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Remember the cheating scandal as broken on the Right on Daily Blog 1/22/2018? Someone sent a copy of the almost the entire file to the Desert Sun. Your intrepid blogger broke the story, but we had to exercise caution, because unlike the New York Times or the Washington Post who use anonymous sources as cover to write whatever they want, we do not have millions to pay Attorneys at Right on Daily. So we wrote the following:

Then we have the well-known case of a cheating scandal on advancement exams, Note, once again people worried about being identified. What is central in this cheating scandal is Jason Gxxx being promoted, as his wife is a $120k a year administrative assistant to the Sheriff. The correspondence I got continues:

(Source deleted) …150 deputies were caught up in it. Because of the scope of it, admin stopped the Investigators from identifying more and told them to only investigate the ten worst offenders. All offenders were given 16 hours of discipline including one who was caught outright lying, normally a firing offense. Included in this group was a Deputy named Jason Gxxx. Gxxx is married to (XX), Sniff’s $120k a year secretary. Not only was Gxxx allowed to stay on the promotion list, he was promoted to the very rank he cheated to get in November. The promotion list just came out for this last testing cycle, and Gxxx finished very high on the Sergeants list and will likely promote to that rank.

We thank the Desert Sun for blowing the lid off the scandal with a very long and detailed article.

Two and a half years ago, an internal investigation at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department uncovered that 25 employees attempted to cheat their way to a higher rank by sharing questions and answers from a confidential promotional exam.

While the number of deputies involved is the subject of debate because Stan Sniff halted the investigation in order to cover it up, the point stands. This creates a “Brady Issue” mess because now people can have their convictions overturned due to the impugned integrity of the cheaters. I have been told at least one public defender is filing motions related to the two people outed in the Sun Article. If they read this blog they will have a third name, I suppose.

Please also note that Lance Colmer, mentioned in the article is reputed to be the investigator who was handed the Walter Cole file as part of the attempt we wrote about to lynch Cole.

Earlier in the week, Stan Sniff got used like a punching bag. People’s frustrations are boiling over with the malfeasance and mismanagement of the out of control tyrant.

State Senator Jeff Stone blasted Stan Sniff on his Facebook Page. That takes courage, because Sniff responds in kind and Stone has skin in the game so to speak.

“My friends, the Sheriff Stan Sniff I would select then and know and work with, is NOT the same Sheriff Stan Sniff I see today,” Stone wrote. “I have heard from many of his troops who are concerned and ironically relay some of the same complaints then deputy Stan Sniff had with his predecessor!”

Stone continued: While some handle power responsibly, “a small number actually let the power go (to) their heads making their public endeavors more complicated and problematic.”


Then supervisor John Taviglione who has inexplicably endorsed Hemet Dave, was quoted in two articles unloading on Stan Sniff.

Supervisor Rips On Sheriff About Financials, Calls Him ‘Child’

Riverside County supervisor tells sheriff to ‘man up’ and fix budget overruns

“Our elected sheriff is living in the 20th century,” Tavaglione said. “He is unable to manage his organization in an effective way. The sheriff is sitting back, like a child, and continues to demand more funds that we don’t have. We keep telling him that, over and over like a broken record. It’s the damn truth.”

It really sucks to be Sheriff Sniff. The local media is waking up to his legacy of failure. We’ve been hammering Sniff for his mismanagement of the Sheriff’s department since we took the case in October. To those of you that have been hurt by this guy, help is here. We will continue to break stories and expose the dark underbelly of the second floor gulag as we march towards the forced retirement of a failed Sheriff.

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  9 Responses to “Stan Sniff special update! Local media awake to his legacy of failure – Sniff gets slammed four times, including a major scandal”

  1. Good evening
    This is not the first time the sheriff has covered up cheating. We have the two Hortons, husband Jason and wife team who were caught cheating on promotional exams I believe it was 2003: Nothing happened to them. In fact the male is now a chief deputy for the department and his wife is a captain. Promote the cheaters and they will lie for the sheriff and screw others when necessary or when told to.
    You need to keep working on Cornett and his partner, Tony pelato who last year trumped up charges on deputy Donald brooks, arrested him for a crime Rialto police investigated, determ8ned it unfounded.got him fired and it still hasn’t gone to court I don’t think he has been arraigned yet. Cornett lied on the affidavit Yeah men of integrity my ass.

  2. Tony must have forgotten all the turmoil he put his family through when he was fired and had to crawl through the mud to get his job back. Sounds like TP wants to go through some mud again by not standing up to do his job proper. Even being a master didn’t earn him the respect a real cop deserves.

  3. “Our elected sheriff is living in the 20th century,” “He is unable to manage his organization in an effective way.

    While some handle power responsibly, “a small number actually let the power go (to) their heads making their public endeavors more complicated and problematic.”

    These quotes say it all! They are from 2 politicians who were at one time very close to Sniff. They have both watched Sniff become drunk with power and watched his level of corruption grow. More and more people are bringing the truth to the forefront because they are fed up with Sniff’s corrupt administration and they want Sniff gone.

    Sniff’s administration is beginning to crumble and the time has come to bring it down, sift through the rubble, and begin to rebuild. Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!

  4. Does anyone know that when Stan was first appointed Sheriff (yes he was appointed and not elected his first time) he had the armory staff purchase him two fully automatic MP5 machine guns. That’s right, Riverside County tax payers bought the new Sheriff two machine guns. What’s interesting is that the MP5 is not even on the list of approved weapons for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Deapartment, but Stan Sniff has two of them.

  5. I would be willing to bet that Ali Baba knows all about those MP5’s. Considering that he has access to the BCTC Range as a civilian he likely has shot them. Guess that’s wht happens when you pay $50k to the campaign!

  6. I would bet a paycheck that Ali Baba the smog fraud knows all about those guns Silent. Seeing how he is the only civilian in the county that openly brags about his access to the Sheriff’s range. Access that even deputies cannot have. How much you want to bet that he has shot them with his buddy Stan using ammo that taxpayers bought? $50k can get you a whole lot of bennies huh Goat boy?

  7. I like how Ali is on Facebook slamming RSA and Masson for representing those who were caught up in the cheating scandal. Hey Ali idiot, that’s what unions do, they represent their members. Just like everyone is intitled to an attorney if they were arrested. However, ignorant Ali has nothing to say about Stan Sniff still promoting those who cheated, ala Jason Gore.

  8. Ali is a legend in his own head. He likes to think he has political clout and frequently flaunts his friendship with Stan to deputies that respond to his businesses for calls. What he is too dumb to realize is that once Stan’s use for him ends, Stan won’t be going to his house for belly dancing fundraisers.

  9. This isn’t even the biggest scandal. There has to be someone with knowledge and willing to break the biggest of all…. the one that put Stalin in office. He sold his ethical soul to the devil when he illegally destroyed evidence preventing the arrest, prosecution, and prison time of Pat McNamara and cronies. What was the “whistleblowers” name that got screwed??? He won in civil court after Dave “I can not tell the truth” Kurylowitz perjured himself on stand so bad the judge felt sorry for him and made him step down. Yes the same Dave that Stalin promoted to Lt. and Captain. So we have cheaters, thieves, and liars that prosper in Stalins department, yet sheriffs admin can not figure out why morale is in the toilet.

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