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We’ve detailed how the upper management of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office at the direction of Sheriff Stan Sniff and Undertaker Diyoyo (Undersheriff DiYorio) were manipulating overtime to stick the municipalities contracting with the Sheriff for police services with the more expensive overtime hours.

We’ve detailed how the Sheriff manipulates staffing at various stations in order to try and gain leverage over the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in budget arguments.

We’ve talked about how upper management including Diyorio are loathed by the rank and file. Christopher Brandon Ford, Joseph Cleary, Kevin Vest, Jason Horton, Lyndon Ray Wood and others just to name a few have received therapy and attention here on the right on daily blog for their actions.

Let’s introduce Geoff Raya, another of Stanley’s Chief Deputies. It is widely known that Geoff had a major medical issue in recent months that is being covered up, similar to the situation with Captain Tripod. The issue raised in this post is not about Mr. Raya’s stroke or the cover up of it. Rather, in March of 2017 when Raya was healthy, he was involved in a terrible law enforcement decision that had real world and almost immediate negative results for Rancho Mirage.

On or about 3-13-2017 the following happened:

646 Hours – Home Invasion Robbery Arrest: Rancho Mirage Police responded to the 100 block of Royal St. Georges Way (Mission Hills Country Club) in reference to a burglary in progress call. The victim found an unknown male inside her residence, stealing property. The suspect threatened the victim and then fled on foot.  Patrol units quickly established a perimeter around the country club, with several additional units circulating inside.  The suspect was located and apprehended at 0847 hours within the Mission Hills CC.  The suspect, Andrew Hebert, age 18 a transient of Cathedral City, was arrested and transported to a local hospital for an existing injury.  Due to the seriousness of the injury, Herbert was admitted into the hospital for further treatment.  Herbert will be booked into the Riverside County jail upon his release. File number S170720008

So the suspect perpetrated a home invasion (a felony), threatened to kill the homeowner (a felony) and then fled from police (a felony). In the course of the crimes, he cut his hand and it got infected. So what did Chief Deputy Geoff Raya do? Ordered him released after he was treated at the hospital.

What did the grateful suspect do?

On or about 3-19-2017:

20 Hours – Burglary Arrest: Rancho Mirage Police responded to the 100 block of Via San Lucia (Tuscany Country Club) in reference to a burglary in progress call.  The victim located the suspect inside his garage carrying property from the residence. The suspect dropped the property he had stolen and fled the area on foot. After an extensive search to include bloodhounds, a helicopter and calls from residents, the suspect was located hiding inside tamarisk trees at the cemetery west of Tuscany.  The suspect, Andrew Hebert, age 18 a transient of Cathedral City, was arrested for burglary and booked into the Riverside County Medical Ward in Moreno Valley. File number S170780014.

It is apparent that Chief Deputy Geoff Raya screwed up as he is alleged to have ordered the felon released to try and save money. Felons do what Felons do, re-offend.

The next question is where was the Rancho Mirage City Council in this? They have oversight of the contract. Councilmember Iris Smotrich is now running for re-election in Rancho Mirage where she is supposed to have direct oversight of the Sheriff’s Department as a whole. This is going to be a campaign issue, especially since it is reputed that Iris is close to Sheriff Sniff and Ali Mazarei. Personally, I don’t really care who her friends are but the fact that she has been pictured prominently with Stan Sniff, has endorsed him and donated to him is a concern when juxtaposed with the fact that her own city has been negatively affected by the decisions made on his watch.

You can expect that if Iris gets elected to her next office, she will support the Status Quo and the abuses of Rancho Mirage will continue unchecked.

Michael Harrington is challenging the establishment in Rancho Mirage. If you desire a real change in Rancho Mirage, you need to reject Iris and elect someone from outside the in crowd of politics in the desert.

Bonus, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Palm Desert combine to contribute 30% of the Sheriff’s Budget and the above is what they get in return. Perhaps this is why ‘the desert’ is the one area of the county where Stan Sniff appears to care about. Interesting, isn’t it?

Riverside Confidential rolls on soon…

P.S. Anyone with any information on any of these actors or others is encouraged to come forward, you can remain anonymous.

  3 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: Another contract city gets screwed over, Rancho Mirage. We endorse Michael Harrington for City Council”

  1. He signs autographs? What a clown! How about showing up to work once in a while and putting your name on some legitimate department work. At least Lt. Bianco still writes child abuse investigations for victims, arrest reports, etc.; not because he has to but because he wants to make a difference. Maybe if Stan didn’t politic 24/7 he would know what his chiefs fail to do and fail not to do. Stan does not care about the desert. He cares about the rich donors that live there, and he has been lying to them for 10 years.

  2. Such a narcissist that Sheriff’ Sniff. Such a control freak losing control. If you had stuck by your people, Sniff, you wouldn’t have so many turn that mirror back in your face. It’s too late now to do the right thing, you have shown your true colors and now it’s time to pack your bag, take all the sweaty cash you can, and walk.

    Oh, and don’t forget your Sharpie.

  3. If the desert contract cities knew that they are paying for deputies to respond/assist/patrol the unincorporated areas on their dime, I’m sure they would be pissed, let alone the residents of the cities who think they are getting policing services

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