Apr 042018

With California’s Sanctuary State in the Cross-hairs, you will be appalled to learn that Sheriff Stan Sniff has had a non-cooperation policy in force for years.

Check out a sampling of stories going on under the watch of Stan Sniff:

The first example I can think of was a 30’s male who had just been released from a 2 year sentence for sodomy and soliciting a minor (15yrs old) male juvenile. Was supposed to check in within 5 days of release. I finally tracked him down through an emergency contact and advised them that he would have to come in and register. By the time he had come in to register he was 9 days overdue. When I asked my supervision if we could have an investigator make the arrest for failure to register as a sex offender, I was met with resistance because we are “short staffed”. (some crap about wanting to give “every opportunity” to allow 290s to be in compliance.) This posture goes against the stated no tolerance policy and common sense. Once he did come in to register through my interview it came to light that he was here illegally. When I asked my supervision again about arrest (not for illegal status but for 290 violation with the added benefit of sending him back to jail to hopefully be deported this time, since apparently our jails don’t care…) I was told to contact border patrol and let them know of his address but not to identify myself as RSO since we are not supposed to work with federal authorities when it comes to illegal immigrants.

Got it? So the “No Tolerance” policy against sex offenders is pure BS. The station Captains are spouting the same budget excuse garbage the Sheriff is AND they are refusing to cooperate with federal authorities long before the unconstitutional sanctuary state law.

How about this one? A 30’s male who had been charged with sexual abuse against his 11 year old step daughter came in to register his new address in our jurisdiction from cat city. the ID he brought in was his green card that had expired. When I asked him if he knew he was in the country illegally he said he knew but also knew that unless he “did something really bad” he wouldn’t be deportedWhen I contacted his probation officer and told her this, she said that they had been told by their supervision that they cannot do anything about someones immigration status and that I should be careful because she had one of her probation co-workers disciplined for trying. I again asked my supervision about what can be done. I was told that since he has not violated any 290 statute just to register him because its not our problem.

If anyone has any question why Immigration is such a hot button issue, keep reading. Also take note of the social justice warrior probation officer referenced in the second anecdote.

A 60’s male who came in to register (for 314) new address from Washington state. Upon doing the usual inquiries I saw that he was charged with 2nd degree murder (upon further investigation he strangled a homosexual male who came on to him and solicited him for sex) in Washington and had done 18 years. He moved into our jurisdiction and at first could not provide any ID. I told him that I would need some sort of government ID to register him and he told me that he had registered in Washington for quite a while without one. I asked him why he didn’t have an ID and he would not answer, upon further digging and pressing he told me that he was brought to this country when he was 9-10 yrs old and was not part of DACA. He was confident that this wasn’t a problem. I again asked my supervision and they told me that he should go get a CAL-ID and then we can register him so at least we know where he is even if we cant deport him.

Why do we have laws if Sheriff Sniff won’t enforce them? Cops pulling guns on people, getting their jobs back after using excessive force, running red lights and getting sued, falsifying time cards, cheating, lying, stealing, having sex with informants, having sex on duty, drinking on duty, getting away with DUI’s, misappropriating government funds, falsifying paperwork, on and on and on.

All this and Sheriff Sniff’s donors are an all star team of the civil and penal code violations.

I may be from the simpler part of California, but even us Northerners know what corruption looks like: Stan Sniff. What a legacy this Sheriff has.

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  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff and the ACLU Part 2: Refuses to Hand Over Illegal Alien Sex Offenders to ICE”

  1. What is it about Sniff and his kid-glove approach to dealing with sex offenders? I’ve been told that Sniff never had kids. Maybe this is why he can’t relate to the fear and anger parents experience when their children are sexually violated. Regardless, Sniff sure seems to have a horrible record on or even a soft spot for child sex offenders.

    We must demand that Sniff either resign or use the authority given him by the voters and crack down on these registered pedophiles and violent sexual criminals.

    Anything less is a slap in the face of voters by Sniff who continues to abandon our children and neighbors, placing them at increased risk of sexual assault.

  2. Yes, Joseph. Sniff never wanted to have children because they were in obstacle to his political career.

  3. Sniff has no children of his own, no fulfilling relationships, no REAL friends, no life other than politics and his hunger and thirst for power.

    Much like the psychopath Lyndon Ray Wood, the chief deputy that Sniff promoted who has several tattoos of skulls that signify all the people he has shot and killed while on duty. truly a sick minded individual.

    The bright side of them not procreating is that they won’t pollute the earth with any more of their mentally diseased genes. Thank God!

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