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Disclaimer – since there are lawyers floating around writing demand letters (It’s only February, imagine what May is going to be like!) and people scurrying around trying to cover themselves – let me disclaim this entire post as the opinion of the editor and therapist of the RightonDaily Blog. There are a few people I don’t like very much (based on what I’ve learned), and hopefully when I am done writing about this race for Riverside Sheriff most of the voters won’t either…

I started blasting Stan Sniff in October of 2017. After roughly 11 weeks of lighting Sniff up people in Riverside County started taking notice and coming forward. Now there is a full-blown insurrection, and the traffic on this blog is shattering previous records.

Immediately, I was struck by the abject fear of many. It was unnerving to see hardened veterans of years of service within the Sheriff’s Department who deal with Blood and Gore afraid of the Sheriff and his retaliation. What also struck me was the decimated morale within the ranks as well.

One of the biggest issues brought up repeatedly was the culture of promotions being largely subjective. In particular almost everyone I communicated with complained about the cheating scandal. I started writing about it three weeks before someone leaked the Internal Affairs file to the local media. The issue with the cheating scandal is the cover up and the resulting legal issues related to anyone convicted of a crime based on the testimony of anyone involved.

Just recently, there were a spate of promotions. Several of them appear to have been “Friends of Stan”. Similarly, within recent history, a lot of senior management promotions were clearly political. Still other good people were taking lateral transfers to other agencies or simply retiring to get out from under the tyranny. There seems to be no middle ground, either you are in the bag for the Sheriff or you are an outcast.

Names like Leonard Purvis, Jason Horton, Ray Wood, Kevin Vest, Mark Bostrom, Ali Mazarei and a host of others have made their way on to this blog. A tyrant like Sheriff Sniff needs enablers and hatchet men. Nicknames like Captain Tripod and Eggplant underscore the absurdity of how the department is run under Sheriff Sniff.

I’ve learned about cover-ups of investigative failures, suicide attempts, fraud, embezzlement, politically motivated investigations, officer involved shootings and an array of corruption. I’ve written one story out of every 10 I’ve been informed about as the ever-present threat of libel lawsuits is real. A good example is that it is common knowledge within the department that CCW permit issuance is subjective and friends of Stan get their permits issued much faster than the rest of us (who even after a two year wait get mostly declined).

Sheriff Sniff has failed under every objective measure of what a Sheriff should be:

He has proven he can’t manage his budget

He refuses help

He threatens innocent people

He manipulates duty rosters and jail staffing in an attempt to gain political advantage

He claims to be pro-gun, yet refuses to process CCW requests like other counties

He covers up corruption

He destroys careers of people with differing opinions

He has fostered a culture of immorality within the ranks of his senior management

He even participated in an attempt to destroy the Banning police department

Stan Sniff has proven that he is unworthy of public trust and should be fired post-haste (if not prosecuted as well).

The RightonDaily Blog is writing things we believe to be true when we write them. We’ve been validated in two major ways, the Cheating Scandal was blown completely open and the Leonard Purvis – Stan Sniff conspiracy to eviscerate the Banning Police Department to turn it in to a franchise of the Sheriff’s Office being the other. We even broke the news about the $300K check to Chad Bianco on 1/29/2018 some 2 1/2 weeks before is was written on 2/14/2018.

Stay tuned, we believe that more of the issues we are writing about and disclaiming as being from anonymous sources will come to the forefront with evidence.

  2 Responses to “Riverside Sheriff’s Race Update – A Commentary, What Have We Learned?”

  1. Purvis – the one who still had litigation against his former dept but was hired anyway? No other person on the planet would be hired as a lateral if they had current or past litigation. His background packet wasn’t completed anyway, it was just ordered stopped and hire. Sad. No one on the rsd trusts him and hes not a leader.
    Horton- also investigated by internal affairs for cheating on the promotion exam by giving his wife the answers. maybe this is why sniff didn’t fire anyone, because one of his henchmen did the same thing and didn’t get fired. everyone knows theres a culture of passing on ‘hints’ about the tests, just ask anyone who was on a oral panel over the years. as the test week goes on, the scores get better. hmmm, i wonder why. this has gone on for over 20+ years.
    Sniff – covers up corruption? Yup. he had his very own rampart scandal, called the thermal scandal. if it were completely uncovered, it would be worse than rampart. even after everyone had to go to a lecture about the rampart scandal. very funny. proves his lack of leadership and the lack of leadership by his executive staff. sniff can’t fix the old defunct evals. sniff had been unable to build a reserve program with reserve deputies to help the understaffed stations…unlike our surrounding agencies. are there any reserves left? sniff has been unable to fix the time spent in jails by sworn unlike surrounding agencies. heck, even ocsd who was known for the longest jail times fixed that problem. why? cuz like mr park said, he refuses help (because hes too arrogant?). the rsd,s best talent has left because of the jail times and low morale and stan saying they get paid too much, and the environment of unfairness. he can’t even put people who live in the west end in west end stations and people in east end in east end stations. so they leave. he puts newly promoted sgts on the street while others go to the jail and languish in that toxic jail environment for years and years only to get out finally and find their peers they were promoted with are already on special teams and testing for Lt. whats stans answer for that? ‘if you don’t like it, leave, cuz we don’t value you.’ Everything has a shelf life and stans has expired. nice guy, but not a leader. dont know if any of the other guys are the answer, but its evident they couldn’t do worse than stan. sad, cuz we had high hopes.

  2. RightOnDaily has provided an outlet for RSO personnel to have a voice against the tyrannical administration which has proved to be leaderless, corrupt, and unworthy of support from the rank and file. If things were run proper, there would be no need to entertain voting for a new sheriff, but this is not the case. As mentioned and proven, Sniff’s days on his mighty throne must end.

    Most of the handpicked are drunk on power and like most who overstay their welcome, the body is starting to rot and smell. They need to look into retiring because when the new sheriff comes to town, that 2nd floor needs to be cleansed and replaced with people who truly represent the men and women who put their boots on the ground day and night.

    Others who were promoted after pledging their allegiance or who have lied, cheated, or laid on their backs to get ahead…you have to live with yourselves and realize: WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! ONLY THE RANK IS GIVEN RESPECT NOT THE PERSON WHO WEARS IT.

    Spread the word. Let people know Bianco is the right choice. Request your friends, family, and neighbors endorse Bianco for Sheriff on their social media forums, yard signs, bumper stickers, etc. The 2nd Floor can’t monitor it all!!

    Only the voters can make this happen. Only we can make this change for a better department. A department our men and women can be proud to serve in again. Not one they run from but a department people run to.

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