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Blogger’s Note – we know that Palm Desert Station is not the only station with equipment disasters and broken down cars – please send us photos and remember you can remain anonymous.

Palm Desert Station services Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells provide 30% of the budget for the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. As I have written before, they are getting hosed.

Nothing sums up the complete and utter failure of Stan Sniff and Captain Jason Huskey than this set of photos showing the state of disrepair of their patrol cars.

See the Duct Tape holding down the trunk of this patrol car.

Imagine how many new cars they could buy with all the money people like Christian Dekker and Aaron Kent’s are getting from their abuses of overtime.

Also embedded is the obligatory disabled car being towed photo.

Next, check out this patrol car that is in service that has a dashboard coming apart at the seams.

This is the reality of Jason Huskey and Stan Sniff’s Department

These photos are so outrageous they have to be true.

Given what I have learned about Stan Sniff’s department, this is par for the course.

Jason Huskey should be fired.

Stan Sniff should be fired.

Look at these photos.

Do you feel safer?

Do you have more confidence in the department?

What would you think if a duct taped patrol car responded to your house?

This is insane but fits the entire narrative of Stan Sniff’s management.

Does Sniff even care?

IT is clear he refuses to take responsibility for the disaster that has beset his department.

Here is a photo of a spotlight secured with duct tape. Here is another photo of an AR-15 secured with Zip Ties and finally a photo of a scanner installed upside down.

You would think with all the rich people in these three contract cities, that they would have a top-flight Station. However candidates like Iris Smotrich are too busy writing large checks and getting autographed photos. Fire Stan Sniff Now.

  13 Responses to “Stan Sniff #EPICFAIL: A Picture is worth 1,000 Words, Captain Jason Huskey’s Palm Desert Station Disaster”

  1. The sad thing is instead of Huskey and Sniff being completely ashamed of these pictures they will spend time to find out who sent this to “AP”. Huskey has two full time jobs in Palm Desert, a corporate attorney for one of stans biggest financial supporters and captain of this station. Where do you think he spends all of this time? Jason, you are a disgrace to our badge and a failed leader right along with stan. He can promote you but not save your legacy and reputation, that’s on you.

    Chad Bianco, we are counting on you!!

  2. It isn’t just Palm Desert Station it’s every station. Temecula Moval Elsinore all of them. Security Guard companies and the casino cops have better equipment. I can hear Stan’s whiny voice now saying “It’s the BOS fault I need more money”.

  3. Come on the car is 8 years old in service deputies drive them with little regard for care. I’m all for fixing the problems but look at the picture the deputy has a large backpack wedged into the passenger floor board so everytime it’s pulled out it yanks on the dash trim not the counties fault. The chip in the spot light the tape might be keeping water out until the plastic housing come in those lights aren’t cheap. The scanner in upside down ok what a moron but they have the lowest common denominator fixing them. Now on the other hand if that deputy was disciplined for the damage and their pay was deducted it should be fixed correctly which most of the time the dent remains even though the deputy was basically fined for it. The deputies need to be held to some level of accountability because there is an actual budget for maintenance and keeping the sleds on the road is costly. As previously mentioned the focus needs to be on leadership faults not petty stuff that’s realistically deputy caused.

  4. There are more coming from other stations. I’d tend to agree with you if it was just one station. The problems are endemic and county-wide. These include busted equipment and crumbling buildings, stand by to stand by.

    Secondly, if it is as you say – then why don’t the deputies care? OH, that’s right morale has been shattered by Stan Sniff and his butt monkeys including Jason Huskey.

  5. I like taking out the oldest hoopdees. They have character. And yes, the one photographed is quite old. But hey, where are the units that were supposed to go to Snake Purvis’ old department before he left butt hurt?

    Look at how Sniffles manages the taxpayers money. It is certainly not for more deputies (who are as worn and tired as 11-098). And it certainly isn’t for newer equipment.


