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Stan Sniff himself in 2009 said the following:

“This is one of the few professions in which tenured employees can destroy their careers with but a single misstep in ethics and integrity. … Hear me clearly at the start of your careers. Violations of integrity and ethical standards are literally `death sentences’ to law enforcement careers.”

My how times have changed with Stan Sniff, look at 2018 now. Crooked donors, crooked employees, corruption…

Mohammad Ali Mazarei has the honor of being the feature of post #150 related to Stan Sniff.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei has become one of our favorites here at right on daily and you will soon learn why:

Ali Mazaeri and his business are named in the document and his business is accused in this complaint filed by The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (featuring Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s letterhead) of Dishonesty, Fraud and Deceit. If you read the complaint, you will see that Mr. Mazarei’s business got stung for making bogus smog checks. (They reference 15(!) instances) We were sent photos of his shop recently that indicate that the auto repair garage parts are shut down.

If you take the time to read the complaint, he (Mazarei) got caught lying multiple times over the course of several days – again 15 references to rigged smog checks in the complaint. (Update – Mazarei is named several times throughout the complaint as an individual although he and his attorney are claiming the complaint is against his business, not him and is related to the conduct of an employee or multiple employees.)

When one is running for a top law enforcement position, fraud complaints / prosecutions against top donors (or their businesses) become an issue in your campaign.

One of the key items in the attempt to bully me by Mohammad Ali Mazarei was the assertion that Ali Mazarei got preferential treatment for a CCW Permit. It has been long known amongst the rank and file. Since I had no super-concrete proof I had to back off of the claim somewhat while being of the opinion that Ali Mazarei was lying to cover himself.

Since then, Mazarei has been publicly threatening candidates for office, making self-promoting posts on social media, acting like he runs the Riverside County Lincoln Club and the like. Mazarei is a recent addition to the political landscape even though his donor relationship with Stan Sniff started in 2011. When he posted the legal demand letter on facebook, complete with publishing my home address, (getting others to share it in an attempt to intimidate me and gain political advantage), he claimed that in 2009 when he got his CCW he did not know the sheriff. Several sources inside the department dispute those claims.

Pictured, Sheriff Stan Sniff looking all tough and stuff with a silenced automatic weapon. Mohammad Ali Mazarei, circled and looking all tough and stuff with body armor on. Then, three unnamed deputies that are obviously on the Good Boy’s list are also pictured. The location is a range that most of the rank and file are not allowed to go to – even though our tax dollars pay for its’ operation, maintenance and upkeep. Yet, we are supposed to believe that Ali Mazarei is NOT getting special treatment from the sheriff?

Mohammad Ali Mazarei bragged in his legal demand letter that he sells stuff to a lot of people inside the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. I wonder how long Mr. Mazarei would be able to keep his Federal Firearms License if the ATF was given a nice fat file complete with information on Mr. Mazarei’s personal conduct? I wonder if the sales of stuff to the folks he brags about selling stuff to have any other consideration involved in them?

Remember – Mazarei has donated $50K+ to the Sheriff (that we know of as the last $9300 check was reported 3 months late, so there could be others not reported yet).

Yet, we are supposed to believe that the now 2nd largest donor to the Sheriff who lists several of the Sheriff’s subordinates as customers is NOT receiving any sort of special treatment?

Enter two sources who have asked for anonymity:

I recently received a fund raiser flyer to Stan Sniff’s Southwest Riverside County Campaign Kick-off. On one page of this flyer there was a description off Sheriff Stan Sniff. I have attached a picture of that description and I hope you can read it. Upon reading this description I immediately recognized that these bullet point descriptions were missing two key words. Words that should be used to describe a person who holds the rank of Sheriff. Can you guess the missing two words? Those two words are  “Leader” and “Ethics” or any of their derivatives (leadership, ethical etc.)…this is sad, very very sad.

The department is in complete turmoil because we have not had strong leadership from Sniff nor Diyorio. When the leaders don’t lead, all the rest of the nonsense that you have been writing about begins to happen (thermal station scandal, cheating scandal on the detective tests in 2015, then cheating on the Lt and Caps test in 2016, sergeants and lieutenants in admin positions not working full days…which has become part of the culture at those ranks etc etc). This agency has been a ship adrift for years now and it is sad.

