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Why not? Sniff sides with the ACLU over deputies, endorses democrats and is deign to give people CCW permits, so why not take money from a former New Mexico Democrat Party Chair?

Perhaps Sheriff Sniff should have his donors investigated, like taking money from the attorney for the man who murdered the wife of one of his deputies and his endorsers like Roger Denman who got popped for Prostitution. And, of course there is always the mainstay, Mohammad Ali Mazarei.

Now, let’s add Johnny Cope to the list. He went in for $7,000 to the top law enforcement official in Riverside County. Cope is a major democrat donor. He is a past chairman of the Lea County New Mexico Democrat Party.

WE found a nice article about Mr. Cope. Let’s quote the article, shall we?

From a 2007 article about Cope:

But his rise to the top hasn’t been without troubles: business setbacks, a drug problem that led to jail time and a couple of stormy marriages that involved allegations of abuse.

He has also found himself under scrutiny in connection with a couple of state deals. One involved his work as a lobbyist for a prison contractor; the other a failed attempt by Cope and business associates to line up a $30 million loan guarantee for a fish farm in southern New Mexico.

When it comes to giving money to politicians, Cope doesn’t stop at the top. For last year’s elections alone, he and his companies contributed more than $170,000 to candidates for state office. All but one of the recipients was a Democrat. Because no good deed goes unnoticed in politics, Richardson made Cope the chairman of the powerful commission that oversees state road work.

Not a bad start, huh?

Cope’s cocaine use landed him in U.S. District Court in October 1987, charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession as a result of a federal sting. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months, spending his time in the Lea County jail in Lovington and at a Salvation Army halfway house in Roswell.

As someone sober over 15 years, I’d probably not make an issue of this, except that it appears Cope is still getting in trouble years later. Enter Wife #2:

During a separation, Rebecca Cope reported to police in November 1993 that she went to Cope’s home to discuss a settlement on a vehicle. She told police Cope had been drinking, became upset with her, pulled her into the living room area, choked her and struck her in the face.

A police report said Rebecca Cope had a swollen right cheek and eye area that was turning blue and that she had several scratch marks on the left side of her neck. The police officer who filled out the report said he didn’t contact Cope, and a search of court records didn’t turn up any charges in the incident.

Yikes. Then there is this much more recent issue.

A DUI in 2014. (The same year as Roger Denman getting popped for Prostitution)

Now, we have a pattern of substance abuse over 30 years complete with the legal issues that usually accompany it.

So, then what is the nature of Sheriff Sniff’s relationship with this guy? Why is Sheriff Sniff taking his money?


  6 Responses to “Stan Sniff Bad Donor Update #4 – DUI, Cocaine Possession, Domestic Abuse, former NM County Dem Party Chair Wrapped in to one”

  1. Don’t forget about campaign donations from Vanir Construction. Vanir has been donating since 2010 to Sniff. Guess what Vanir is building??? You guessed it, the new jail in Indio. Also recently received a nice little kickback….See here:

    Follow the money…….Usually leads to promotions, contracts, and Crony Capitalism

  2. On wait there’s more………..

    Albert A. Webb Associates, a civil engineering form has been investing in Sniff for the past few years. $1000+ invested in Sniff and in return they got a 7 million dollar contract for new Indio Jail construction. Albert A. Webb was also heavily involved in the Beaumont corruption scandal prosecuted by the DA. Here is their contract:

  3. Nice. They have the domestic violence in common. Definitely the Democrat side of politics even though he claims to be republican, he is not. Definitely follow the money with Stanley though. The sheriff’s department purchased a piece of property in Banning from his long time friend and owner of Hadley Date Farms, for 4 million dollars when Hadley was liquidating everything. The property was only valued at 2 million. County Counsel was against the purchase so the attorney was removed for being “an obstructionist.” Someone else that wanted a promotion was put in place to approve, then gave the thumbs up on the purchase. Stanley claimed it was for the SWAT team but the run down building was worthless and sat empty for years. The property profile at the county records is blank, shows no purchaser. I wonder how much of that money was returned to Stanley for the favor of buying a worthless piece of property from a close friend? How many deputies could he have hired? Who can say “conflict of interest” or “misuse of Govt funds.” I know the hacks from the Desert Sun and the PE follow this blog, do your damn jobs. The corruption with this piece of garbage keeps getting worse and worse. Diyoyo, you should do your best to convince the Narcissist in Chief to do the right thing and retire with you.

