Mar 072018

Update: Apparently the perpretrator killed himself by shooting himself in the leg and bled out.

This is amazing. The illegally placed sign on Mazarei’s property – which is legal today, but as one of the oldest campaign tricks in the book (put signs out a day before the 90 day window) Mazarei and the corrupt Sheriff started in yesterday.

As avid readers will recall, Mohammad Ali Mazarei is one of the largest donors to Sheriff Stan Sniff – going for over $50,000.

Well, late last night or early this morning someone got murdered on Mazarei’s property and the body was below this sign pictured to the left.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei loves posting pictures of himself to brag about how pro-cop he is, yet today he is telling the homicide investigators he is sick and won’t be coming in to his AM/PM to share the video that may reveal who the murderers were/are. Update – once we posted this, Mohammad unbeached himself and went down to his shop. Congratulations on doing right thing AFTER RightonDaily set fire to you. We are here to help.

Is this because the body was found right below the Stan Sniff sign?

What an irony as Stan Sniff can not claim a reduction in crime in 2018 the way he did in 2014. Also look at the slogan on Stan Sniff’s signs – “Protecting Riverside County”. Whoops.

(And I thought revealing Lt. Rose pulling his service weapon on innocent civillians was the big story of today…)

  14 Responses to “TEAM SNIFF: Major Donor Mohammad Ali Mazarei Update – Refusing to Share Video of a Murder???”

  1. You have got to be shitting me! Mr. Pro Cop Ali won’t cooperate with cops. Guess we only matter when we are needed to guard his house or respond to his dump of a convenience store. Bet he would cooperate if t benefitted his fat ass

  2. Well we already know that the social media troll Mazarei and his friend Stanley live on this blog, so maybe Stanley will call him and tell him to hurry out and act like he cares.

  3. Let’s hope the dead guy isn’t Walter Cole or a BAR investigator. Too bad it’s not an obese Republican blowhard.

  4. This should not surprise anyone. Ali Mohammad Mazaeri cares about his ccw’s and the power he has to march his employees to Ben Clark Training Center where the ccw unit is located and get his people to the front of the line. He doesn’t care about us as cops. If he did, it wouldn’t matter how he felt, he would do the right thing and help the department that has helped him so much. Remember Ali, when we stopped everything we were doing per Stan and played security while you moved 700 guns across the city to your new house while all other calls waited….I’m sure Stan thanks you for the 50K while a murder goes unsolved because you aren’t feeling well.

  5. I’m just wondering how Stan takes it when CHU calls, there is a dead guy here , kinda important , but we are reporting your #1 donor is refusing to help…ironically he’s dead under the words “protecting “

  6. Apparently word got back to Sniff this morning about Ali refusing to help, or maybe he was just angry that his employees are so tired of him that this blog just keeps getting fed information. According to one of his “trusted Chief’s” the newly promoted investigators this morning were welcomed into the admin building with Stan yelling in the background dropping F-bombs about leaks, and blogs, and firing people. Wait till he finds out which Chiefs are contributing to this blog!!!! Three more months of this Stan, Three more months.

  7. Dayum!!!!!

  8. We are so thankful of the flow of information coming from the Sheriff’s Administrators. If it wasn’t for the scared few Chiefs who are not eligible to retire yet, there wouldn’t be any imformation coming out. It’s only those who are trying to keep a foot in the door to show allegiance when Chad Bianco wins the election. Keep it up !!

  9. It’s much like the Trump administration….rule with fear and intimidation. If you don’t get in line, you are out. We are tired of this. We are tired of our absentee sheriff. We are tired of the absentee executive officer, Diyorio. They send chiefs like cheryl evans to give us a hoorah speech, a ‘hang in there’ speech. well, i have news for you, she inspires no one and her speeches clearly indicate she isn’t a leader, definitely not someone we want to follow. She just exudes the fact that she’s a chief only because she will do what she is told. The patrol deputies have no idea what they are supposed to be doing, but they do know that if they get hurt, they will be thrown to the workers comp wolves…so they do nothing. We jail deps,,,we’re just leaving. they can’t even give us an out date and when they do talk about out dates (evans) it’s clear they have no idea, so we just chalk it up to “it’s okay for us to lie to you, but don’t you like about anything.” I’m headed to another department. You can have this toxic mess. Too bad,,,,i really loved this place….until sniff allowed it to sink. See ya…won’t be ya!

  10. To hear Sniff yelling and screaming would’ve been classic. Those poor newly promoted investigators. I hope they didn’t cower too much.

    Look, Der Fürher wouldn’t have a reason to yell and scream if he was straight.

    How does it feel, Sniffy-Poo? How does it feel to know the members of the department you lead only by title have NO RESPECT for you.

    How does it feel to know the only support you have are from the marionettes you surround yourself with and the people who donate to your campaign using their ill-gotten money?

    Why don’t you just resign now. Ride off in the sunset with that leather faced milf you canoodle with on FB.

    But the fight you’re putting up right now is just a façade. The deputies know who true leaders are. Remember, many of them have fought overseas and have been lead by real military!




  11. Ali brags about being financially based but the truth is Ali married into money. His father in law help finance and secure Ali’s future for the sake of his beautiful daughter ( Ali’s wife). The poor women must have been wearing rose colored glasses when have she decided to say “ yes, I will marry you.” In Perris they refer to Mazari’s as Beauty and the Beast.

  12. Wtf is the second floor doing? This is the first political sign I’ve seen made with MS Paint.

  13. Reading the comments on Stans Facebook. It’s amazing to me the public doesnt believe deputies despise Sniffy. Well, almost all do. He only rears his head during election year. Has anyone asked the last time he put a full duty belt on and went 10-8? He’s no longer a cop. He’s a politician looking to stay in power. Seasoned, hard working deputies are leaving in droves. If the public only knew the truth.

  14. Sam, look at the Sheriffs Facebook and I guarantee you that the people commenting praises do not work for this department. They are unaware of the conditions his employees work under. Time for change. But I cannot go out and support change openly in fear of retaliation.

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