Second word, ethics. It is true (and I have witnessed it first hand) that if you are a FOS (friend of the sheriff) you will go to the front of the line to get a ccw. If you are john q citizen, it’s a 18 month to two year wait. All department members know about this, from the office staff, to the deputies and above. We see the Sheriff campaigning on duty or having his people do it for him (Purvis on the dept owned gator with a Sniff campaign sign etc. etc) and know full well that if we were caught doing something like that for Bianco we’d be gone.

This lack of leadership and the hypocritical ethical environment that sniff has created has left this department in shambles. We no longer encourage our friends or family to apply here. We tell them about Corona PD, or Riverside PD, or Ontario PD, but not RSO. Why? Because the pride is gone. The morale is terrible, and this place has become so divided that it is now toxic. There is a gulf between the true workers and the admin, the haves and the have-nots. Over the years, the only deputies that Sniff has spoken to are ones being promoted or ones at dui checkpoints on Friday nights. Ones that will never ever confront him, and rightly so because their whole career is ahead of them.

Two words left out of sheriff Stan Sniff’s description of himself in his fund raiser flyer, Leader, and Ethics. And that is exactly why our RSO is such a mess. I hate to keep using this word over and over, but I must use it one more time…..sad!

That is pretty definitive, isn’t it? Since Mohammad Ali Mazarei is an elected member of the Riverside County Republican Central Committee, and thusly is an elected official he has to prove I had reckless disregard for the truth when I suggest that he is one of those that received special treatment for a CCW Permit from the Sheriff. Good Luck Ali.

I know of one elected officeholder who is retired military that waited 2 years for his interview and was turned down for a CCW Permit. The man had not donated a dime to Sniff before or since.

It is also well-known in the department that the case related to the corrupt operation of Mazarei’s smog check business was re-opened right around the same time as Mazarei’s last donation of $9300 to the Sheriff on 10/5/2017. (one account says the case was re-opened 10/11 another says two weeks later) Also, it is well-known that Ali Mazarei believes that the employee being prosecuted will allow him to sue everyone he is mad at for blasting him publicly. It sure looks like Mazarei himself thinks he’s getting special treatment from the Sheriff, let alone what I think?

Well guess what? Another one of my anonymous sources sent me a choice facebook message pictured here.

Well isn’t that special? I now have plenty of basis to level the charge that Mohammad Ali Mazarei did indeed appear to be buying influence via his financial largess to the Sheriff. (look at the photo, look at the written comments about ccw’s) All Mohammad Ali Mazarei has accomplished with his attempted bullying of this blog with the typo-laden ESL failure of a legal demand letter was a guaranteed ass-whupping on the Right on Daily Blog, because this is how we deal with bullies.

As a side note, I was told Paul Aguirre was recently hired onto a part-time consulting gig. Given the pattern of behavior I’ve seen from the Sheriff, it would not surprise me if this was done to pin Aguirre down from talking about the abuse of the CCW process under Stan Sniff. It’s ok though, I can pick from dozens of witnesses to write declarations or to come testify in Auburn if needed.

Coming soon – even more smoking guns related to the conduct under Sheriff Stan Sniff and undertaker Diyoyo.

P.S. The “Pro Gun” Sheriff has disarmed the Jail staff too, something the local papers seem to fail to mention when they call him “Pro Gun”.

P.P.S A recent comment by a Daniel Shays sheds ever further light:

let’s talk about what 40-50k buys for Mohamed. He has free access to the range when employees can not even take their spouse. We know know he doesn’t call 911 like a normal person he calls his friend Stanley. He gets special CCW treatment for himself and his friends, who unlawfully use his business as their “good cause” even though they don’t work there.And he gets his very own tax payer funded private security. That’s right, the residents in Woodcrest get to sit without law enforcement services for an entire afternoon while both deputies sit watch Mohamed load up all his guns and move them to another residence in the city of riverside. Both of them should be charged with embezzlement and misuse of government funds. Unethical and illegal. Great job Sheriff!!!