    All he does is hoard the money, hide it when auditors try to get to the bottom of his claims for more money (I swear he’s asked that so many times his hands look like cups) and provide construction contracts for facilities he refuses to staff.




  6. If you want to see emarassing, take any picture of the Ben Clark Training Center or as the deputies call it THE BEN CLARK TRAILER PARK. This is supposed to be a regional training Center. Seriously. Filled with modular buildings and one two story dilapidated pos building for the supervisors. Take a look at the academy units. Half of them do not work. The battery needs to be disconnected when they are not in use. No wonder all these fresh out of the academy recruits are leaving. Not to mention the ongoing 415 with BOS and the Sheriff. The units represent the department and both are falling apart.


  8. The modular building isn’t the true focus. The place to look is how much has been spent leasing these construction trailers? The total cost of borrowing these things have surpassed the amount it would have cost to build the actual structure needed. It was a quick bandaid to pretty things up to make someone look like they cared. Remember the focus not the conditions of the tools needed but who and how allowed it to get like this keep the end goal in sight.

  9. The Lake Elsinore Station was a prime example of incompetence, and lack of leadership. For several years, during the annual station inspection, the roof to the evidence room was leaking, and during the inspection the Lake Elsinore staff said “The second floor knows about it, but they only patch the roof, which does not work.” They had sheets of plastic covering the shelves that contained evidence to active criminal cases to keep the rain from soaking the evidence. I felt embarrassed for the deputies at that station. It’s time to clean house, starting with the fuhrerhauptquartiere.

  10. Look into the leasing contract of the modular offices. It’s a relative to the snake date.

  11. Those trailers were supposed to be temporary. There must’ve been a deal made with POST because in order to run an academy, the buildings have to be permanent and NOT what we have. Admin must have been given permission (or have they?) to run an academy from a Duck Dynasty set.

    I wonder what slumlord is reaping the benefits from RSO leasing these dilapidated buildings for over a decade? Sniffles, you better hope it’s not you or your Breaking Bad friends or you’ll have more ‘splaining to do!!

    I heard from someone years ago Ford (yes, that company who supplies our units) wanted to build an EVOC course on CTC but the powers that be (Board, Admin, who knows?) quashed it. All Ford asked was their logo be prominently displayed and minimal use to test their vehicles.

    At least we have a range Ali and Sniff can hold hands on though.

  12. Fair and Mr. Cranium are right, if someone has the ways and means to seriously take a look at all the spending that has gone on at the Ben Clark training Center since Sniff was appointed to sheriff, I think the public would be in for quite a surprise. Remember that all the careless and cavalier spending began when Sniff brought his old crony Richard Coz out of retirement and gave him carte blanche to spend millions of taxpayer dollars that the sheriff’s department didn’t even have.

    One of the reasons the contract cities are paying such outrageous prices is because we are still paying for all the crazy spending Coz did there for years. This is one of the secrets Sniff feels confident no one will ever uncover, because he has been able to keep it on the down low for years. The leasing of all those broke down modulars makes sense, because the department didn’t have the money to buy them, but Sniff wouldn’t let like that get in his way. Another example of Sniff’s mismanagement and lack of concern for his fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayers.

  13. Huskey is also a person that offends your civil rights, when I called cross counrty to find out what happened in our family members unattended death, with NO investagation of that death, No notifing of next of kin, No report of that death, No taking the body of our family member to the medical examiner which mandates it, No release NO NOthing then find out they gave the body to a third party which had NO right to our family member then allowed a invasion of our family home and white collar crimes commented along with but not limited to comcealment of a death and a concealment of a possible Homcide for the conspiritors they allowed in the home, while the sheriifs taking pictures of our dead family member, as the conspirators stole our personal information SS numbers, began liquidation fo assets immediatley can prove with the insurance recordings and claims, when you have mandates of probate ,theft fraud, concealment need I say more, I feel sorry for the people under these types of abusing law inforcement, and when you bring it forward they violate a Federal law title 42 USC section 14141. Police Misconduct on a grand scale.

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