Mar 112018

  7 Responses to “Weekend Fun – Did Stan Sniff Chicken Out on a Candidate Forum?”

  1. Will the mayor be taking public questions for the candidates

  2. I’d assume so…

  3. Stan Sniff also chicken out back in 2014, at the Moreno Valley candidate forum. Again, the excuse, he will be out of town that week.

    So we do a Public Records for his calendar and turns out he had lunch meetings with Carolina Zaragoza ( Mexican Consulate) and Coleen Walker.

  4. I’m curious to know how many invites Sniffles got as opposed to his team calling and begging groups to listen to his BS and whining. Bianco seems to get a lot of invites.

  5. It will be to hard for Sniff to lie to the public in a debate or town hall meetings when there are people present to challenge him.

    He will stick to his message of blame and deflect accountability for the low and at times no deputies in the county. Why is there still 2 deputies per shift in Hemet?

  6. And…why are there always two to three fat deputies attending Bianco meet & greets taking up front row seats? Simply put..more waste of taxpayer’s money to try and intimidate Bianco. (And failing)

    The upside is…by Sniffler having these trained monkeys there, its a clear indication he knows his days are numbered and as he has historically shown citizens…he’s a cowardly a-hole.

  7. Speaking of cowardice, they are attacking my wife because they know they can’t touch me. I hear that this is a common tactic in the RSO as well.

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