/18/2018 at an event)

To be continued.

  4 Responses to “Stan Sniff Major Donor Mohammad Ali Mazarei Has a Lot to Explain: Lawsuits, Liens, and…”

  1. Mazarei is nothing but a bully that uses his (his wife’s) money to get into circles so he can feel important. His narcissistic ego is matched only by his BFF Stanley. He believes that if he yells loud enough or threatens enough, people will just bow to him. Speaking of Walter Cole, how much longer is Mazarei going to keep his tools??? I’ve been told by several people that Cole is being prevented from retrieving his tools from Mazarei’s corrupt closed business. Why purpose does this serve? It’s no different than Stanley keeping retirement badges from dedicated employees. It’s because they are butt hurt narcissists that believe they control the world. Ass Hat Stanley has even yelled at his chiefs saying “this is My Department.” I wonder what these two clowns, Mazarei and Stanley, are going to do with a real Sheriff in office?

  2. Money doesn’t buy class, just ccw’s for you and your employees apparently….no long wait for Ali and friends, that’s what 52k gets you.

  3. Wow… So the 400 pound elephant can’t pay his tax lien, but he has no issues giving money to Stan Sniffer. My take is it’s not his money. I get the impression he may be a runner for Sniffer to go collect his monthly quotas of high-risk businessmen ( who launder money for the Cartel) whom Sniffer provides cover up protection and those quotas are given to the 400 pound elephant to act as if it was his money being donated to the morally corrupt of Sniffer…

  4. It’s funny how we deputies were criticized for our choice of friends. Some punished and transferred, some removed from teaching RCC college academy classes. There are some who didn’t receive retirement badges. Our poor choice of a friend was Chad Bianco a role model deputy, mentor to the line staff. Someone with morals and no criminal history. Why the double standards? Ali is a person with criminal charges in his history and this is a FOS the head of the department!

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