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Check out this comment left on another post a couple of days ago:

Rumor is that Purvis played a major role in the cheating scandal to cover it up.  Insiders claim that investigators did the interviews of all the involved players and those interviews were turned over to the second floor where “group think” actually wrote it.  They even omitted some of the players.  The investigator who has their name attached to it wrote nothing. That is apparently common practice in the Mark Bostrom era, where digital copies of reports are routinely changed after they are turned in to meet the needs of an unethical administration.
Secondly, we’ve determined through inside sources that Leonard Purvis lost a promotion from Captain to Chief Deputy due to the exposure of his malfeasance. We are not done with Leonard Purvis or anyone else that has been an instrument of Stan Sniff. (whether they have their own issues or not)

Lt. “Investigate to Terminate” Mark Bostrom appears to be almost universally loathed within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. He appears to have cost the County of Riverside some serious money.

Witness this anonymous email I received:

So here is another “investigate to terminate” story with some documentation. Gabe Dennington was fired from RSO something like 5 years ago. The word is that during depositions the “investigate to terminate” came out and his settlement offer from the county went from $250,000 to $2.2 million. This is supposedly the reason Bostrom was moved to the academy. Word is that Dennington told the county to go f*** themselves and is seeking damages and his job back. Attached is a photo I received showing his case is over.
This is a regular thing, people get fired and get their jobs back. The department knows what it’s doing and knows how bad it punishes people.
Its funny how certain ranks in the department are untouchable. Capt. Dave Nordstrom was investigated for handcuffing his step daughter to her bed at night (his current wife is a CSO and it was her adopted daughter). The investigators working the case were slowed in their efforts and they are almost certain Nordstrom was given the heads up before they did the search warrant at his house. He got a misdemeanor filing and it was dragged on for years before getting nothing. People are freaking out about the Turpin child abuse case in Perris and we had one within our own department. Nothing internally happened to him and he is still employed with us today!
I am also aware that the captain central to the Thermal Station caper is also seeking to get his job back. Additional information on that case about his behavior is equally as disturbing as the above.
If the anonymous email is true, and I have asked others who believe its’ contents are indeed true, then add these two cases to the growing list of misconduct by the Sheriff and his minions. Captain Dave Nordstrom seems to have gotten away with Child Abuse again, if this anonymous email is indeed true.
We’ve seen the cover blown off of the cheating scandal which is opening pandora’s box. To those of you that have suffered injustice at the hands of Stan Sniff’s regime, help is here. You can remain anonymous. To Be Continued…
This post was originally written 2/19/2018. We’d later learn that Leonard Purvis did in fact sign off on the cheating scandal report and we ended up with the full details of the Gabe Dennington Case. 

  8 Responses to “Riverside Confidential: More Coverups, the culture of Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Office Child Abuse? Investigative Abuse? Where does it stop?”

  1. I was wrongfully terminated by the regime along worth Denington. It’s all true.

  2. I’ve read documents relating to the Nordstrom investigation. It happened and they got away with it.

  3. I am a former deputy sheriff and trust me on this when I say I am going to let it all out. I am just waiting on my legal team. We have a case file of a deputy that was arrested and took his case to trial and was acquitted. The detective on the case was caught lying under oath. It’s in the court transcripts. When his attorney brought it to the prosecutions attention he was offered a deal. The department knows exactly who I am and they are pissed because I am fighting my case. They even had a detective block my car in and question gardeners in my buddies neighborhood. I saw him but he didn’t see me. A sergeant I haven’t heard from in years contacted me the same day and started questioining me. I notified my legal team and they believe it was a pre text call to get information so they could try to find a reason arrest me again. My attorney is filing a Pitchess Motion on the dirty detective on my case. He is one of the detectives involved in the cheating scandal.

  4. Its a given…more current and former deputies would speak out against Sniff and hang his ass, but they know Sniff is tampering with whistle-blower’s PERS. Where are our County Supervisors in all of these revelations? Are they also afraid of Sniff or are they in league with his corruption? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Please contact me once your legal team gives you the OK!

  6. Trust me it’s tough keeping quiet.

  7. I believe what you are saying Darkman. Stan uses PSB like his own Gestapo force. Wasting taxpayers money to go after political opponents or deps that stand up to him.

  8. when dealing with PERS, always ask the person who wrote it, to read the final version. The one given to the employee when the investigation is complete. You will find that wording was changed and conclusions revised to fit what Administration wants the end result to be.

    Ask under oath and you will find that PSB changes every report. Oh, demand all recorded interviews and listen to them, you find errors of facts.

    Stay strong Darkman. I have much respect for the deputy who gave his/her PERS to The Desert Sun for publishing…Courage he/she has to bring this cover-up into the light.

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