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Again, similar to parts two and three, this is anonymous. If you have not figured it out yet, Sniff is acting like a tin-horn dictator and has instilled a culture of fear in the department. This belies the false public image he is attempting to project as he dons his Sheriff Hat and goes to events looking happy.

You may need to read this twice or more to fully understand the effect of Stan Sniff’s failed leadership.

Although I personally do not work for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, it has been a major part of my life for many years.  I hear all the bad, all the good, all the gossip, all the rumor.  I suffer through holidays, spend many nights alone, and dread the cell phone.  I have spent years reading the RSA All Points bulletin and never has it crossed my mind to contribute; until now.

Ten years ago, I remember my husband telling me how he thought many of the wrongs with the department would be righted with the appointment of a new Sheriff.  His excitement quickly ended as people were being fired, forced to retire, or forced to lateral after seeing the writing on the wall.  I remember him saying “this guy is 10 times worse. He does the same thing or more than the last guy but he denies it.  At least Doyle was honest about it.” (Blogger’s note – Doyle is the former sheriff who left office in a cloud of scandal)

I paid close attention to the 2010 election and it became obvious to me the current sheriff lacked the basics of integrity.  From seeking “re-election” to getting caught in what seemed to be lies, or at least “untruths” during debates, it was obvious the code of ethics, that I had heard my husband recite so many times, was lost on this guy.  Fast forward four years to the 2014 election.  This one was different.  My husband was different, his friends were different, their spouses were different.  They were all afraid.  Let me say that a different way:  Men and women who strap on guns, chase bad guys, and sometimes fight for their lives, were now afraid.  What were they afraid of Facebook.

At first, I was skeptical.  I was told they were afraid for their promotions, special assignments, and of being transferred.  They were afraid to voice their opinion, speak their mind, raise concerns, or agree with anything the opponent said.  What was worse, not only were they afraid to speak out, they forbid their spouses from “liking” things on Facebook, being “friends” with the wrong people, or saying anything that could remotely effect their jobs.  Could this really be happening in a professional organization of brave men and women?

After the election, it became completely apparent that all of their fears were legitimate.  Lieutenant Bianco was mysteriously swept into a black hole only to reappear in Hemet three years later.  Some of our friends, or their husbands, were transferred, skipped on promotion lists, and kept from teaching at the academy.  Many people began to retire early, and now it seems I am constantly being told of deputies transferring to other departments.  The 2018 election is upon us, and I am happy to see Lieutenant Bianco is running again.  I am happy to see that RSA is behind him, but I am noticing on Facebook that people are still afraid.

I don’t like rumors, so I have obtained all my information first hand.  Yes, Lt. Bianco was transferred.  Yes, he sat for 799 days doing nothing after being stripped of all responsibility.  I thought the rumor of his whiteboard tally was just that, but I saw a picture of it.  He was prevented from engaging other employees, he was prevented from entering any department buildings.  He was even told which restrooms he could use.  All this and more because he decided to run for political office.  I had to wonder, does my husband work for a professional law enforcement agency or is it the middle school playground?

A few months back, I saw a Facebook post from a former employee that included a screenshot of a conversation between her and Sheriff Stan Sniff after she confronted him for what he did to an employee to waste money while at the same time talking of budget cuts.  The sheriff denied it.  His exact word was “nonsense.”  Well, I don’t claim to be an investigator or anything special, but I do know a flat out lie when I hear one.

Now that Lt. Bianco has chosen to run again, the director of this childish school yard drama began Act II.  Lt. Bianco now sits in Hemet doing nothing while the sheriff tells of budget woes.  Deputies in Hemet are sometimes by themselves, but Lt. Bianco cannot help them with calls, back them up, assist any member of the public, or handle any calls for service.   Not only can he not drive a black and white, he cannot even wear his uniform.   I saw the post his wife made on Facebook so I know the sheriff saw it too.   I can’t wait for him to deny it, because if he hasn’t already, inevitably he must.  It is that, or he has to admit to the public he cares nothing about safety and service, only about revenge and retaliation.  Either way, it will be another lie in what seems to be the norm from a person that cannot remember the code of ethics.

