Mar 132018

Note – they (County Admin) are reputed to not care about the felonies, cheating, fraud or anything else, they just want to find out who is talking to me.

What this tells me is that the 60,000+ hits a week we are getting is doing damage and any doubts I had about the veracity of my sources are eliminated. There is nothing like mass panic from the minions of the Sheriff to validate negative info.

Recently, my wife has been cyber stalked by some of Stan Sniff’s supporters even though she has nothing to do with my blogging. In fact, some of the attacks against my wife are being shared by Stan Sniff’s supporters on social media. Given the way Stan treats women in his department (that he hasn’t slept with) this is no surprise to me.

It is clear that Sniff and crew know they can’t get to me. They can’t get to her either. But, they are learning what I am capable of doing to them if I have to.

Sergeants that are not conforming to the demands of admin are being disciplined directly or by denying recognition to their subordinates. The admin people are pressuring the Sergeants to go after their employees. This is happening station by station.

In AA – I learned many years ago that control is an illusion, the harder you try for it, the more elusive it gets.

Keep trying Stanley, it has to work eventually.

  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Special Update: Tyranny from floor number 2 – Admin deployed to stations to find leakers!”

  1. Doesn’t Sniffles have anything better to do? Win an election, perhaps? What a waste of resources but that’s his management style. Use the department as his own gestapo. I’m sure those professional standards investigators are having a blast looking for the so called leaks.

    If Sniff had just run things like a good sheriff, he wouldn’t have to worry. But the fact he’s looking into all he can and sergeants are running scared—it’s all a sign of good things to come.

  2. It’s bad when small business owners say, “Can you get me a Blanco shirt Sniff has to go.” Even derpartment members that support Bianco are afraid to put out signs in their yards.

  3. What if I told you, many of the leakers aren’t with the department because of you Stanley. Just retire.

  4. @Darkman, we have to do what we can to show our support. Ask your neighbors if you can place Bianco’s yard sign on their property. Paint rear windows with “Bianco for Sheriff” on a family member’s car. Ask friends or family to educate Bianco’s vision on social media.

    Voters need to know who the next sheriff is!!


  5. God forbid doing something to address all the issues in the department. Instead, spend all your time trying to execute the whistleblowers. Such a narcissistic tool!

  6. They have taken to calling my wife’s work in an attempt to get her fired and cyber-stalking her.

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