Apr 042018

Immigration became the Number One issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The Left did the usual scream racism and the right did the usual “What about the law”.

IN 2012, Sheriff Stan Sniff did the usual… It’s all the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s Fault routine. As usual, any time a tough issue comes up, the Sheriff defaulted to the budget defense in order to side once again with the ACLU.

The ACLU has long believed that anyone has a right to be in the USA at any time and any attempts to enforce immigration law are wrong. Apparently, the Sheriff decided in 2012, that he agrees with the ACLU.

Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff said the contentious issue of immigration holds on people suspected of minor crimes is irrelevant in the county because overcrowding means there is no space to detain them.

Immigration-rights groups have long pushed for measures to block holds on low-level offenders. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests 48 hour holds on inmates believed to be illegal immigrants, so ICE can decide whether to initiate deportation proceedings against them once they’re released.

Right on script. Then we get a compound excuse…

Sniff said he and other sheriffs prefer not to hold minor offenders for possible deportation.

“We don’t view ourselves as enforcers of immigration law,” he said.

Sniff said he, other sheriffs, Gov. Jerry Brown and ICE Director John Morton met for several hours Dec. 6 to discuss several issues. Immigration holds consumed much of the time, he said.

So which is it Sheriff? Is it the budget’s fault or is it really a case of not wanting to be bothered?

Then we repeat the theme in 2015:

The county’s largest police agency — and operator of all the county’s jails — has agreed to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials of the impending release of jailed non-U.S. citizens.

But the Sheriff’s Department is rejecting ICE’s request to detain jailed immigrants for up to 48 hours beyond their scheduled release date.

So the Sheriff doubles down in 2015. This means unless ICE is able to get to the jail the day of the release, that the Illegal Alien is allowed to slip back in to society, in some cases with devastating results:

Yet, refusal to cooperate with ICE also is controversial, particularly in the wake of several high-profile cases. In San Francisco, for example, a recently released jail inmate — with five prior deportations — was charged with fatally shooting a woman walking on a city pier.

Violent Crime went up 22% in Riverside County from 2015-2016. You’d think the Sheriff would be aware of this fact before making knee-jerk blame-the-budget decisions that imperil public safety.

Or perhaps his pattern of siding with the ACLU over his officers, leaving jail beds un-staffed (adding to early releases), endorsing Soft-on-Crime Liberal Democrats and the like is not an accident after all?

P.S. In keeping with the time-honored tradition of Catch-and-Release Sheriff Sniff Press Releases is this Gem from a Hemet Eye News Article that references Mr. Sniff’s refusal to hold detainees for ICE:

View the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s press release regarding the ICE Priority Enforcement Program (PEP): http://www.riversidesheriff.org/press/admin15-1001.asp

Were it not for doing some extensive research on the Sheriff, we might have missed this. That’s three Press Releases and Counting that have disappeared. Perhaps the Sheriff is flip-flopping now that President Trump is in office? (I won’t even ask who the Sheriff voted for in 2016…)

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