I am writing this to tell all of you that enough is enough.  Stand up for what is right.  If he is childish enough to treat employees the way he has treated Lt. Bianco for exercising the same right he did in the past, is Sniff really fit to be the Sheriff?  I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure what he has done is illegal.  I also think that he is not the most honest person in the room.  One thing I know for sure, he is not fit to lead a professional law enforcement organization.

For me and my husband, we will support Lt. Bianco.  I have spoken to him, I have read about him, and I have asked many employees past and present about him.  We have now liked all of his Facebook posts and signed up on his website to assist with the election.  Both of us even donated $99.00.  I am not afraid to put my name to this letter but when Sheriff Sniff reads it, I want him to wonder who wrote it, and I want him to know that I am one of many.  This isn’t just my husband’s department, it is mine too.  We will do everything in our power to make it better, and we will not be afraid.

Stan Sniff needs to go. Period. To be continued…

  5 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Mass Retaliation Against Sheriffs Deputies and Lieutenants Part 4 – Wife of Affected Deputy Speaks Out Powerfully”

  1. BRAVO to this brave wife. I too have spoken to RSO wives, husbands, current and former deputies who shared nightmarish stories of Sheriff Sniff and his mafia style gang. When a sheriff exercises this kind of fear mongering over dedicated LEOs via tampering with PERS, transfers, firings, and burying good officers in basements, and let’s not forget Sniff hiring Deputy Purvis who left Banning because he suffered such ‘severe mental stress’ he could no longer do his job as Police Chief….it’s a clear sign “The Boss” has gone off the rails.

    Where the hell have Riverside’s Supervisors been all these years regarding this runaway train? It’s not like they didn’t know about the complaints. We know most of them have called Sniff when they or a family member were pulled over for traffic violations, or flashing a bogus recalled Deputy badge in a road rage incident with no citations written.

    Is it our illustrious leaders that foster Sniff’s behavior? Why would ANYONE OF THEM endorse his reelection? Surely there is some monetary benefit or code that the Supes will leave Sniff alone if he leaves them, their family and friends alone.

    Leaders are elected to exemplify integrity, and high standards to earn the trust of their constituents through their everyday actions. Their actions set the tenor of respect and pride in one’s city.

    We’re not seeing any of this at the County level in Riverside and it’s trickling down to city leaders. Is it any wonder that Riverside County and Riverside Sheriff Department is at this crossroad?

  2. Every damn word is true! Sniff is a POS!

  3. Fear is how Sniff and his staff have been ruling the past several years. I know a sergeant who vented her dismay when she was confronted about attending a party a friend had. She did nothing wrong but someone Sniff didn’t like attended. She felt her career was most definitely in jeaporty now. FEAR is what they do!

  4. I have to tip my hat to Chad Bianco for having the courage and intestinal fortitude to go through all of this again. He could have thrown in the towel and sailed off into the sunset, but when he was approached and asked if he would be willing to be the savior of the men and women who work for this department, he agreed to set his personal life aside and fight the good fight. Even after being persecuted by Sniff and locked away in the basement for several years to teach him a lesson, he was still willing to lay it all on the line and run for Sheriff again.

    He only lost by 12% of the vote last time, which worried Sniff a great deal. This time will be much different because it is already clear that BIANCO has 10 times the amount of support he had last time and he continues to gain momentum. This has Sniff so worried that he is ordering all of his at-will employees to follow Chad around and try to intimidate him or any of his supporters. They are acting like childish schoolyard bullies, sometimes a bully needs a good punch in the nose to help them get their minds right.

  5. Great article, so true, did my wife write it, sounds like her. After 20+ years of impeccable service I get terminated for an alleged fb post that I never saw. I was almost water boarded by bostrom and his termination/interrogation tactics

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