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Wouldn’t it be nice?

Why would it surprise anyone to see the Sheriff do this, given his well documented abuse of the CCW system in favor of friends, promoting ass-monkeys, covering up corruption, harassing dissenters, destroying careers, conspiring to decimate the banning PD, tolerating blatant corruption, fostering a culture of screwing over contract cities and on and on and on…

See the embedded screenshot of yet another source that asked for anonymity due to the culture of threats, intimidation and tyranny of the sheriff.

That is one of Stan Sniff’s cars. I am told it is the same car another deputy reported seeing him leave the office (also known as the second floor gulag) with a young woman in the passenger’s sea int. There is no picture or proof so I can not assert that Mr. Sniff was seeking horizontal refreshment / having an affair. All I was told is that his arm was on the seat behind her and “they looked really friendly”… but if the Sheriff is having an affair(s) I am sure that will come out in due time like the avalanche of evidence and testimony of rampant corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

But I digress.

At one point in my life I owned a black Ford Mustang with a custom built rollcage in it. I got five tickets in the short time I owned the car (and had to replace the tires twice in 70,000 miles). I would have loved to have been able to flash my badge to get out of one or more of those tickets.

It is alleged by many, (and unlike the incident in Palm Desert I have no proof other than allegation) that the Sheriff also wormed his way out of a ticket in the City of Riverside as well.

In addition, more than one member or former member of the Sheriff’s department have told me that Chief Deputy Jason Horton was pulled over on a DUI recently and appears to have gotten out of it. (Similar to the Riverside Ticket rumor related to Sniff, all I have is hearsay evidence of Horton’s issue and a lot of people that talk about his drinking exploits openly)

Unlike Sniff’s Riverside incident, these text threads I was forwarded prove that Sniff’s vehicle was pulled over in the Palm Desert Area. IT looks like the Sniffster has leaks all over his department and the wall of intimidation has multiple cracks in it.

Stan Sniff has lost control of his department and his ability to cover up malfeasance has been shattered.

For extra effect – look at this text message exchange between two deputies. It is clear they resent the Sheriff’s behavior. The rest of us should too.

Ever wonder why I use Stan Sniff and corruption in the same sentence?

To be continued as we go to the next level in exposing the corruption that has defined Stan Sniff’s legacy as Sheriff.


  10 Responses to “Riverside Confidential Smoking Gun #3: Did Stan Sniff flash his badge to get out of a ticket?”

  1. A Riverside Police Officer said that Sniff doesn’t follow speed limits, stop signs, or cell phone laws. He has been pulled over multiple times by officers from that department and it’s always the same thing, “badge out the window.” His particular case Sniff was pulled over for talking on the cell phone. (He doesn’t use blue tooth). The officer asked him to please get off the phone so he could talk to him. The badge came out, Stanley said “you know who I am” and drove away. The officer said that if he didn’t have friends with RSO, his opinion of us as a department would only be based on his personal encounter with the sheriff. He is an unethical narcissistic ass, plain and simple.

  2. I too have heard the same from a retired Sheriff Sergeant, who was hired to work the red light cameras in Norco. He said there were constant violations comming accross his desk for review showing the Sheriff violating public saftey laws in place to protect citzens. Out of fear for his new retirement job, he did not report those, knowing it would lead to his termination. I wished he would have saved those red light camera photos to show the truth.

  3. Sniff’s behavior noted here is not the least bit surprising, but this is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the other really corrupt and manipulative things he has done and continues to do.

    I still can’t get over how he pulls his cronies out of retirement and brings them up to a higher rank than they were when they retired. Let’s take Diyorio as an example, if he retired in 2009 and then Sniff brought him back in 2012, it seems he would have already collected several hundred thousand dollars from the pers system. From what I understand, CalPers would have him pay that money back in order for him to come out of retirement. I would be willing to bet that somehow Sniff payed those several hundred thousand dollars back for him out of his budget (Taxpayer dollars!). Sniff spends that money however he wants and no one ever seems to question him. Somehow it would seem that actions such as these would rise to the level of embezzlement. This corrupt SOB does have a fiduciary relationship with the taxpayers and he seems to violate that relationship in so many ways. Is DA Hestrin’s public corruption unit too close of a neighbor to handle digging deep into Sniff’s corrupt methods of doing business?

    There are so many other issues that are coming out of the woodwork and many definitely warrant an investigation. I think Sniff is following people like Mike Carona and Lee Baca down the corruption highway. Maybe the Feds need to step in and work their way through the murky waters

  4. Unlike Baca and Carona, Sniff has a local media that tilts nipple to him. Read the PE and you will see what I mean. You would think that Sniff and Brown were the only two in the race. When the PE mentions Bianco, it’s a footnote at the end of the article. Hell they put a picture of Brown in an article about Chad and the caption said it was Chad. It’s disgusting. Even the cheating scandal article was softer than what it could have been.

