Mar 042018

Let me start by saying I have known Bonnie Gore for 18 years. Then known as Bonnie Mertus, she worked for State Senator Rico Oller. I’ve always known Bonnie to be a solid Christian and a Conservative.

She is currently a Roseville City Council Member and is well respected in the community. Most everyone I trust is supporting Bonnie.

Her opponent, Jack “Chief Ganja” Duran got elected 8 years ago due to a nothing scandal that did not even result in an investigation. Like most democrats, Duran relied on voter anger and his willing lackeys in the local media to carry him over the finish line. One of the people sure to be editorializing on Duran’s behalf is featured here.

Jack Duran has taken thousands from extreme left-wing organizations. He is a trial lawyer who makes tens of thousands of dollars from indian tribes. He used to wear a pony tail until he realized he was in a tough re-election fight, then cut it off. This is probably the reason why his Mazaratti is parked in the garage as well. The spouse of his county staffer is a huge pot lobbyist and not coincidentally, Duran failed in an attempt to turn Placer County in to a Marijuana Cultivation center.

Bonnie Gore could not be far more opposite than Jack Duran. While Jack Duran is reputedly threatening people because he is sweating his re-election, Bonnie Gore is charming people.

Do expect that I will take a break from my regularly scheduled posts on the Riverside County Sheriff’s Race, the Governor Race or the Lt. Governor Race to set fire to Jack Duran, because it is a public service to my home Supervisory District in West Roseville.

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