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What If I told you that in 2015, there were 800 CCW Permits in all of Orange County, yet over 9,300 today? Wouldn’t that make you wonder what Stan Sniff’s problem is in Riverside? Orange County went to a municipal bankruptcy in the 1990’s and is only marginally better off than Riverside County. Yet, Somehow they have figured out how to have a 10-fold increase in CCW Permits to accommodate demand.

A little more than 2½ years ago, there only were about 800 active CCW permits in Orange County, with two professional staff members handling the application process.

Now there are more than 9,300 active CCW permits in O.C. — an avalanche-like surge in demand that has forced the creation of an entire department within the OCSD, the Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) Licensing Unit, which employs more than two-dozen sworn and professional staff.

Applicants for CCWs run the gamut, from students to owners of Fortune 500 businesses to plumbers, lawyers and elected officials.

In 2009, in one of Sheriff Sniff’s many arguments with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Sniff was admonished to start issuing more CCW Permits. Back then, there were about 500 of them. Today, there are about 2700 – 3.5 times less than Orange County over a period of time three times as long. This is a key quote from the 2009 article:

According to Undersheriff Valerie Hill, roughly 500 county residents have concealed carry permits. “We take (the issuance of permits) very seriously,” she told the board. “Every time we issue a permit, it’s a liability for the county.”

Got it? The allegedly pro-gun sheriff looks at CCW Permits as a liability. Wrong answer, but this is the answer of a Richard Roth endorsing anti-gun liberal. People have been banging the CCW permit drum for nearly 10 years and the Sheriff has ignored them.

Stone highlighted the prospective release of 27,000 inmates in the next six months from California prisons and the impact that might have on public safety as one of the motivating factors behind the resolution, which Sheriff Stan Sniff has the option — but not the obligation — to act upon.

In 2009, then Supervisor Jeff Stone was sounding the alarm over “Fed Kicks” and their effect on crime. As we’ve written about ,the Sheriff did not plan to staff jails or address this problem either. This has been a consistent failure pattern with Sheriff Sniff and we will have more to say about the legacy of his leadership on enforcement and incarceration.

Back to Orange County:

Now, Stiverson says, the OCSD — after staffing up and relocating the CCW Licensing Unit to larger offices — usually is able to see an applicant for his or her initial CCW appointment within two to six months depending on fluctuations in public demand and unit staffing levels. The agency’s target goal is to reduce initial appointment wait times to less than two months.

Sheriff Sniff’s department sees wait times of at least 24 months. (Unless you are a “friend” of the sheriff) We’ve documented these horrendous wait times in several articles. The Orange County Sheriff’s department provides an interesting contrast. The bungling of Sheriff Sniff has also caused several cities to spend some of their limited resources processing CCW permits at their local level as well.

If Sheriff Sniff was truly committed to issuing CCW permits to anyone that is not a donor or a buddy, he’d have addressed the issue in a similar manner to Orange County. Nowhere in the Orange County article do you hear their department calling CCW permits a “liability”. This contrast is yet another reason for people once supportive of the Sheriff to fire him from office.

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  1. I do not know what it is going to take for people to finally admit to themselves that Stan Sniff is simply a pathological liar. He will say whatever he has to say at the time, what ever is politically correct at the time, or whatever will benefit him the most. I read on Lt. Bianco’s facebook page where he broke the numbers down. He said he was using Sniffs own numbers from a news paper article of 600 when he took office to 3000 now. 2400 increase in the 10 years he has been sheriff. That is only 240 a year. I know the deputies that work there, and I know they can process more than 240 a year. (Thats only 120 each) That should be embarrassing to anyone that claims to be pro 2A. I also have a friend who tried to get a CCW in 2014 and it took until 20016 until he was denied, so its also a lie about the backlog being caused by the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in December of 2015. The hacks (Bender and Horseman) at the PE simply continue their love affair with Sniff and refuse to call him what he is. Its not just this, its everything Sniff comments about: The budget, CCW’s, KPMG, staffing, it just goes on and on and on……..

  2. During his reign, the sheriff has never politicked to his troops directly, although many are registered voters. As he ignores those that make up the heart of any department, he rewards those he hand picks to do his biddings and leaves deputies to fend for themselves with minimum staffing levels. Balance the budget through personnel who leave, retire, etc., and continue to staff the 2nd floor with imbeciles while forcing deputies to work overtime? What management model are you following? Edward Smith’s (the captain of the Titanic)?

    RSO has always “done more with less,” which is why so many laterals from other agencies come and leave quickly after they realize how much work a deputy sheriff conducts during his or her shift. Our deputies are the best, well-rounded coppers because of all the calls we handle on a daily basis.

    The current administration shows their appreciation for this hard work by depleting man power in the name of budget cuts and claims the board doesn’t cooperate by providing more funds. This leaves our deputies vulnerable and overworked, not to mention compounding their stress levels in an extremely dangerous job.

    I understand every sheriff has to balance politics, appeasing the citizens he or she is sworn to protect, and placating their staff with finesse. Our sheriff has tilted this scale by ignoring his department members, putting his citizens at risk, and politicking for his personal gain. He hasn’t showed his face in any station in, like, forever. Probably because he realizes no one respects him, and those in upper management are too scared to rise up and have their own voice, especially those compelled to pledge allegiance to him on a 3×5 card (WTF?).

    Not one private entity would have put up with this example of poor management. That CEO would’ve been out the door immediately.

    A two year backlog?!? Why? Given the amount of apps that amounts to over 2000, a reasonable person would staff more than the two deputies assigned to process them. Anyone with common sense and the desire to provide the citizens basic services would think of placing a CSO or any number of deputies on light duty to help them out. But that’s too much work when the priority is transferring people who have been blacklisted for going against the tide.

    Another example of “doing more with less,” and leaving his personnel to fend for themselves.

    Low staffing levels, empty jail, low morale, and unsafe beat areas: this is his legacy. Leaving the department in worse shape than when he magically appeared over a decade ago.

    Help make this department a better place. Rally behind Bianco. Get out there and vote!

  3. Please share these blogs with your people. Thank you for reading it is people like you that keep me going.

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