Apr 192018

As expected, there was little or no follow up from the local media about the unbelievable serial child molester Kevin Duffy. The original source, KMIR did have an Amy Murray on for an interview.

KMIR is dead-bang right on in their pursuit of this bombshell. We learned here some deeply disturbing details about the extent of Duffy’s sickness and the sickness of Stan Sniff’s cover up of the entire saga.

Amy Murray (who now has a new married last name) is a character that is apparently well-known in local circles and not in a good way. Quoting a confidential informant:

Amy Murray who’s on the video concerned her son might have been assaulted by Duffy…..has 2 sons and a daughter who work in the porn industry.  She’s a proud mother of these young adults.  She allowed Eddie George/Hemet News, a flunky, white trash self proclaimed news reporter to air one of her daughter’s video’s giving a man a blow job.  Proud mother was sitting in the background smiling.  I saw the video in living color.   It made quite a stir in Hemet.  George is the idiot that Dave Brown allowed to chase fire, police and ambulances for news until they became a liability.

Dave Brown? What did he know and when did he know it?

It is a well-known fact that children who are molested are as much as 7 times more likely to become gay and most ultimately end up being promiscuous as adults. Did Kevin Duffy molest Murray’s Son(s) and did that play a role in them becoming porn stars? Most male porn stars get their start in gay porn before they do hetero porn.

Just like with Walter Cole, the employee of Mohammad Ali Mazarei (Sniff’s 2nd largest donor) who was rigging smog checks, his guilt or innocence has no bearing on Mohammad’s part in the caper. Similarly, It is possible to rape or molest a porn star.

However, there should be cause for concern with Murray. What kind of mother would participate in filming her daughter performing oral sex on camera. Someone who has a pathological need for attention? Is she proud of her kids being porn stars? Does she even care about her kids at all (unless they bring her attention)?

This is where Dave Brown comes in (again):

Amy Murray was also living with a Christopher Walker, a Hemet real estate broker who was a mover and shaker in fighting the crime and blight in Hemet.  Murray worked with him.

Chris was alleged to have committed suicide in his home with Amy in the next room.  She claimed he was taking drugs and had been drinking heavily all evening and they had been fighting.  She said he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s but his sister didn’t know this.  It all happened around 3 a.m. By 7 a.m. Murray had a trailer at his home stealing ALL of his personal effects and valuables from the home.  Even took his car, claiming they were engaged and she was entitled to these things. 

That same morning, before the ‘suicide’ hit the streets, Murray was writing on FB details about the incident and whining ‘oh Chris, how could you do this to us” at the hospital with him when they called his death, …blah blah blah.  It was very clear to us that she was establishing an alibi. And this went on for weeks.  [Hemet] PD would not look into our scenario inasmuch as the sister asked me to send the info I had to the detective.  I was ignored by Hemet Police Department

Dave Brown was in senior leadership of Hemet PD at the time and had knowledge of this case. Is this sort of indifference what we can expect from Dave Brown as Sheriff?

(we) could not get ANY information from Hemet PD and the detective would not cooperate with (us) to continue the investigation.  The Coroner told (us) that Chris did not have drugs in his system and the alcohol level was far below legal limits.  So, Murray lied.   HPD didn’t care.

This is the same story that I told on FB about how Dave Brown and his officers screwed up this suspicious deathNo Gun Shot Residue test was done on her or him, and they didn’t search the house for the shell casing for 5 months.  

Murray would not leave the home, did not make the mortgage payments, it went into foreclosure. The family asked her for his personal items to give to his son.. she refused.  Chris had the home tastefully decorated with a lot of expensive antique furnishings.  Murray stripped the house of any copper i.e, copper doorknobs, hinges, gate fixtures, antique stove, lighting… you name it.

A retired RS deputy and I put the story together and we are convinced that Murray had everything to do with Chris’s death if not the one who shot him in the head.

Murray’s behavior is far from that of a grieving fiancee or a mother that gives a damn about her kids. Dave Brown also has some explaining of his own to do, where was the leadership and where was the oversight?

Then there was the case of deputy Shamhart as detailed in a long, graphic post that also featured Captain Paula Birch. Others came forward with their Birch stories and it appears that Stan Sniff enabled Birch almost from the beginning of his tenure. However, my confidential informant regarding Shamhart seemed to have a long list of her own issues.

While the informant made it 13 years without discipline, it appears that this is yet another example of the lack of leadership and morale in Stan Sniff’s department. Employees such as my informant that yell at others and get in people’s faces, and fraternize on the clock would not be tolerated in any well-run company (or sheriff’s department). The fact that Shamhart got only 8 hours for basically doing the same (minus the fraternization) while this employee got quasi-terminated is the second issue of the unbalanced nature of Stan Sniff’s PSB and Admin department’s reign of terror. Both should have received equal punishment (which in my opinion should have been termination)…

Then the fact that so many employees (like Tony Pelato) get their jobs back in arbitration after clear-cut violations of the rules is another area for reform. However, the only thing Sniff knows how to do effectively is whine about his budget as his lack of understanding of day-to-day operations (or his disdain for it) is quite clear.

Then there is former Assistant Sheriff Raymond Gregory, who got a brief mention in the previous (Birch/Shamhart) post. Gregory was investigated for behavior like Birch for molestation / misconduct with underaged same sex youngsters (ironically, like Birch in Blythe) and investigations went nowhere. Gregory, as a senior manager in the RSO had more than one police call in Cathedral City out to his house for domestic disturbances with his husband. As related to me, he always pulled rank on the Cathedral City Officers and was always the aggressor. Any resulting police reports went nowhere. While the alleged sexual misconduct stuff pre-dates Sniff’s reign of terror, his domestic disturbance calls are much more recent (and frequent).

Now, Raymond Gregory is running for Cathedral City Council. His opponents should get police logs and have a field day.

If I did not have such a strong since of law and order, I’d probably be out rioting with people destroying property in the name of social justice based on what I am learning. Worse, Paula Birch and Raymond Gregory along with Kevin Duffy appear to have escaped justice while Stan Sniff (and crew) covered it all up.

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