A couple months ago, we highlighted the Smog Check Fraud complaint that beset Mohammad Ali Mazarei via one of his businesses. The machinations surrounding that case have been the stuff of legend. The most important part (at least to me) was that Mohammad wrote up a legal demand letter (full of typos, prose clearly in his voice) signed by a very young attorney friend, then it was distributed by several local Republican leaders and electeds in an attempt to intimidate your intrepid blogger.

Since then, I have been doing research on Mohammad Ali Mazarei. Thanks to a confidential informant, I have gotten context for several items I found.

Why does Mohammad Ali Mazarei Matter? He has donated over $52,000 to Stan Sniff over the years and recently held a fundraiser for the Sheriff at his lavish residence. Stan Sniff would do well to disassociate himself, but was recently at a friends of the NRA (but not CCW applicants) dinner with Mazarei.

Embedded is a link to a group that Mohammad Ali Mazarei is a part of, Mohammad Ali is Persian. Mohammad claims to be patriotic to America yet here he is in this group. There are others that he is a part of as well.

Embedded as well is a $726 Tax Lien by the County of Riverside against Mr. Mazarei (Arco Travelzone). You’d think a guy that can give Sheriff Stan Sniff $52K+ could pay his bills?

There was a second lien, but that one had been paid at some point.

In addition, we found a lawsuit filed against Mohammad Ali Mazarei by a bank. The lawsuit was in the amount of $15,051.01

It appears from reading the text of the lawsuit that Mr. Mazarei (ahem via business entities) was looking at starting up a Baja Fresh Mex Franchise. He was well in to the process and decided to withdraw. It looks like he paid only $2K of the $17K related to startup costs and the bank he left holding the bag sued him via several business entities for breach of contract.

You can read the entire lawsuit document here.

You will note that the AM/PM Travelzone that is also the subject of the current Smog Check Fraud investigation is central in this lawsuit.

Now we have a pattern, a rich dude not paying his bills. By virtue of the pattern we are learning about, either he is not rich or he has ethical issues. What is Mazarei getting by donating all that money to Stan Sniff?

This brings us to another gem. Mohammad Ali Mazarei is suing the Perris Chamber of CommerceApparently the hearing for the small claims court lawsuit was on 4/2/2018.

Mohammad Ali is suing them Pro-Per, meaning he is either too cheap to pay for an attorney or he can not afford an attorney. I’ve known about this lawsuit for some time, but had to wait until recently for the story behind it.

The jist of the story is Mohammad Ali Mazarei via his business entities has donated some combined $9600 to the Perris Chamber of Commerce. There was some sort of argument / disagreement that resulted on Ali Mazarei no longer being on their board of directors / committees / etc. Apparently, the situation got so bad that Mazarei is persona non grata in significant parts of that area’s business community. Once Mazarei lost the votes / arguments, he then started demanding all the money he had donated to the chamber of commerce back (regardless of how long ago it was).

Similar to his misguided belief that stringing up his former employee Walter Cole would somehow absolve him and his business of culpability in the Smog Check Caper, he believes that he can sue the Perris Chamber of Commerce and demand all the donations back because he is no longer at the cool kids table.

This should tell the Riverside County Republican Party, the Riverside County Lincoln Club and Stan Sniff what they are in for if they dare disagree with Mazarei. Having been threatened by this guy myself, it is clear that Mazarei is a bully, has a limited grasp on the American legal system at best and is not a healthy addition to any team. If I was part of any Republican organization that Mazarei was a part of, I’d separate myself as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for Stan Sniff – Mohammad Ali Mazarei and he are fully invested in each other and Mohammad Ali is the gift that keeps on giving to Stan Sniff… (Pictured 3/18/2018 at an event)

To be continued.

Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

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  1. Have you seen his Facebook video rants?? The dude is certifiably crazy. He shouldn’t even have a gun, much less a license to sell them. I’m sure those videos are saved for use later.

  2. Fat ass Ali Aladdin be all like…


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