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On of the manifestations of Racism is when you make judgments and decisions based on people’s ethnicity. In today’s America, Affirmative Action is an outstanding example of it. It implies that Latinos and Blacks are somehow inferior and need “extra credit” on employment applications to level the playing field with Asians and Whites. It seems that weak-kneed corporations all have “diversity policies”, code word for quotas for LGBT, etc etc etc. From where I sit, this furthers the inferiority complex and resentments between races. It is also a despicable way to rule through division.

As you’ve read on this blog, I have come to the belief that Stan Sniff is a liberal democrat, because his decisions and thought processes are not those of a Conservative. One graphic example is how he plays identity politics. He recruited Miguelito to come in as a 4th candidate in the idiotic belief that Latinos would vote for Miguelito based on his ethnicity. That is racism pure and simple.

As you read on, I am going to make the case that Sniff is also a racist in the way he has made some of his promotions. It is my opinion backed up with evidence that Sniff promotes people and/or protects people who are Gay or of certain ethnic groups.

Stan Sniff just tapped a marginally qualified woman to be the public information officer over other, more qualified applicants. According to several department sources, in 2014, Sniff did similar things with latino(a) employees in order to gain political advantage. Robyn Flores was the choice despite reputedly interviewing poorly. It was put to me that Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela had a lot to do with Robyn Flores’ predecessor being removed as the PIO and Sniff picked the successor from a short list whilst ignoring qualifications. See the below photos that show Flores at a Sniff Fundraiser (yes, she donated $150) and another photo of her with Lt. Danny Young and others. (Read on regarding Young)

In April of 2014 Stan Sniff promoted Shelly Kennedy-Smith to Chief Deputy. In April of 2018, Sniff promoted Misha Graves to Chief Deputy. These are the only two Black Female promotees in his 11+ year reign of terror to the second floor. Both have come in April of an election year. You tell me what that is not an accident?

It gets better – look at his neat facebook ad. Is Misha Graves being used as a political prop by Stan Sniff? Sniff is not even coy about it in the advertisement.

If I was Graves, I’d demand the ad get pulled immediately – this is demeaning and is racist at its’ core being used like this in a political campaign.

People have told this blogger that Graves as a “Nice Person” yet most that know her say the knock on her is that she is not a leader and is terribly indecisive. I hope she does well in her position but starting off as a political prop is sickening.

I was contacted by Non-White employees of the Sheriff’s office expressing their outrage over this caricature (as in using her as a political ad) of Graves by Sniff.

The previous appointee Kennedy-Smith had some interesting issues of her own. They included helping the careers of several employees that lacked work ethic, talent, integrity or a combination of the three. The issue is that promotions that are not based on merit usually carry with them quite a bit of baggage.

One such example is Lt. Danny Young.

Young was a lateral from the CHP. He first came on to the radar of my informants (both non-white themselves) when his kids got in to a strong armed robbery of a cell phone from a white student they were bullying. Young attempted to play the race card against the non-white officer that took the call. The white kid’s folks just wanted the cell phone back from the group of black students that attacked him and took it. Two of the kids were Young’s Son and Daughter.

In another incident, Young was caught on camera simulating a sex act with a female cadet and as a result Kennedy-Smith moved him away from the training command. A short time later, Kennedy-Smith then transferred Young to the Modular Academy. I wrote that correctly. Similar to so many other stories, this is how the second floor protects their favorites, they move them around.

Young, despite having a reputation for performing poorly on exams, was able to get in to the Sherman Block Leadership Institute. This is a school Sergeants are sent to that are in the pipeline for making Lieutenant. Young, who should have never made Sergeant, was striking for Lieutenant and was openly asking participants in the school for the test question and for their class papers. It never occurred to Young that was a problem.

Perhaps this sense of entitlement was furthered by Kennedy-Smith. Young took the Lt’s exam some months later and was witnessed by several people bragging about how well Kennedy-Smith had prepped him for the test. I guess Kevin Vest giving then Sergeant Aaron Kent the Lt’s test questions was not an isolated incident and is a time-honored tradition from the second floor.

Given that I’ve seen disturbing patterns related to gay employees, it is not out of the realm that I have correctly diagnosed another pattern (this time with ethic employees) in the tenure of Stan Sniff.

This sort of behavior and corruption under the tenure of Stan Sniff as well as the cover-ups appear to be the normal course of operations.

Riverside Confidential will march on as there is no topic off limits for this blogger thanks to the behavior of Sniff and his minions…



  12 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Pattern Recognition 101, Racially and Politically Motivated Promotions?”

  1. Danny Young is a horrendous cop who couldn’t investigate himself out of a paper bag. Worked patrol for like 9 months and now is a Lt. Typical RSO bullshit – as long as you go to the right dinners and kiss the right ass. What a joke.

  2. I remember Darkman had words with Danny Young back in the day. I can say that we were all happy that Darkman stood up to Young. All the white deputies liked that Darkman didn’t back down from him just because Young was a black sergeant. Darkman I know you want to comment.

  3. Robyn Flores fits another type that Stan loves to surround himself with good looking Hispanic females with a certain type of shall we say “augmentation” but of little actual use to the crime fighting needs of the department.. He prances them around like he is a South Philly Pimp with a stable of whores. Stan all you need is a purple hat with a feather on the top you disgusting old man.

