Mar 062018

Cop-Killer defense attorneys? Check.

Business Donor under investigation for Smog Check Fraud? Check.

A man who got popped for Prostitution? Check.

Another rich dude with a history of drug and alcohol related issues and domestic issues? Check.

A laundry list of subordinates? Check.

So why not add another to the hall of fame?

This stellar donor to Stan Sniff seems to have money for the Sheriff’s political campaign, but when it comes to paying his taxes?  Not so much.

Over $25,000 in tax liens!
He eventually paid off most of the tax liens (unsure if the Colorado lien was paid)
Lien 1 here, lien 2 here, lien 3 here, colorado lien here. It was brought to our attention that some phones and I pads were not displaying the screenshots.

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