  4. I will have to second the motion by D. Shays. Billy Boy needs to convince Stalin to enter retirement land where legacies and reputations are saved. We only have three months to go before the election. Whats left of Stalin’s inflated ego will be drained. The examples of unethical failed leadership will continue. I saw a few weeks ago that someone mentioned the long lost but not forgotten civil trial of Scott Teutscher and the lies told on the stand. That dishonesty investigation of Capt. Stress Leave (Moreno Valley) had to go away because the truth would come out. I hope Stalin didn’t forget that his lies over the years are memorialized in google and you tube. That investigation that was never really “investigated” like he claimed, the copies of evidence that were made before Stalin was able to get rid of the original artwork, the sworn testimony of ethical cops that were not intimidated, yes Stalin all of that. Finally, after so many years it will all be let out of the bag for everyone to see and make up their own minds whether or not you, Pat, and Rod were meeting in shady motels outside the county (south of here) to figure out how you would convince Johnny T to swing that deciding vote. How you could threaten Bobby D to leave abruptly, and how the nasty little secrets of money laundering to illegally pay Winchell could be buried. I have done quite a bit of research, and it seems the statute of limitations has expired for everyone except Stalin. There just so happens to be an exception for a Public Official. I’m excited for the next few months.

    Since I retired there have been a couple times when I wished I still wore the tan and green. When I hear what Stalin has done to this great department, I am very glad I am not a part of it. It is past time for Stalin to go, I will honor my brothers and sisters who are still working and put my support behind Bianco.

  5. The truth regarding Sniff’s slimy, sweaty cash filled pockets just gets more and more insidious. What next?!? He had an affair with Stormy Daniels? We already know he’s married for “political” reasons and is seen nuts to butt with that unknown milf.

    These antics aren’t new though but when it is a sheriff, it is staggering. Politician gets fat, takes money from known criminals, shares same funds with huge contracts, and could give a gold shit about the people he should be taking care of. Our deputies have suffered too long under this rat.

    Funny how the local media doesn’t bite or investigate these stories. Sniff must have used some of this cash to grease the papers too.

    These stories are shared on social media though and looked at many, many voters who are learning NOT to vote for Sniff.

    What will it take to get this crook out of office? My fellow Departmemt members: WE MUST NOT VOTE FOR DER FÜRHER SNIFF AND VOTE FOR BIANCO!!

    The back door deals and sleight of hand maneuvers to keep the board of supervisors in the dark over how the taxpayer’s dollars are used is so damning. Add who Sniff promotes and rewards with memberships to the Eagle’s Nest: Diyoyo, Pecker Ray Wood, Reptile Purvis (coming soon), Dumb and Dumber from the desert stations, and so many more!!

    And if he is re-elected, watch the current ass clowns who are captains and lieutenants get their golden tickets to the Eagle’s Nest when the marionettes retire. Watch them get lottery size pensions and finagle TAP or consulting positions too.



  6. Oh wait there’s more…..

    Another Sniff crony is Albert Webb & Associates. They have donated $1000+ to Sniffy over the years. Albert Webb & Associates received their kickback in 2017 by receiving a $7 million dollar contract from the county for construction on the new Indio jail.

    It seemed a little odd to most department members that Sniff wanted a new jail. After Prop 47 and AB109, the county jail system had a huge drop in bookings; thus, less jail space was needed. Also it is known on the east end, deputies were told to start booking misdemeanor suspects into jail and disregard penal and vehicle sections that state the officer should cite/release a suspect. Deputies were told the bookings were necessary to justify building the new jail.

    Deputies on the west end were not told the same order. The Southwest Jail (AKA: Bird Cage) and RPDC (Aka: Rolled up patrol deputy center) were business as usual. To book a misdemeanor warrant suspect into the west end jails, the suspect needs at least 14 outstanding misdemeanor warrants, according to the department cite release denial form.

    So based on several factors, we can assume why the jail is being built:
    1. Sniff needs to satisfy his donors on the east end
    2. Sniff needs to keep the special interests groups on the east end happy, screw the west end.
    3. Sniff needs to keep his construction donors happy.

    Rumor is the board of supervisors did not want to build the new jail. That is why they are dragging their feet on giving funds for personnel.

    All starting to make sense now.

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