  4. I have personally heard Danny Young brag about being set up for the Lt’s exam. He said about two months prior to testing he was assigned a “special project” by Chief Shelly Kennedy Smith. This was while he was at the modular training accademy. She tasked him with writting a Staff report on how to fix the homeless problem. Well guess what the written exam was on, yep “Homeless response.” Firstly, why is someone who is involved with training cadets writting about homeless response when he is not working that type of assignment. There were subject matter experts already attacking the homeless issue, why did they not contact them, or create a homeless response committee of the experts to round table the issue. Because it would not benefit someone who would normally have failed the test due to incompetence. This was proven by all of his previous testings.

    This is just another example of the lies and bad ethics that make up the Sheriff’s administration. This is how they attained their positions and feel it is acceptable. Yes, maybe Sniffy has not heard all of the lies that have been filtered, but he allows it to continue. Why do you ask, it is all about control of power. Sniffy does not know any other way to control it but through bad ethics, fear, lies, and cheating. Time for a change and allow someone who can LEAD the Department, NOT PUSH IT. The Department is so broken, we can only go up from here.

  5. Recap Danny Young’s career. Temecula, where during a burglary investigation, a car alarm sounded and he shot the car. Temecula special team, where he kissed ass and went to defensive tactics at academy. Kicked out for twirking and pretending to hit a female recruits ass. To sergeant in the jail for a few years, to 9 months as a patrol sergeant. 9 months as a patrol sergeant. Only 9 months is unheard of, unless you are…. well…. To special team. Back to the academy where he was kicked out of. Can’t make this up. Then gets LT and stays at a special team. Again, that rarely happens, unless you kids ass, donate money, or well, you are…. yes…. prepping to be captain and used as a political tool. He is such a tool, he does not care. Danny young was worthless at every rank. Bragged about getting promoted based on the color of his skin.

    Passing on test questions appears to be the normal. Passing on study material to help others is the normal, whether it’s for investigator, Lt, capt etc. Funny how only some people get disciplined and people like Cornett got no hours. I know multiple deputies who got upwards of 60 hours. And then young gets the topic question for Lt grom a chief and no one bats an eye. I love RSO

    Robyn Flores, donated money to the Sniff campain to get a special assignment. Now she can spend more time working on her bodybuilding career.

    Correctional Chief Deputy. What a joke of a made up position.

  6. Snow White I can’t believe you remember that. I just feel a person should speak up when someone comes at you wrong. Young isn’t the only person I stood up to. I have stood up to white sergeants as well. I just say you have to weigh things out. Do you stay quiet and let it ride or speak up. Folks already know Darkman is far from being spineless.

    I remember when I first started in 06 Steve Mike was telling me if he knew then what he knows now he would be a lieutenant. What he was getting at is he would have know when to keep his mouth shut.

    Young got promoted good for him there are other folks that got help getting promoted just like him.

    Kennedy-Smith is a genuine lady and she has never made herself out to be something that she isnt.

    There is a certain person I won’t mention that hated it when she got promoted. This person was saying every black person that gets promoted is because of Kennedy -Smith. Well you got promoted asshole and you are an extremely dirty individual.

    I gotta keep quiet about my situation for now. In the near future I am going to let everything out. After everyone reads everything all they are going to say is wow. My legal team is hard at work.

  7. You would be referring to Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood. (the invdividual upset at the promotion of Kennedy-Smith)

  8. No fan of Danny Young. He has been promoted way past his ability, and only being a patrol sergeant for 9 months is a joke. That is a slap in the face to all the other hard working patrol sergeants who keep everything in line. Kennedy-Smith was never a patrol sergeant, but she made it to the second floor. We have another one up there right now. That’s right, Brandon Ford was never a patrol sergeant, yet he sits on the second floor. I guess in Sniff’s mind, being a patrol sergeant isn’t necessarily needed to be promoted. RSO is a joke now and I’m so glad I’m retiring next week. I hope Chad wins and brings back integrity to the tan n green.

  9. The correctional executive position is a joke, total waste of tax payer money. For that matter since staffing levels are so low why do we have twice as many chiefs and above as they had in around 2006. The work staff pyramid should be pointed up top not on the line staff level. we are so top heavy, dump the excess dead weight up top and hire 25 more deputies that would be a good start.

  10. Misha Graves aka Benjamin is another one to add to the list of people who got their degree on the clock. She would do her work in front of other Sergeants and they didn’t say anything. She was known to sexually harass subordinates, by making inappropriate comments to them on a regular basis. When she was a lieutenant she would stay the night at the jail and sleep in her office. She was assigned a car (paid for by taxpayers)by then Captain Raya, because her car was a jalopy. She would go back and forth from work to home, which was over an hour away and in another county. Never had to pay for fuel since she could fill up at the county pumps. Which is another example of waste. Basically she was assigned a car for personal use. Which is not allowed, but tolerated under scratch and sniff.

  11. @FLY – was also told that she got her Master’s Degree on the clock.

  12. Yes @Aaron she did. She was always in the books when she wasn’t harassing her staff.

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