  5. It would be nice to have cam footage of Sniff’s scaly hand coming out of his window with his badge in hand or, better, Sniff telling a hard working deputy/officer, “You know who I am!” Then speeding off to his next fund raiser.

    Of course, the German dialect would need subtitles.

    Let’s be honest, there are many cops who have skated out of a ticket or two, but we soon learn what an inconvenience we put these officers through and pay our respects by obeying the law. Many of us learn we are not above the law, our morale compasses are straight.

    But what Sniff actions, again, are an obvious misuse of his official title, which is SHERIFF!! He should NEVER be in a situation where he is flashing his badge or reminding one of our own who he is to get out of a ticket.

    Wonder what other places/businesses he flashes his badge at to get a favor. Sniff is corrupt on so many levels which is why we hope the voters SHOW HIM THE EXIT DOOR.

    I’m sure Jason Horton is not the only 2nd Floor marionette with a drinking problem. Word is those who have recently retired from the 2nd Floor are still shell shocked from their experiences there. I’m sure a piece of their soul is missing too.

    Jason is troubled and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here. He has the facial features of a Down’s Syndrome patient, the IQ of a rat, no, that comparison would be disrespectful to rats. But let’s face it, he is only here he is because he sold out, not for his brains. He couldn’t find his ass with two hands behind his back.

    I wonder if he uses that company car so he and Pecker Ray Wood can hop to strip clubs and go trolling for prostitutes.

    Sniff should be leading by example, which is what we should all be doing. It’s what we are told when we swerve out of line, we need to have morals above and beyond the average person because of the honorable titles we hold.

    Why Sniff doesn’t understand this dumbfounds me.


  6. Big Chief brings a disturbing point to the forefront. We have to fight Snuff’s sleight of hand tactics by going grass roots. I’m still waiting for my “Bianco for Sheriff” yard sign so I made my own (swear, it’s the first sign I’ve ever made in my life!!) and placed it prominently on my grass.

    Neighbors are curious and ask, “Who’s Bianco? The deputies aren’t happy with the current sheriff?”

    We educate one voter at a time. It’s really time to fight otherwise, we wake up in June to more doom and gloom. We ask our friends, family members (cousins, aunts, whoever) to paint their car windows, post yard signs, etc.

    I know we don’t want to face waterboarding by current admin for sticking our necks out, (we might use Dekker’s hidden recorders to show the public WTF is going on if warned or threatened, voter intimidation is a crime!! https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/what-do-when-faced-voter-intimidation).

    I know I would have a hard time waking up knowing I could have done SOMETHING to fight if Snuff wins again.

    VOTE FOR BIANCO! GET YOUR SIGN HERE: http://chadbiancoforsheriff.com/

  7. The ethics and the moral codes only apply to deputies and the very few supervisors that are not afraid of admin or do not kiss their ass. The rest get free passes for kissing the ring. John is absolutely correct. In non election years, all of the people that call themselves “sheep dogs” post all their memes and act righteous and tough. When it comes down to it, are they really just sheep in sheep dogs clothing? Are you doing enough to help get rid of an unethical dishonest tyrant?

  8. I’m beginning to wonder whether Hemet Dave is running for sheriff with the intention to win. Why would a person whose salary is pretty close to the Sheriff’s already, want to add more to his plate than he can obviously chew?

    Could it be Hemet Dave and führer have some kind of back door deal, much like Reptile Purvis and he had with Banning PD?

    Has anyone seen Hemet Dave campaigning? Could it be he was selected by admin only to confuse voters and lessen Bianco’s chances?

    Not to sound all X-Files here, but something in the way Big Chief mentioned the lack of press Bianco has received thus far. Sounds like a conspiracy is afoot.

    I really wouldn’t put it past Snuff to offer Hemet Dave a seat at the table if he were re-elected and somehow Hemet becomes a contract city down the line.

  9. Recent heated exchanges in the press continue to prove that Brown and Sniff don’t like each other. I think Brown knows he is done but doesn’t want to let his supporters down. Many of them became quite angry when he announced he was running for Sheriff. They felt he betrayed the city.

  10. At this point, we all have to wonder if Sniff is actually in this to win or is he just trying to run the department into the ground before he leaves. He continues to tell the public there aren’t enough deputies in the field, but he has taken somewhere around 40 more deputies out of the field in the past 3 months, and he is doing it again. He has yet another promotion ceremony scheduled for March 7th, so he can get another audience together, stand on his soapbox and give that same lame speech he loves to give where he tells everyone how great he is while he introduces his corrupt executive staff.

    All of his nonsense really needs to stop and he needs to stop blaming his own mismanagement on the Board of Supervisors and everyone else. We need to get Chad BIANCO in there ASAP!!

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