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Bob Epps. Apparently he is still running seminars for the County of Riverside. A close looks shows that his next seminar started yesterday 3/12/2018! It also appears that some of the presenters are employees of the County. None of these things are wrong in and of themselves, but when juxtaposed with the scandal we’ve uncovered on Epps, you have to wonder if that complicates attempts to bring Epps to justice for what he is alleged to have done.

Another luminary in the annuals of past posts is Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray Wood who posted a while back about his trip to Disneyland in some sort of lame response to his having been featured on this blog for visiting Chad Bianco for Sheriff events (but not Hemet Dave’s events). Lyndon Ray Wood has a long storied history.

One of the best Lyndon Ray Wood stories is a botched police chase that happened under his watch. A pursuit started in Jurupa Valley and ended in La Quinta. This is a distance of 80 miles (actual miles like we mention in the north state, not minutes which is how most people from socal measure things).

The chase featured several unmarked units. Apparently proper procedure is for two marked units and a Sergeant to participate. Now Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray Wood did not fix that situation which is a clear violation of department policy.

The suspect then barricaded himself in the car he was using for said chase. SWAT is called. They release a dog. Then a SWAT Team Member fires a beanbag. Another SWAT Team Member shoots the Suspect fatally. On Ray Wood’s watch.

The deputy that shot the suspect was cleared of wrongdoing because he indicated he thought the suspect was attacking the dog. That’s right, the dog. Bad tactics. a Chase done outside of department guidelines and Chief Deputy Lyndon Ray Wood at the helm. The deputy was removed from SWAT and reputedly assigned to the court or some sort of admin job.

These are the sorts of people in leadership and some wonder why the rank-and-file deputies want Stan Sniff gone.

Jason Horton is another Chief Deputy. He is alleged to have gotten away with a DUI recently, he is alleged to have cheated on an advancement exam sometime in the early 2000’s and is also alleged to have had sex with several trainees in the academy when he was an instructor there. These are the things that many deputies believe about Horton, and the resentments are made worse when you are reminded that Jason Horton’s father John Horton is very close to the Sheriff hence the connection to his rapid rise up the ranks under the tenure of Sniff.

What we have learned about day-to-day life in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office is that the morale has been shattered as the leaders of the department have basically been allowed to live their lives with no accountability whatsoever while those out of favor are targeted for termination. In most departments, folks like Epps, Wood and Horton would have been terminated years ago and in the case of Epps at least would have been thoroughly investigated for wrongdoing. Not true in Stan Sniff’s department.

P.S. Anyone with any information on any of these actors or others is encouraged to come forward, you can remain anonymous.

  5 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Despite Revelations Epps Still Running Seminars, Lyndon Ray Wood’s Botched Chase and the Curious Case of Jason Horton”


    Wood supervised the killing of an unarmed black man. The media never followed up with this.

  2. JM – I am aware of the fact that Wood is reputed to be a racist, however, thanks for bringing this incident up. I shall have to investigate and will write a post on it. The rank and file despise Wood.

  3. I’m sure Epps has positioned himself in that bomb job so firmly the department won’t bother spending anymore money to train a replacement. Hope Epps can sleep well at night knowing he is ripping off the department and the taxpayers. He will probably be a chief someday!!

    Pecker Ray Wood must’ve been under the influence of all that vag he was getting on the side. I heard syphilis will destroy brain cells and cause one to make silly mistakes—perhaps he should get himself scanned for STDs.

    His misdeeds and bad judgement does not surprise nor the fact he was later rewarded and sits high in the Eagle’s Nest. Look, when you’re part of the Führer’s regime, YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER!!

    That whole academy scandal caused several upstanding, handpicked jagoffs to transfer because they wanted to be thirty and flirty again. Don’t forget the two Tims: Timmy Brause & Timmy Elwell, they were having the time of their viagra injected members could stand.

    Speaking of academy shenanigans, Pecker Ray Wood’s wife also had quite a time during her academy – so much so she asked her classmates to cover for her if her then husband happened to ask where she was. She couldn’t keep her thighs closed with superglue.

    What fun the academy was back then! Don’t be too mad Ray, she’s getting sloppy seconds too!!

    Sniff needs to go. We can’t have him running this department like his pleasure cove where he can take what he wants, steal when he can, and allow his marionettes to suckle on his corrupt teats. You really want these turds to continue their nonsense?


  4. Fact: Jason Horton was screwing one of his trainees when he was a patrol FTO. Jason’s wife, Jackie, finds out and confronts the girl. There was a knife involved and higher ranking personnel got involved. Fact: Nothing happened and now Jason is a Chief Deputy and Jackie a lieutenant. I’m sure that was not the only trainee Jason had an affair with. RSO needs a new Sheriff and his name is Chad Bianco. We need to drain the swamp of the 2nd floor.

  5. Let’s not forget that the Horton’ s donated quite a bit of money to the Sniff campain and in return they were both promoted. This appears to be a common theme.

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