Apr 112018

Wow Kurly has as big of a train wreck as Captain Jason Huskey. These are the kinds of people that Stan Sniff promote.

I wonder what the delay and the cost will be to fix this toilet? My over under is $250 and about a 3 week wait, if and when Kurly submits it for repair.

Did you know that while Moreno Valley’s Cars are not held together with Duct Tape, they are old and break down a lot. In fact, I am told that these cars were breaking down in 2011!!! A reminder from yesterday’s post about Kurly’s disaster of a station:

I have looked around but our units look “visibly” okay. Problem is the pics don’t show how the seats are hard as a rock from lack of padding, the brakes are used up, steering is sloppy and the stench of spilled coffee. We don’t have units with duct tape and stuff as I seen at other places.

It’s bad. Spotlights are dull because the glass is old and etched. Headlights pointing either straight up or down. Imagine running Code 3 at night with headlights that aren’t even adjusted correctly.

After my previous posts about screwed up equipment, I received an email from a second confidential informant, known to me.

It details how Kurly is withholding new cars and doing team building exercises as a pretense to give kudos to ass-kissing Sergeants versus the rank and file. Plus, it gives us an explosive revelation that Kurylowicz, apparently at the behest of Sheriff Stan Sniff has brand new vehicles sitting idle in the corner of the parking lot while deputies are forced to use cruisers from 2007, 2008 and 2009 (that all break down frequently).

Enter our second confidential informant:

The patrol deputies in Moval Station are a little fed up with the continual back and forth of being forced to work extra shifts because someone can’t seem to be able to count and adjust staffing levels properly. We know that Corporal Holbrook keeps a close eye on counting the use of contract city hours and he always provides his input whenever the patrol Lt. will listen. The problem seems to be that Lt. Chavez just won’t listen to the corporal, so the staffing levels keep changing like we are always in crisis mode.

What’s become even worse is that it sounds like Corporal Holbrook recently got fed up with Lt. Chavez and put his retirement papers in, so there goes the only guy who really knows how to forecast the contract hours. The part that sucks is that we are probably going to be getting ordered to work longer hours more often now. Captain Kurylowicz seems to be a nice person (Blogger’s Note: I think Kurly is a corrupt marionette of Stan Sniff) but I think he is a little confused on how to build the morale of the deputies. Instead of having stupid ass guessing games of how many gumballs are in a jar that only sergeants and above seem to win how about giving the deputies some better cars to drive. There are several ass kissing sergeants who always seem to get what they want because they always kiss the captains ass. They get to work all the deputy overtime they want and they even all have their own brand new cars assigned them that no one else gets to use. So when they’re on their RDOs their brand new cars just sit parked at the station while we have to drive the beater 07’s, 08’s and 09’s that are always breaking down. With summer coming we all know half of them the a/c don’t work. There has been 4 new SUV’s parked at the back wall of the station for over a month and they won’t let the deputies use them. They say they want us to put more miles on the older cars first but everyone knows the older cars just keep breaking down. Beside that Moval cars never get the mileage that county cars get we just have old broke down cars with low mileage. Were not asking for much just better management of our work hours and decent cars to go 10-8 in. It would be nice to let us use those 4 new SUVs you have parked against the back wall that you think no one can see. Save counting gumballs for clerical girls or school kids, its not a morale builder for cops.

Lt. Chavez. Loren Tyler Clark. Kurly. Moreno Valley. Ouch. Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department #EPICFAIL Meantime, they are screwing the contract cities as I type this blog.

Embedded in the post is a photo of a 2007 car, 2 2009 cars and three brand new vehicles in the corner of the lot not being used… and of course the busted toilet.

  5 Responses to “Moreno Valley Disaster: Captain Dave “Kurly” Kurylowicz Leaving Brand New Cars Sitting Around While Cars in Use Break Down?”

  1. It isn’t really Ed Chavez’ fault. He’s arrogant AF because he’s had his ass kissed for so many years, by convincing the younglings he’s something he isn’t and has been promoted far beyond his abilities. His wife keeps his balls in her purse, so unless you rile that old crone up, Eddy isnt gonna do a thing to make waves. She isnt very nice, but a he k of a lot better at seeing the politically advantageous path. You’re never gonna get him to follow old Charlie Varga’s mantra, the right thing for the right reason, although he likes to bootstrap on that legacy.

  2. Let’s not forget when the pipe broke in the men’s locker room at that station. Yet even that flooding couldn’t wash away the stench of ass kissing from Miguelito and Huizingas area.

  3. If guessing how many balls are in a jar is really supposed to be a morale builder for cops, this guy is way out of touch. He would be better off putting an apron on and baking cupcakes. Get real!

  4. My partner told me they can schedule you an overtime shift but if you call in sick; there is nothing you lose. They can’t make you use leave because you already ha 80 hours worked from your regular schedule.

    Don’t kill your self working all those hours and sacrifice your family life. Don’t let The Sheriffs mismanagement get you hurt or divorced..

  5. Kurly counting balls just sounds funny. Ed Chavez was once a very good guy.

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