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Blogger’s Note: While I disagree vehemently with the deputy’s characterization of the KPMG Audit of Riverside County’s Finances, however that is really aside from the main point. We will highlight the key parts for emphasis:

As we conclude our negotiations and are likely to be imposed upon; I noticed a change in demeanor amongst our sergeants and station administrators.  More so, as we enter an election year with Sheriff Sniff being challenged by Lieutenant Chad Bianco.  Supervision have made it clear that no political discussions are to take place while on duty.  No verbal endorsement expressed to the public or campaign signs. Okay, I understand and will comply with these directives. But off-duty advocate for who you support as it is our right free from intimidation to promote the candidate each of believe in.

However, I have over heard a few of our sergeants and lieutenants talking within ear shot about negotiations and what is anticipated to be a very heated election for Sheriff. I concluded that LEMU is concerned how bad a contract they will get and believe KPMG is dictating the course of negotiations with the county’s approval.  If I may opine off topic, KPMG is making a lot of money off the backs of all county employees.  Really, the Board of Supervisors isn’t intelligent enough to do their own audit in an effort to save money?  Instead they pay KPMG millions of dollars…

I have read a lot about rumors in the RSO Reader and wonder where are these rumors were originating from.  At my station I never heard of these rumors and frankly don’t care.  But since we are on the topic of rumors, I heard Sheriff Sniff directed his captains to speak with their lieutenant have them sign a 3×5 card pledging their support.  This rumor quickly became fact when I overheard lieutenants talking about feeling pressured to sign the card.  I felt bad for the lieutenants because as an RSA member, I am not intimidated to support anyone, I am just asked to vote on whom to endorse without fear of retaliation. I Guess LEMU is an arm of the Sheriff to do what he wants with, like demand an endorsement.

Another rumor I heard is that those who supported Lieutenant Chad Bianco in past and honorably retired were not afforded a retirement badge.  The speculation is that being presented a retirement badge is Sheriff Sniff’s decision to or not to.  Well, after 25-30 years of honorable service a retiree should get a badge regardless of the candidate he or she supports.  It’s about protecting and serving the community, citizens and our Department.   If unfortunate and I apologize for not signing my name, but I don’t want to get transferred from my current station for expressing my opinion as afforded to me under the United States Constitution.  I hope you understand my position.  As an employee, do you feel you are being intimidated to support Sheriff Sniff?  Especially, if you are on the promotional list…Vote who you believe in and keep it to yourself.

This is clear:

  1. Sniff is strong-arming Lt’s to sign endorsement cards (remember LT’s and Captains are considered “management” thus they are not union members).
  2. Sniff is retaliating against retirees by withholding common honors from them. This would be similar to not presenting a 20 or 30 year military man with a flag at their retirement ceremony.
  3. This employee is clearly fearful of intimidation and is also clear he has seen others get forcibly transferred to worse duty stations.

Now ask yourself, how can Sheriff Sniff be an effective Sheriff with this kind of culture? Perhaps this is why crime is spiking up significantly in Riverside County.

  3 Responses to “Stan Sniff Update: Mass Retaliation Against Sheriffs Deputies and Lieutenants Part 3, Anonymous Sheriff Deputy Speaks Out”

  1. One of the very unfortunate truths of why the Board of Supervisors felt it was necessary to hire KPMG to conduct an audit is that Sheriff Sniff has never been honest with them about the way he spends taxpayers’ money. Every time they asked for information, it was watered down by his executive staff and the only information passed on had to be vetted by the Sheriff, so he could show what he wanted to and hide what he didn’t want them to know. Even in the early stages of KPMG’s audit, when information was requested from each station, the strict orders handed down to captains was not to give KPMG any information directly, but to ensure it was submitted to an Assistant Sheriff and then they would determine what KPMG could receive. It seems if the Board of Supervisors was able to trust Stan Sniff to be honest and truthful, they wouldn’t have felt the need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a consulting firm to audit him. Unfortunately, the troops are caught in the middle of this political struggle, and once again, the crux of the problem is Stan Sniff. The entire Sheriff’s department is crying out for new leadership and Sniff refuses to step down, because he has no other life and he loves power. The troops need new leadership and Chad Bianco is the man who can provide that leadership. When morale is high, many problems fix themselves because you have more productive employees who feel a pride of ownership in the department they represent. The message to Sheriff Sniff is please do the honorable thing and step down. The message to the voting public is please vote for Chad Bianco in June 2018, and thank you for supporting your law enforcement officers.

  2. This is typical “Department Protocol”, Sniff has directed his “PSB” staff, as well as his other minions that he has ROCKETED (pension spiking for friends and criminals with badges)up the chain of command.
    Just this past weekend LT. Bill Sullivan (Maybe just retired), was in a domestic disturbance (read: 273.5pc) with his wife. It was clear that an assault had taken place, however a sheriff’s sergeant responded to the crime, at the Sullivan residence. Typically, nothing was done (even when department policy and the penal code requires an arrest).
    It wasn’t until later, when the wife reported that Lt. Sullivan (so distraught, that he was going to be arrested and or prosecuted), attempted to commit suicide. Thankfully he thought better of it, and only blew his cheek out.
    If this had been a deputy sheriff or any citizen, this would have made the news. A deputy would face severe discipline, “up to and including termination). In the Coachella Valley, not a word has been said. Sad, very sad that our elected official is allowed to commit crimes with impunity. In fact people at the station level were ordered not to talk about it.
    The news outlets in Riverside County do not report against the Sheriff. Wonder what he has threatened them with.

    Signed Obviously,
    The Corporal with no name.

  3. Isn’t there federal laws being violated with regards to voting intimidation? Sniff and his staff remind me of Al Capone influencing elections with intimidation tactics. To order the rank and file NOT to offer their political opinions on duty I understand, but no American should feel worried when they oppose a candidate for public office. So if a department member has a “Vote for Bianco” bumper sticker on his or her car, they will face some disciplinary action as a result of it? The tension and workplace intimidation for these poor deputies are under must be awful and they have an uncaring, violent public to face everyday!

    Too bad there is no record or tangible proof of the 3×5 scandal or any member of upper management warning their staff to “be careful who you’re seen with” in photos.

    Perhaps a #metoo movement for RSO is in order to let the public know what kind of mafia tactics are going on.

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